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  1. Just betting for a healthy correction. Tbh 50-52 is a very attractive zone to pocket profit.
  2. I have a spicy short limit order at $52,000. Target take profit: $38,000 Stop loss: $55,000 Bet on a correction ; )
  3. That's brillant. Who did this?
  4. What do you mean? The LN is a distributed and decentralised solution. Here is a link if you want to know more about the LN. https://dev.lightning.community/overview/
  5. I don't believe so. The LN will provide a solution to its scalability issue as a mean of exchange. I believe in the success of the LN in the future as written in point 1 of the medium post!
  6. What I like about investing is the decision-making process that leads to the investement. I really like this club. Great place to share ideas, challenge and educate ourselves. Some predictions for 2021 that I like/ find cool: https://suiteki.medium.com/crypto-predictions-for-2021-59331660dd66 "Light read". On your point @Eric123, let me play the devil's advocate and share that great post. https://www.metzdowd.com/pipermail/cryptography/2020-December/036510.html Let me know what you think guys : ) Peace
  7. As of 31/12/20, Grayscale has 8.4M XRP in its XRP trust. That's ... approx 0,0415% of their portfolio. To illustrate that bet. It's like having $100 in your porfolio and allocating $0.0415 in XRP! That's a bet but reasonable I would say : )
  8. There are few folks here that could be very very helpful. I am thinking of @tulo, @Sukrim, @Graine, @Quadear, @yxxyun, etc. We need a financial incentive for those who will spend time working on that. For sure. Tulo is right and has mentioned in another thread, the difficulty is also the maintenance of the code. We would need a key and well-known sponsor/ figure within the XRP tech ecosystem too... But the real question is do we think that the current application of the ledger is solving a real and painful problem as is. For instance, do we think that Xumm, which is the m
  9. Exaclty, I think the XRPL Foundation would have a key role to play in that. I am quite surprised that @Wietseis not getting involved in the conversation. He is a symbol of the XRP Ledger, not Ripple. Although Xpring finances him. And Xpring is actually Ripple. GEN (Genesis ^^) We should focus on an IOU system first with in its center Xumm. We would compete against Stellar basically.
  10. As a utility token, I think it would be. Ripple is (almost) the only player to address a proper use case with the digital asset. Truth is that Ripple's clients don't even use XRP, or very very few of them actually.
  11. That's a bet on a positive outcome for Ripple regarding the trial. If Ripple is doomed to be a security, XRP might go near 0.
  12. Thks for your feedback. The fork would be much more obvious and natural if XRP and the ledger were solving (or at least planning to solve) another real problem as that of intra bank settlements adressed by Ripple. Although the truth is that even Ripple's clients are not using XRP at all for their use cases. Or very very few are. As an example, the BCH fork was obvious. Bitcoin drifted slowly from its original purpose to be electronic cash. Victim of its own success, the network was more congested and its fees started to increase, wiping out any possibility to transact micro amount,
  13. As a trader my goal is to increase the value of my portfolio. The opportunity cost of holding XRP now is just too high. There are imho many (better) investment opportunites atm.
  14. Hi Eric, First and as usual, much respect for your contents and insights! On this one, I must say that I quite disagree. I think that Bitcoin stands out as it has proven its capacity to rebound after severe crashes (ie March 20 to mention one). There is no doubt that the asset is now making its entrance into the big room. Regarding XRP, I do think that Ripple's use case of the ledger is just not enough to drive the value of XRP. Truth is that Ripple's clients are not even using the native token for their use cases / global settlements. Plus, (almost) nobody is building thi
  15. Yes, high demand to short XRP with leverage (margin trading).
  16. If you are long on XRP, well, just go to Poloniex and lend them for a crazy rate. The demand is here.
  17. I think that there are some many interesting and undervalued projects out there. Why people want to focus so much on XRP atm? So much uncertainty.
  18. I don't know. He was also the one that defended strongly that XRP was/ won't be a security.
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