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  1. Impressive to see how dead this forum became. What a shame.
  2. Maybe this is becoming invalidated now. Let's wait for the daily closing.
  3. Guys, am I the only one to see this cool channel? I have made my entry, targeting another retest of the 0.26. If it breaks the 0.26-0.265 zone then a re attempt to the 0.30 might be spicy.
  4. Don't think it's the right moment tbh. A spicy short is probably the good idea here.
  5. Although every TA looks very bullish, I would be careful and I am quite excited to see what will happen around the 13K... If it happens to be around the 13K obviously.
  6. @Eric123 what's your thoughts on LTC. I am f****** long LTC ^^
  7. Dude, what about a new rejection round 12K again, I think that is possible.
  8. You can trust them. There is no other (serious) USD IOU. Only Bitstamp USD and Gatehub USD on the Ledger.
  9. Lol. Let's hope it does not break below $0.20 to start with.
  10. I have just read your message! Thanks a lot! I really really appreciate :).
  11. Hey Patricia, I hope that you re going well! I have posted my second coil blog (more philosophical than the first one)! Do not hesitate if you have any feedback / read any english awkward stuff! https://coil.com/p/Lumpy/The-Duplication-Process-Hypothesis/KsIyJ_tLl Xoxo
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