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  1. In a nutshell, Wirex is: A crypto oriented payment provider / download the app it's free Backed by SBI Group Very easy and intuitive to use / Like Revolut Just download and try it. Find an article below if you want to know more about it. https://cointelegraph.com/news/payment-processor-wirex-partners-with-stellar-plans-to-launch-26-stablecoins
  2. Lumpy


    Congrats to XRPL Labs for this new initiative. I read the article and watched the video. I would have preferred a more "why" than "how" oriented presentation. As @WietseWind said many times, it is not a geek oriented solution. In other words, it is not about the best thing I can get from the XRP Ledger, but rather why Xumm is solving a painful and growing problem. Then finally, why is the XRP Ledger the best tool to achieve it. I find a bit incoherent to insist on the non-technical aspect of the project and spend a lot of time explaining the behind of the scenes of XRPL. As a member of the community (crypto as a whole) since 2013, I think DLT focused companies need now to explain what is the solution without even saying and writting blockchain/ crypto/ DLT... once in their pitch. Actually, we can see in the presentation the difficulty in finding the right message for the retail target. When you think about it, it is very interesting to see how venture capital firms have been influencing our startup ecosystem for the last decade. Although the race of customer acquisitions is proving its limit, the "how fu** can you scale" is still the leitmotif. From my point of view, it is a mistake to focus (the marketing message) on the mother user. Geeks will probably be the first Xumm movers/ users. Then the value proposition will intrinsically derived to the mother user if the vision is reached. Another point, I think there is a synergy with Gatehub.
  3. Assuming everyone understands Spanish. Here is an article in English about it. https://www.coindesk.com/barclays-leads-5-5-million-round-for-blockchain-business-payments-startup
  4. Honestly, do not share **** articles/contents like that…
  5. ahahah f $ u $c $ k $ i $ n $ g hell the guy does not know what he is talking about…
  6. Yup, all good. Good temperature here. Some good we planned ahead! Life is not bad I must say ; )
  7. With pleasure : ) I think that Bitcoin was designed [in the intention of] for the common good. Yes. The way it is used today is very different from its initial purpose and idealistic tech demonstration. Although it is environmentally-destructive (I think that today the network consumes a bit less that the equivalent of Hong Kong's energy consumption), Bitcoin is eco-friendly comparing to printing/fiat money. I regret that the media does not focus more on this comparison. I am talking about the intention in the process of creation. I am not talking about the appropriation of it by one or several greedy/ self-centered groups. Lol. I have never said that Ripple is a scam. I do not understand your point. Insinuate = your interpretation. I try to be factual. Again I do not understand why you say that and why you charge me like that. I never said that Bitcoin was a better tech. Unbelievable.
  8. Fair enough. Fact that questions the concepts of neutrality and nonpartisanship in your content. Very easy [conflict of interest] to understand for everyone. Because you are the most influential blogger within the ecosystem. Is it not more about the intention [for the common good] within the process of creation? Bitcoin probably. The fact that we do not know the creator(s) is brillant and tells a lot about the intention. My point of view. Eventually and in a nutshell, I was making this point to: Push the members of the community to be more critical/ analytical as regards the company Focus on other verticals that concern directly individuals rather that institutions Make it clear that many influencers/ bloggers/ members are in a clear conflict of interests situation, that can question/ challenge the truth in their content Peace
  9. What is the payment service license number? Where to verify the registered number of the company 404562317? It's very difficult to verify company number in Georgia. Georgia is not a member of FATF. You can verify below. https://www.fatf-gafi.org/countries/#FATF wtf! My advice man, be careful with this platform… Peace
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