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  1. Although Starling does business account, I am not sure you can have a EUR account. I think it's only GBP. Let me check.
  2. Fidor is really good and crypto friendly. However, it does not have a business account solution in the UK, only a personal banking offer.
  3. nop, unfortunately you cannot with Revolut for a Business Bank Account involved in the crypto business... What industries are not supported? Revolut is currently unable to offer services to the following business types: Adult entertainment, including escort services, and the sale/advertising of sexual services Armaments, nuclear, weapons or defence manufacturers Art dealers and auction houses Cryptocurrency firms FX speculators Gambling firms Political organisations Precious metals and stones firms Promotion of illicit content Religious organisations Sale of used cars/other motor vehicles Video game arcades
  4. I contacted them this morning actually. I will see whether it works.
  5. Although the UK government claims to have the will to bring its country as one of the most attractive countries for blockchain and crypto based projects, truth is that the banking ecosystem is not ready yet. You can fu** o** if you want to open an online business bank account to support your crypto based business. Simple as that. Maybe the XRP community has the solution or a name to advise? 🔪🏦
  6. Lumpy

    Codius HOST UP and Running

    I would invest
  7. https://blog.revolut.com/buy-xrp-bch-instantly-with-revolut-crypto/
  8. Hello to the community, I run an arbitrage trading company entirely crypto-based. The solution is live and runs 24/7. I have been exploring ways to scale up the business for the last few months. One way is to explore any synergy we might have with competitors. The market (arbitrage) is really fragmented and I am sure a way to succeed in this agressive ecosystem is to consider potential partnerships/mergers/etc. We are ambitious. Our business is entirely incorporated and legal and as a result we are looking only for serious things here. Well, if interested, PM or message here. Peace guys
  9. We will reach more equilibrium in price when XRP will serve its natural purpose/mission (as a bridge digital asset for FIs) rather than its current speculative instrument.
  10. Lumpy

    Personal Validator / Server

    PM me if you want
  11. $400 million... Where is my cut?
  12. Lumpy

    UK XRP Hodlers

    Hello from London
  13. https://cellarius.network This is an amazing project for all Science Fiction Fans. Enjoy ^^