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  1. The fact that someone can have a lower ping from the USA is your assumption? Right? I would say that, from Europe, you will be the first to reach Bitfinex's server(s). As you know, the XRPL is very interesting on that side because there is no any competition for speed at a certain level. When you manage to be in the ledger, then your order will we randomized among the others that are 100% similar. I find this model fairer than the traditional first in first out logic/ approach. I guess that is the reason why traditional arbitrage and market making players are ready to build their own fiber cable architecture between two markets.
  2. Very interesting. To start with a small piece of the answer: http://blog.bitfinex.com/announcements/market-synergy-institutional-cryptocurrency/
  3. Lumpy

    XRP.co Now live

    Impressed by your "not impressed"......
  4. Lumpy

    Bot trading with Gatehub

    Cheers man. I am glad to hear you are doing well. Yeah market making sounds like ? for the moment. It will come back. I do agree with you on the low quality APIs, above all when you know that not every exchange proposes WebSocket... ^^
  5. Lumpy

    Bot trading with Gatehub

    Hey ? @tulo What's up since you left your job to be full-time on crypto arbitrage and market making? I run a company that does crypto arbitrage and market making. It's always good to know how the competition performs and tips to survive in this industry ✌️
  6. No worries. eToro is too big too fail now. You have more chance to lose your nano than to lose your money with eToro (my point of view). Peace
  7. Mass adoption of what? Do we need XRP/BTC/ETH/Whatever to buy coffee? Concrete use cases where blockchain can solve a real problem without saying to people that is blockchaincool is what we need. ^^
  8. Lumpy

    SWELL Day 2

    Haha Amazon.. Same rumor last year already ☠️?
  9. Lumpy

    XRP and the Winds of Change

    Yes, but the past and its facts must bring us to the following conclusion: there is no correlation between the performance of the company (taking the number of new clients - new soft license-based revenue) and the price of XRP. The XRP market behaves differently than its mirror in real life applications (where the company evolves). And even if there was a tiny correlation, then correlation does not mean causation. Btw, that can be a really good article: "Business Perf vs. Stock Perf: lessons learnt from the past and the XRP analogy" I take the olive branch with pleasure ^^
  10. Lumpy

    XRP and the Winds of Change

    Wrong. 180' wrong in my view. Ripple, as the largest holder of XRP, has centered its long-term business strategies - and that of its subsidiary SBI Ripple Asia - around XRP adoption. While the adoption of xRapid by banks is at its very beginning stages, Ripple is quickly gaining traction with the remittance processors, who are actively trialling xRapid. SBI Virtual Currencies is specifically gearing its operations to support xRapid. Or were you just saying how the price may not reflect this progress? "It’s also important to note that despite Ripple having its best quarter ever in Q2 — in terms of customers signed — XRP’s price continued to decline with those of other digital assets, underscoring XRP’s independence from Ripple." https://ripple.com/insights/q2-2018-xrp-markets-report/
  11. Although Starling does business account, I am not sure you can have a EUR account. I think it's only GBP. Let me check.
  12. Fidor is really good and crypto friendly. However, it does not have a business account solution in the UK, only a personal banking offer.
  13. nop, unfortunately you cannot with Revolut for a Business Bank Account involved in the crypto business... What industries are not supported? Revolut is currently unable to offer services to the following business types: Adult entertainment, including escort services, and the sale/advertising of sexual services Armaments, nuclear, weapons or defence manufacturers Art dealers and auction houses Cryptocurrency firms FX speculators Gambling firms Political organisations Precious metals and stones firms Promotion of illicit content Religious organisations Sale of used cars/other motor vehicles Video game arcades
  14. I contacted them this morning actually. I will see whether it works.