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  1. I agree this is just ridiculous
  2. I think you are right. Can you develop this element please? In other words and from what I understand, if the Best Bid Offer is at 1, flash orders can "capture" Non Best Bid Offers (NBBO) that will come (going to) to populate the orderbook, before it is actually in it. Quite a complex concept..
  3. lol. Yes, people care to know that 14 of your last 15 posts have been used to promote your investment in that project. You look like a very smart person...
  4. T800 looks angry here... I have just seen the video.. the video is absolute sh** and does not explain what the f*** the company is using a coin on the XRPL. PS: I was influenced by the type of language previously written here...
  5. Flash orders are commonly used by HFT firms in the context of a "liquidity detection" strategy. The idea is to try to find and trade against large institutional orders. Below an excellent definition: Written by Micheal Morelli in REGULATING SECONDARY MARKETS IN THE HIGH FREQUENCY AGE: A PRINCIPLED AND COORDINATED APPROACH @tulo @Sukrim @ObeyTheWafflehouse
  6. Folks, 1/ Am I the only one to experience ******* flash orders on certain exchanges (Kraken to not mention one of them)? 2/ How do you deal with them? - - - As you guess, if you are doing arbitrage activities, flash orders (usually popped between 30 and 500 milliseconds) can mislead intentionally your bot, forcing you to deal with a pending order afterwards. Peace
  7. Thank you Hodor although I am not sure about the 2008 real estate crisis analogy From my point of view, the main difference between holding cryptos and owning a house is that in the first case there is no underlying. Let's say you invest in 1 BTC. If tomorrow that 1 BTC worths nothing, then there is no underlying, you loose it all. Nonetheless, if you loose 99% of your house initial value, you still have a place where to sleep, because obviously, your house is real. But as you mentioned, this is different with XRP. Because even if my XRP worths $0,005 (as in the old days), I can still use it as the most efficient mean (speed and cost) to transfer value from one place to another or as a bridge asset. Ripple is succeeding because XRP will always complete its mission, whatever its value of exchange. "True underlying" makes it a "real" piece of the puzzle of the Internet of value.
  8. No. It is not possible. However, there is apparently a company that allows you to do so. I advice you to have a look at: https://www.quora.com/Can-you-transfer-money-from-a-PayPal-account-to-Western-Union. From my point of view the best way to do it is the following as you can guess: Paypal > Local bank > Western Union.
  9. What a painful process. My point of view is that it's worth it for pretty large amount of money and/or iterative deposits/withdrawals to save cross fiat exchange fees. If it's a one-off with XRP maybe it's not worth the painful process you described. Otherwise, Monzo, Revolut, Natwest and Starling have very competitive forex exchange rates + "more or less" crypto friendly when it comes to payments to and from crypto exchanges. Peace
  10. Why would someone create his own mean of exchange? Probably as a way to exchange. You can apply the same concept/ idea with the XRPL. As an example, I can create a USD Lumpy (I owe you) and give it you in exchange of XRP. It's exacty how Gatehub (a crypto trading platform on the XRPL) works. The only thing you cannot create on the XRPL is XRP (the native token). Peace
  11. Why not? The question can be asked at least, it's my thought. I don't see your point. R3 is a payment platform that will accept XRP as a payment solution (as EUR or USD). Yes, I am sure that the SEC is laughing. Ripple is too small to be watched: only 7 offices, +100 customers, $32M raised in serie A and $55M raised in serie B, +200 employees...
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