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  1. So you mean that others than BTC, say ETH, BCH, LTC, EOS, XLM BSV and TRX(Top Ten) are underpriced comparing to xrp. As you said xrp has a huge premium over most of them except BTC so it means all others are underpriced compared to xrp??(Everything could be heavily overpriced, I'm just comparing them to each other as per you and not what their real value should be) I don't think that's true at all tbh, but it's just your opinion against mine.
  2. Which DA is underpriced or which of them are overpriced or fairly priced?? Honestly, no one can answer that question, but if xrp has a giant premium priced in as per you then majority are heavily overpriced IMHO.
  3. I don't think you have got it right, when you say volume is 10B XRP, what do you mean? $10B or 10B XRP will change hands everyday? Because he is allowed to sell 1.5% of volume as in $$ Moving on with $$ that's $150MM in a day and $4.5B in a month and as per your math XRP will be at a $1 price which I think is way off, we all have witnessed that the price goes higher with volume. So overall the fastest way to finish Jed holdings will be with increasing volume and lower price. However the price increases with volume so with a higher price and higher volume things wouldn't change drastically as he would be selling less XRP for more money.
  4. Invincible

    Increased circulatin supply

    Supply is up by 1.05B since 30th of Sep. I believe this quarter is gonna be bigger than the last one by huge margin.
  5. Volume is important but you can't tie it with a price, it's more about the buying or selling pressure honestly. We had almost 5B+ volume in our last spike to .78c but the price was hovering around .50-.60 range. You also have to consider that xrp is consistently getting widely distributed, so during the first run-ups there were not many sellers as there were in second and now there will be more. Price also goes down during high volume, so in the end its the buy/sell pressure, whichever will be significant the price will move that way. Well the OP did say "Discuss" as in for the rest of the forum, not "Let's Discuss" so he/she will have to participate JK
  6. CHX 10x'd in exactly last two months and 18x'd on sats value during the bloodbath, I got this tip from a guy with decent followers and still can't follow the project, but it was some decent gains during this carnage. Point is good projects can bleed while some unknown project moves from 900+ to 244 on CMC in less than two months. So its about luck as well, If I hadn't seen that tweet I wouldn't know anything about it. In the end increased my xrp trading stash by a good margin, more zerps to cold storage.
  7. Invincible

    New sbigroup presentation 29/11/2018

    I have gifted xrp to my nephew and nieces, they are my family so I just told their parents that I have bought this much Xrp for them, am simply holding their balances in one Family wallet, details of which are with the owners when they are of age and their parents, including my wife if something happens to me so she know who gets what. Of course the above is only for close relatives given they trust you, for random people I wouldn't bother frankly.
  8. Invincible

    CoinMarketCap Korean exchanges

    That's my point, "Distributed" there is no algorithm that CMC is using to exclude escrowed xrp, Now Ripple is a majority holder of Xrp but they don't own the network, they decided to lock it, hypothetically if the rest of say 30B xrp owners decide to escrow then should the supply be deducted? To be clear, I don't mind this calculation as I trust Ripple and xrp but if we take all coins created then majority of coins which are scams would be in top 100, not to mention the Filecoin which will be on top. My point was only that if CMC are close to the truth then why don't apply the same to BTC's creator Nakamoto's stash?
  9. Invincible

    CoinMarketCap Korean exchanges

    I don't think there is any clear method to calculate the "Real Circulating" supply at any given time. The coins in existence are the coins created. However CMC still has always been BTC maximalists and anti-XRP. They should deduct the 1.1M Btc escrowed as well from the circulating supply as they don't contribute to the market activity as well. Also the XRP which is not escrowed apart from 55B approx., it must be less than 54B now so why the circulating supply isn't 46B? Can't say CMC is calculating fair tbh and not biased.
  10. Not Good news either, otherwise there would have been a drop in price
  11. Couldn't find a thoery which made more sense, grateful we have such talent and intellect in the #xrpcommunity #gratitude #stillbroke. /S
  12. Invincible

    Buy and withdraw NOW

    Shuffling plus trading, we all are waiting on liquidity, all those DA's on exchanges provide it when traded, the lesser zerps on exchanges, the lesser the liquidity will be. We should be avoiding dubious exchanges tho, altho an exchange not hacked yet doesn't mean it can never be, but the top ones like Binance, Bitstamp, CB are alright.
  13. Invincible

    Buy and withdraw NOW

    You should add that "hodlers" shouldn't keep their DA's on exchanges, doesn't apply to everyone.