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  1. What are your thoughts on going about this? I read those pretty regularity.
  2. Hey guys, I'm excited to have just launched my crypto website. It features an online shop, news, articles, videos and more. Content is light at the moment but the shop is up and running and new videos and articles will be coming soon. Please check it out and let me know what you think and if you have an recommendations as well. Thanks! www.cryptochaincentral.com *edit I forgot to mention the discounts of free shipping on any order over $50, 10% off your first order with code 'opening2018' and 10% off a future order by subscribing to our youtube channel at youtube.com/c/cryptochaincentral. You can visit the discounts page for more info on that.
  3. I’m about to launch my crypto website/Shopify store also and really wish this was an option. The only thing I see in Shopify is the image below but I’m guessing that’s not going to work?
  4. I feel like I’m most informed on XRP so that’s probably the direction it will generally go.
  5. Good suggestions, I will definitely do that and thanks for watching. Appreciate the tips. Literally the first video I’ve ever made on YouTube so I’ll have some stuff to work on.
  6. Thanks for the tips, I agree. I’m definitely going to be getting better lighting and a better camera in general. This is just what I have to work with for the time being. Thanks for watching.
  7. Thanks man, just a disclaimer I’m not trying to be an “analyst” in that sense. I don’t get into the technical side or TA too much but I do get your point of being objective. Just trying to give my general thoughts and reactions. Appreciate the watch!
  8. Hey guys, I released my new (and very first) video on my channel giving my thoughts on Ripple XRP Coinbase rumors and the subsequent market reaction. Now, keep in mind my videos are not meant to get into the deep technical side of crypto but just more of my general thoughts and reactions. First vid, plz don't kill me kkthx.
  9. Thank you! I made an ultra short teaser video for my channel. https://youtu.be/LzzeIUcPWpY
  10. Oh I know, I will be. It's bare currently but the next few days and weeks i'll be getting some content out on the youtube channel.
  11. Hey folks, Forgive me if this isn't allowed but I just wanted to get it out there that I will be launching my website venture cryptochaincentral.com sometime in March. It will be dedicated to crypto in general but with a main informational nudge towards Ripple XRP as that is the crypto I am most informed on. I will have a shop, articles, videos, blog, recommendations among other things. Ripple will be my main content focus. In the meantime I am launching my youtube channel where i'll be giving some basic tutorials along with my reaction to news and thoughts in general. Also, if anyone has any ideas for something they think sites aren't really addressing yet or just something cool they want to see, I am all ears for ideas as well. Any support is appreciated, right now that would be subscribing to my youtube channel. Content will be out in the coming days and weeks. I'm starting basically from scratch here and just trying to spread the word. Thanks guys and again any support or subscribers would be greatly appreciated!
  12. No, the price on CMC does not actually matter to any American, however...when an American checks CMC and sees a big dip with no explanation...then it actually does matter because it triggers panic. In the end, the only price that matters is the one on your exchange, I agree. But, I think CMC should have released some info regarding pulling Korean market data so the average joe doesn't just hop on and see a big dip and panic. Anyway, I like www.livecoinwatch.com more. I think its a cleaner site with real time pricing with no need to refresh. Plus it includes, you know, all the actual markets.
  13. But it accounts for a massive volume of XRP trading, thus it should not be an outlier.
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