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  1. Ohh and I’am back guys had been too busy accumulating 24-30c .. completely forgot about XRPchat.
  2. When Asia Wakes up tommorow to this they will take XRP to the 🚀
  3. I have lived in Singapore hence I know Singapore is much business friendly than the rest of Asia.
  4. Again read the comments... “ GO TO SINGAPORE” vacation in Bali, starting a business as an expat in Indonesia is not an experience I want to go through.. no offence.
  5. Well if I had to pay a quarter million in taxes, just to stay in my home country.. I’d rather buy an air ticket at $2k and very well move and apply for permanent residence in another country. Holy crap I might just disappear like Satoshi.
  6. The U.S/UK wants to Tax you on an asset they themselves are creating uncertainty and not regulating.. and your willingly without hesitation are going to pay taxes like it was an equity gain when you take all the risk created by them...? This is your Bitcoin/XRP and it’s gains firstly should not be taxed and if they are taxed they should be taxed minimal because you undertook all the risk. Do not enslave yourself to a system that doesn’t care for you, but shows up at your doorstep when it comes to make a quick buck off you.
  7. ASEAN... open and register a small business in Singapore Da! Head out to Bali.. i’am Truly speaking this out of seeing guys who are doing exactly this from the money made the last bull run.
  8. Sorry didn’t see this post, yes exactly my point.. if you are going to cash out you are going to cash out big right? So just move for a while to a Bali, etc enjoy the extended vacation.. I’am sure after all these bear cycles we all deserve it.
  9. Really! you do not do research and come in here opinionated as hell.. you told me a problem I showed you a solution without charging you for it. Binance is registered in Singapore. Using a VPN or therwise won’t matter as long as you do not cash out in your home country. The VPN is for your country ISP.. if you live in china and the exchange website is blocked etc. Study how Eduardo Saverin moved to Singapore with his settlement of Facebook.
  10. I’ll just refrain from discussing any crypto at any tables for at least a year.
  11. Yes this is me however how do you justify all the testing and big news fundamentals like Moneygram and Western Union and still no significant price movement without Bitcoins price movement.
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