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  1. Ich bin interessiert Warum wir alle in englisch schreiben im deutschen Abteil... ? würde mich interessieren was dein Steuerberatee zu sagen hat
  2. My Most questions are taxes how Do I have to taxe My Fiat to btc than to csc Because in germany if i hold 1 year taxes are free but only if i get them wirh Fiat i gues
  3. Thank you. Im Not a very good writter or a tech guy So sometimes its quiet stressfull for Me to buy coins i like the easy way Fiat / coins. I would be happy if xrp csc togeher make me a Millionair
  4. Maybe we can Setup an step by step how to buy csc because Not everyone is so familiar with buying btc send to exchange etc it helps realy if you can look things up
  5. You guys got me aswell damn Know hodl until 1$?
  6. Do you guys have the Windows or Android wallet? Any recomadations?
  7. Did you find a step by step? Im Not very good in crypto things maybe someone Can help which wallet u guys used
  8. Yep seems so and another 4 trx if you invite some friends. If one trx is worth 589$ than its quiet huge ?
  9. What Do u guys think about that? Not enough trx here get 2 more
  10. So wie ich das verstehe liegen deine ripple jetzt noch bei litebit in einem wallet richtig? Sobald du ripple kaufst werden diese zu der zieladresse gesendet die du eingibst falls du keine eingegeben hast müsste sie bei litebit liegen bin mir da aber nicht ganz sicher.
  11. I think if you have them on a exchange you dont have to Do something only if you store your trx on a wallet you have to send them to an exchange. But maybe i got this wrong
  12. @peebo38 Welcome to the Chat and we hope we can help you
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