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  1. if my memory serves me correctly, almost eveything was cashed out (there was a tweet earlier in this post showing a visualization of stolen vs cashed and almost everything was cashed) I hope funds retrieval to suctomers is not dependent on funds that were not cashed out...
  2. this is a tough one. the ripple site is listing places one can buy xrp and as an information they provide to the public. Does this mean they have some legal obligation here? to be honest, sadly, I am almost possitive they dont... I also had some coins on gatehub following the information they have provided. I loved that exhange, it was my favorite. I think they are solely responsible for what happened. BTW, wheels of justice sometimes work slowly. read this latest news on a hack from 2 years ago: https://www.coindesk.com/two-israeli-brothers-arrested-for-phishing-fraud-bitfinex-hack
  3. from what I understand about the burning of XRP I wouldnt count on it. we are talking fractions of an XRP here
  4. I read the tweet and it was confusing to me plus it actually strengthen my confusion about the price increase abilities. I have to say I am not well versed in the ins and outs of economics. however, assuming OTC sales will continue to occour for years and years and are used by all the organizations we OG thought will drive price up when they decide to use xrp, then it seems to me like the speculative phase will continue forever. i cant see how utility will up the price directly, maybe indirectly, which is not what most people though to begin with... I dont really care about a person thinking XRP is great and wanting to invest in it thus driving the price upwards, I care about large institues with massive amount of transactions using XRP as a utility and directly driving its price up, which does not seem to be the case due to OTC. in this case, one might as well put money on any crypto asset that is well known (like BTC) as it looks like a good brand name will take you higher than hundreds of signed contracts with the monsters of the industry... so, still confused, and mostly disappointed. disclamer: was here before the 2017 bull run. like mentioned low undertanding of markets inner works.
  5. reading gatehub's announcement I think they are super carefull still and do not want to promise anything which is probably the reaction you would expect at this point in time. again, I hope they can refund anyone who was hurt by this.
  6. so this was the last straw. I freaked out by this gatehub news, took my small # of coins out and put it on a flimsy nano s. can't say I feel way better but a bit better i'd say... BTW, my gatehub funds were not affected by this but I have noticed almost each login I get a "non auth device detected" even though I logged in a day before using the same pc. I assumed its a more strict security meassure taken by gatehub but the phsycological effect on me is quite the oposite. just makes me think they are currently unable to handle what happend and are panicking. I really like gatehub, they were my favorite with one of the best, good looking UXs. hope everything settles down somehow and funds are returned (somehow).
  7. Most of the people here already saw a spec run to 3.5USD per xrp. personaly I cannot be happy until we pass a lot more than that per XRP. most people are not day traders and do not care about speculative fluctuations and current markets seem to be speculatively fluctuating disclamer: now venting... I am starting to really dislike youtubers aweing and hyping these misly numbers, some also saying they told us that the month of may is the month because they interpeted some sily drawing a highly stoned guy behind a bear avatar drew. I would also like to address the statement by vincent wilson that for 20K xrp to be life changing in a few years. in order for that to come into fruition first you must hold 20K, second xrp should go to at least 50usd per zerp. assuming most people dont have more than 10K xrp (I am sure people here might have a lot more but the avg joe proably has even less) then xrp should be 100usd to make your life change. so please understand that in the grand scheme of things this silly 40 cents mean nothing. sorry for being a little harsh but this is the reality (subjectivly). thats just my opinion, I am not an expert in crypto or finance. just my thoughts.
  8. Well I have all my eggs (not to many of them btw) in the same basket (XRP). Hopefully time will do it's thing. I don't mind waiting even 5 years but if nothing comes out of this money wise I have to say I would be bummed....
  9. https://www.ccn.com/ripple-disastrous-year-xrp-worst-performing-crypto-2019
  10. hi guys; small question: say I have 100 XRP on exchange A and want to transfer 50 to exchange B. after I transfer the 50 to B, will I have: 1. 50 on A & 50 on B? 2. 49 point something on A and 50 on B? 3. 50 on A and 49 point something on B? 4. 49 point something on A & B? you guys get the drift... I assume there are some fees, not sure if on both sides. thanks for the comments
  11. i'd be surprised if the majority of people think the same, 100K is not a decent stack, its way more than that. I believe you can assume the avg joe has ~10K and is waiting on a 100$ price... if this will happen or not is yet to be determined of course
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