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  1. Most of the people here already saw a spec run to 3.5USD per xrp. personaly I cannot be happy until we pass a lot more than that per XRP. most people are not day traders and do not care about speculative fluctuations and current markets seem to be speculatively fluctuating disclamer: now venting... I am starting to really dislike youtubers aweing and hyping these misly numbers, some also saying they told us that the month of may is the month because they interpeted some sily drawing a highly stoned guy behind a bear avatar drew. I would also like to address the statement by vincent wilson that for 20K xrp to be life changing in a few years. in order for that to come into fruition first you must hold 20K, second xrp should go to at least 50usd per zerp. assuming most people dont have more than 10K xrp (I am sure people here might have a lot more but the avg joe proably has even less) then xrp should be 100usd to make your life change. so please understand that in the grand scheme of things this silly 40 cents mean nothing. sorry for being a little harsh but this is the reality (subjectivly). thats just my opinion, I am not an expert in crypto or finance. just my thoughts.
  2. Well I have all my eggs (not to many of them btw) in the same basket (XRP). Hopefully time will do it's thing. I don't mind waiting even 5 years but if nothing comes out of this money wise I have to say I would be bummed....
  3. https://www.ccn.com/ripple-disastrous-year-xrp-worst-performing-crypto-2019
  4. hi guys; small question: say I have 100 XRP on exchange A and want to transfer 50 to exchange B. after I transfer the 50 to B, will I have: 1. 50 on A & 50 on B? 2. 49 point something on A and 50 on B? 3. 50 on A and 49 point something on B? 4. 49 point something on A & B? you guys get the drift... I assume there are some fees, not sure if on both sides. thanks for the comments
  5. i'd be surprised if the majority of people think the same, 100K is not a decent stack, its way more than that. I believe you can assume the avg joe has ~10K and is waiting on a 100$ price... if this will happen or not is yet to be determined of course
  6. without diving into the vid, my only general issue is how R3, former public enemy #1, bashed constantly by all XRP youtubers, is now the greatest thing that ever...
  7. hi guys; I am a bit baffled. there was a time , not so long ago, when all the rage was that utility will push XRP to the top. if many banks will use XRP it is supposed to skyrocket was what everyone was saying. watching a lot of videos in a lot of channels I feel like speculation suddenly got back on the horse. people are talking about bull runs, financial institutions getting into the game through custodians, etc... I understand these might bump the market but if we truly believe utility (xrapid) will drive xrp than who cares about all the rest of the stuff except of day traders? I am a bit concerned that people "lost" belief in the utility side of things... your comments are welcomed.
  8. 3.84 seem like a great price to me long term. you never know if it turns 384 in 3 years time...
  9. well guys, let me tell you something you might not like that much (i do not like it either). this is the current market, these are the current players, that's that.
  10. one of the best reads but all I seem to remember is "7. lambo"
  11. i mean, when you try to transfer FIAT to your exchange via swift to catch a dip but it takes 5 days and you want to kill someone cause you missed the dip - that's when you understand how bad swift is
  12. for what its worth; I think you need to be silly stupid NOT to buy at the current price and sit on it for a few years. there has to be some kind of a catastrophe or the end of the world for XRP to remain at a 1$ value and not in the 10-50$ range. on paper, this is the best digital asset you can buy and is in a stupidly low price. I am no expert but I have read/seen/discussed XRP vids/literature plenty. As they say, this is just my opinion and I am not a financial expert of advisor, just needed some outlet to speak my mind
  13. hi guys; are there any interesting interviews/panel discussions worth checking out in your opinion? already checked our brad's interview... thanks
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