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  1. XRPisthefuture

    XRP & New Bull Run

    checkout csc (casinocoin). there is another good use case.
  2. XRPisthefuture

    2018 EOY Price Predictions

    My crystal ball says 99 cents and is always right
  3. XRPisthefuture

    Offline Cold Wallet Interface for the non-techie

    like it very much. Where do I download the html pages for it Update: Found it https://github.com/kakoyla/icecold Should have read the initial post better
  4. so what does this means ? What are the implications for this ?
  5. XRPisthefuture

    What Next for XRP?

    Next is world domination ?
  6. XRPisthefuture

    Call Your Shot: SWELL

    Don't think anything will be announced but the timing would be perfect for it. Market is positive at the moment and momentum is building up. With an announcement XRP could go to 80 cents and stay there until the next phase.
  7. Was reading up a bit on tokenpay and to be honest it does sound good. All the partnerships and the recently released wallet (good quality) it does looks like a promising project Any thoughts ladies & gentlemen ?
  8. XRPisthefuture

    CasinoCoin! PART 2

    did a bit of a read and I do like the CSC coin vision/idea
  9. XRPisthefuture

    Can Ripple (XRP) Still Get To $1 Before 2018 Ends?

    sure it can but also to 10c
  10. XRPisthefuture

    Good Exchange

    I use kraken which works really well for me. usually takes 24 hours to deposite money and minutes/scecond to transfer coins out
  11. XRPisthefuture

    Ripple Wins First Salvo in California-Based Court Case

    Thanks for the info.
  12. XRPisthefuture

    Ripple Wins First Salvo in California-Based Court Case

    round 1 to ripple. Let's see what round 2 looks like
  13. XRPisthefuture

    No news lately or have I missed them

    Thanks. That is good info. Much appreciated.