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    crypto2libertas reacted to Loso in Used my XRP to pay for a haircut! #MassAdoption   
    This was a way for me to swing trade a bit of the XRP and realize some gains. At the time of the transaction, XRP was at .84 so the haircut cost me $16.80, a 16% discount on what I normally pay for the haircut. Then I repurchased XRP when it dipped at .77 so the same $16.80 that I spent on the haircut now gets me 21.8181 XRP. so now I have more XRP than I started with and got a discounted cut at the same time.
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    crypto2libertas reacted to XRP_Squirrel in $5 not happening this year   
    Even though it looks like the main discussion has come a little off topic the last pages, I'm gonna give it a try.
    It all depends on what you expect from this. You mention XRP, BTC and all the others in your opening post and that's where the question already sits. If you think crypto as a whole, the way it is now, sure at some point this year big money people will pump and dump the market and we will most likely see another high that wont last long. I don't think we need a big warm up time for that run to come along and be over with.
    Talking about XRP, by itself, growing naturally through adoption outside of this echochamber, with banks sending money around that belongs to people who have no clue what all of this is, it will take some time, but we should definitely be seeing an impact towards the end of the year, hopefully before a forced market run kicks in, so we can spot the difference and real impact.
    So jea, lots of babbling, but getting to the point - sure we might see 5-10$ EOY for XRP, even if it floats at 1$ by mid of December, but is that really what we want/need to see, if it's not "real"? I'd rather have 2$ on 31.12. with visible logical adoption and grow on from there.
    ?☕ Getting some morning coffee now and then re-read this for sleepy errors
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    crypto2libertas got a reaction from OzAlphaWolf in XRP symbol idea   
    love it but I think the decision has been made since during  the conference this week Ripple produced merchandise with a similar symbol to yours.
    check out the t-shirts  
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    crypto2libertas reacted to OzAlphaWolf in XRP symbol idea   
    Working on an idea. Needs a little more work I think, maybe thicker and cross lines maybe separated a little more. I submitted a basic version of this one to xrpsymbol (on Twitter) already and it's on github but I've tweaked it a bit and given it context.

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    crypto2libertas reacted to 2ndtimearound in Won't xRapid clients give each other the volume and liquidity they need?   
    Here's how I see it: xRpaid clients will give each other the volume and liquidity they need.  xRapid clients won't need to rely on retail investors to create that liquidity in the future.
    I see xRapid being deployed little by little....let's say that Moneygram put 1% of their orders through xRapid.....as do Western Union....they test the liquidity and volume...in the early days, yes, retail volume is more than xRapid volume.....so they rely on retail volume.  However, then they build up the usage to 2%....5%....then we reach a point where xRapid clients ARE the majority of volume/liquidity on public exchanges used by xRapid clients...they have overtaken retail activity.  Now imagine dozens of xRapid clients putting through 100% of their transactions....we're talking tens - if not hundreds - of billions of dollars daily volume through public exchanges.  Currently XRP's retail volume is only about half a billion dollars.  Therefore, isn't it logical to conclude that xRapid clients will give each other the volume and liquidity they need?
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    crypto2libertas reacted to tulo in GATEHUB FALSE PROMISES   
    Usually they are a bit slow with withdrawals and deposits (probably there is always human intervention) but they never robbed anyone. You funds will arrive sooner or later.
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    crypto2libertas reacted to mm34505 in Countdown to Moon Mission Starting Today? Blockchain Week In NY!   
    I do not believe anything will be announced during the community night
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    crypto2libertas got a reaction from Sharkey in How long before Coinbase adds ripple?   
    Does it really matter ?  So many other pilots, projects etc that are more important for XRP to be honest
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    crypto2libertas reacted to corak in "Yes?"   
    Retain approximately 65%
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    crypto2libertas got a reaction from Hodor in Security Tips for Crypto Newbies   
    cold wallet and only cold wallet is the way. 
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    crypto2libertas got a reaction from CryptoJym in Anyone have experience with Kraken   
    all smooth with kraken at the moment. Tabtrade app also works really well with kraken
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    crypto2libertas got a reaction from NightJanitor in XRPTipBot for xrpchat.com?   
    that is awesome
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    crypto2libertas got a reaction from LetHerRip in New XRP Wallet   
    Red flags everywhere.
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    crypto2libertas got a reaction from Trader-to-the-Crown in Fun exercise: If Ripple were to get acquired by a tech giant, who would you want it to be and why?   
    I was joking. It was not meant to make sense 
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    crypto2libertas got a reaction from TheRockfordFiles in Fun exercise: If Ripple were to get acquired by a tech giant, who would you want it to be and why?   
    I was joking. It was not meant to make sense 
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    crypto2libertas reacted to mDuo13 in Trust Line is not getting removed   
    Removing trust lines can be a little confusing. Sometimes it's out of your control, because if someone else opens a trust line to you or modifies the settings on their side of your trust line to them, the trust line object will stick around and still show up. You don't have to pay the owner reserve for it as long as your side is:
    Your limit is 0 Your balance is 0 (or negative, meaning you've issued to them, which would be unusual) All the settings are default: you haven't frozen it, you haven't enabled¹ rippling, you haven't changed the quality settings When both sides meet this criteria, the trust line gets automatically deleted. Usually, gateways don't do anything to change trust lines out of the default state, so if you opened the trust line to a gateway, you can probably get rid of it just by setting the limit to 0 and spending your balance.
    ¹The "default" setting for rippling depends on your account's DefaultRipple value. Normally "DefaultRipple" is off so the "NoRipple" flag's default state is on. If you flip DefaultRipple, then "rippling enabled" is the default setting for your trust lines.
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    crypto2libertas got a reaction from madToo in Feel flat with current ripple trend   
    Ripple charts look much better today    That was all I needed 
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    crypto2libertas reacted to Tacubaz in Internet Giants Are Threatening Incumbent Banks   
    Introduction of this report is my favorite part:
    "“Bigtechs,” or Internet-based platform companies such as Amazon, Alibaba, Facebook and Tencent, are making inroads into the finance and banking business, threatening incumbent banks that are not responding fast enough to the digitalization of the industry..."
    * So the strategy is to promote adoption of XRP from both sides of the street? I think TENCENT is the main candidate (under my analysis) in China as they are indirectly testing Ripple through WU and WeChat.
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    crypto2libertas reacted to XRPisVELOCITY in Feel flat with current ripple trend   
    Here you go.  We'll be there soon enough.  Then just keep moving the decimal point one place to the right each year. 

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    crypto2libertas reacted to Chewiecoin in Excellent Reddit post re The bright future for Ripple and XRP   
    That’s an argument I would love to be having one day.
    XRP price $450: XRP investor 1 - “XRP will never get to $1,000”. XRP investor 2 “Yes it will”.
    Either way we all win 
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    crypto2libertas reacted to RossMacFirdeen in Excellent Reddit post re The bright future for Ripple and XRP   
    Great post !!! Thankn you Chewie !
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    crypto2libertas reacted to Chewiecoin in Excellent Reddit post re The bright future for Ripple and XRP   
    Excellent Reddit post started by The Truth.
    S/he does a great job analysing the current state of Ripple and XRP and showing what an amazing future we have. I really enjoyed reading it. I thought you might like it too. 
    “Ripple and XRP - The Truth
    u/RippleManiaMar 30, 2018, 2:17 AM
    A LOT of unfounded hate and downvoting of Ripple-related posts in here. Some people even put-down Ripple for their massive 29 million dollar schools donation this week. Ripple is going to change the financial world, while many of you sit here in deep eventual regret on the anti-XRP bandwagon. If you’re open minded to the opportunity staring you in the face, and you haven’t let this subreddit’s hate for XRP permeate your decision making process, here are the facts....
    Ripple is backed by Google. XRP continues to be added to many new exchanges, five this week.  Ripple is signing one bank (minimum) per week. Western Union will be going live with xRapid implementation very soon. Moneygram and Santander to follow with Ripple and XRP powered apps.  8000 South Korean retail outlets just approved XRP purchases. SBI Exchange launch is imminent. There will be a very substantial increase when this Ripple powered Exchange launches and liquidity will vastly increase. The Japanese love Ripple, almost as much as the Koreans.  MoneyTap backed by SBI App soon to be released and will link to over 60 Japanese banks. This is massive.  You can now text message XRP directly peer to peer. Game changing. Watch as communication and social media companies take notice over the coming months. The idea is likely to be bought, upgraded and implemented. Pressure is on Coinbase to add new assets, despite what they say about anything. They’ve got smokescreens for their smokescreens. Smart, huge-money-making opportunity if Coinbase adds XRP, as the market demands it. I still feel this will happen very soon, without a prior announcement...and the listing alone will send the value of XRP north at 400% minimum on the day it is listed. Public opinion: Ripple is becoming a trusted and respected name in the financial world. Many people in the forum barrack hard against Ripple, like the success of their football team depends on it - white noise. This is a currency, not a team or something you cheer against. Financial media now respects the Ripple brand and the team. Ripple is now an integral part and a respected opinion within the ongoing conversation.  Huge donations to needy causes that tap into public emotions do wonders for sentiment towards specific companies and assets. Ripple accomplished instrinsic and extrinsic goals with the 29 million dollar donation to over a million school kids. Incredible! Ripple has an all-star team of people who have left very high-paying, lucrative, top of the table positions at world leading companies to work for them. These people are highly intelligent, they can see the potential...they’re not looking at the price of the stock, instead they have their sights set on the success of Ripple many years into the future. That is what you want to see with any company you invest in. Over 300 people across the world go to work for Ripple each day with the sole intention of making the brand bigger, generating and maintaining relationships and solving an actual real world problem that will save banks and financial institutions millions. Millions that those banks can then reinvest, grow their own brand with, pay their shareholders with or donate to worthy causes. Brad Garlinghouse and David Schwartz are as docile as a couple of Hindu cows. Do they look worried? When they talk, people listen. These two know what’s up, and the current price means nothing compared to what their end-game will do for the financial world and the value of XRP. Ripple are sitting on billions of XRP. It is a core part of their interests to ensure their own asset continues to gain value. Go ahead and say “But banks won’t use XRP” or “Centralized scam coin”. No one gives a ****. But you will in a year’s time, when back in March 2018 you passed on XRP at two for a dollar!
    Ask yourself, is there another digital asset or cryptocurrrency that is even close to being in the vicinity of what Ripple and XRP are currently achieving? In all seriousness, it’s like comparing surbuban lemonade stands to Coca-Cola. Most (not all) of other coins are doing nothing, offering nothing, achieving nothing...while Ripple continue to deliver, day after day.
    For mine, it doesn’t get any more promising. Ripple are laying the foundation for other crypto currencies, paving the way for the success of legitimate digital assets and showing us all how the system needs to change in order for acceptance and mainstream adoption to take place.“
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    crypto2libertas got a reaction from Donkey in Ripple Insights | Ripple and Its Executives Proud to Support America’s Public Schools with $29 Million XRP Donation to DonorsChoose.org   
    that is awesome. Just love how Ripple works. Love their principles
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    crypto2libertas reacted to ZeeperCreeper in Ripple Insights | Ripple and Its Executives Proud to Support America’s Public Schools with $29 Million XRP Donation to DonorsChoose.org   
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