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  1. There are a lot of good news for XLM lately such as

    - Ibm partnership - IBM is building blockchain systems for 7 major banks

    - satoshipay partners with XLM

    - visa rumour

    It seems news wise XLM is doing much better and sometimes the better technology necessarly doesn't win

    What are your thoughts on this ?


  2. 5 minutes ago, manateehunter said:

    Can anyone tell me what makes stellar special? I have a distrust for Jed so I've avoided that coin just based on that alone. The website doesn't really say anything that separates it from other chains either.

    Nothing special at all. It was basically a clone but somehow companies such as IBM and Visa might jump on it. There is a rumour that VISA is playing with it and hence the hike. that is at least my take at it


  3. Stellar is certainly winning at the moment. Massive increase in value.

    I invested in both just in case. Sometime the underdog looks more promising to investors.


  4. All signals are looking good right now. More than 3k account creation yesterday, amex announcement, china is coming on board and a slow growth. The only negative thing is that the majority of alt coins are going up too. So is our trend just tight to the general up trend or because of the news and the increasing convidence level :)

    I just can't make my mind up if I should wait or not ? The last few days I always thought it will come down again and then I would definitely buy more but I'm not sure anymore if it will

    what are you thoughts on this ?

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