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  1. if you have the private key to your original ripple wallet then I believe you can use toastwallet to import them.
  2. guys instead of bagging the initial post help informing the member. This way others may read the post and won't promote article like this.
  3. You can sell you xlm at kraken for eth and then buy xrp for that.
  4. Do you get that in an app format? That crystal ball is getting passed down since 100s of years in my family. So far has always been right
  5. I just had a quick look in my crystal ball That's it. Worst is over. Up it goes.
  6. ha ha they all look very similar. Let's hope we follow the same pattern this year
  7. Kraken: We are preparing to relaunch the site shortly. All orders have been canceled. More details to come soon. Posted 5 minutes ago. Jan 13, 2018 - 09:32 UTC
  8. They will be back. Still actively answering questions / comments They really should have rolled back https://www.reddit.com/user/Kraken-Tyler
  9. what make you so sure that it is actually a dip. Could be permanently
  10. thanks for reminding me again. Easy to forget when you watch the charts for too long. Tired eyes feed a silly brain
  11. Two comments I would like to make. We all been newbies at one stage and appreciate help from more senior members and also small amount of posts doesn't mean that the person is a newbie.
  12. Can someone entlighten me why the banks would use XRP for money transfer. We all know that the ripple network works without XRP and is not required for actually transferring money from one fiat to another.
  13. I still can't understand that others can't see what I can see in regards with XRP.I guess it is their loss not mine
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