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  1. as the article pointed out: How reliable is the news? Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like there is much concrete data to back up these reports. There are no comments from Amazon itself or reports from sources within the company. Instead, it looks like a number of analysts have concluded that a move like this would make sense for Amazon.
  2. agree there are better exchanges that support xrp. Kraken work really well for me.
  3. Cold Storage all the way. Safest way of storing your coins. You just have to remember your private key.
  4. XRP has already taken over the world but the world doesn't know it yet. That is the way I see it
  5. Both. It is like mastercard and visa. Stellar with take over the micro payment market and ripple the banks
  6. ah well I expect no news so more buying opportunities when it hit 80 cents again
  7. well 10 years but what would happen if I have died within those 10 years ?
  8. sorry we are in for a long drought March: $.95 June: $0.95 September: $0.95 December: $0.95
  9. Buy more if you can afford it to reduce your average price. This way your smile gets even bigger when it goes up.
  10. I used kraken the other day. less than 6 hours and I had the money in my account
  11. There also was the zero wave where you got XRP for computing boinc projects Those luck individuals are the real winners here https://forum.ripple.com/viewtopic.php?t=4428
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