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  1. thanks guys.I set the limit to zero and the balance too. That should do it
  2. I just tried to remove a trust line in gatehub by clicking the x button next to it on the balance tab. It confirmed that it was removed but the balance tab still shows it . Limit is set to 0 and in and out is set to 0 too Don't think that is normal ?
  3. unless there is a big anouncement we are not on the bottom yet
  4. Don't know about USD but with Euro the first time transfer takes a bit longer. Around a week. After that usually between 24-48 hours.
  5. cash is king. Get 500k - pay off your house, buy a nice classic car and pay off the eduction for your kids(if you have any) and most important spend some money on your partner (if you have one) The rest I would put into XRP, XVG and stellar Of course this is only my opinion and not investment recommendation (Out of jail card)
  6. I thought they are dead. They had internal issues which resulted in a split of the initial founders
  7. Price going down. Ripple is doing their best. I keep buying as much as I can but still feel really flat about this all. I need a glimse of hope e.g. jump of 10 or 15 cents against the bitcoin trend. That would give me a boost
  8. yes you certainly can. The minimum for bitcoin is 0.002 https://support.kraken.com/hc/en-us/articles/205893708-What-is-the-minimum-order-size-
  9. Love this summary. In my opinion it is just a matter of time. I personally think that XRP may not go up to thousands but a few hundreds look possible to me.
  10. well I didn't have coffee, any chocolates and only really cheap lunches for two weeks now. With the savings I bought some more XRPs this morning They are on sale at the moment
  11. please keep buying it is not low enough yet. Would love to get some around the 50-55 cents range
  12. just checked the verge. It is their account. That sounds dodgy to me.
  13. If that is true then this could be a major setback for all coins. http://www.news.com.au/finance/money/investing/bitcoin-could-become-illegal-after-its-blockchain-was-discovered-containing-child-abuse/news-story/bf486e6e8de453fd7ad2abba019952dd
  14. that is the reason why I LOVE crypto. So irrational / unlogical. Spock would agree with me on this one
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