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  1. I thought https://tronscan.org is the next gen of the wallet. They just point it to the mainnet once validation is done
  2. ok will call my car dealer and order the lambo. Awesome
  3. agree. Just remember why you have bought XRP. Just ignore the price for the next few months. We all may get a nice xmas present
  4. as soon as I can pay my house off I'm done
  5. xrp reminds me of corvairs. Very different, ahead its time, very successfull but largely unknown. I love both corvairs and xrp. http://chevroletcorvairspyder.com/
  6. love it but I think the decision has been made since during the conference this week Ripple produced merchandise with a similar symbol to yours. check out the t-shirts
  7. I hope so. I would love to be there myself but can't afford the plane ticket. All my spare money is in XRP and some other coins
  8. Have to agree. That carpet is giving me a headache
  9. Don't expect anything so will be suprised if something happends (to the price)
  10. Does it really matter ? So many other pilots, projects etc that are more important for XRP to be honest
  11. all smooth with kraken at the moment. Tabtrade app also works really well with kraken
  12. It is more than just Pornhub. It is Mindgeek that owns many **** website across the globe. Potentially a good deal. Time will tell
  13. well tokenpay donated 65 million of the 75 million verge coin. They are certainly part of it
  14. The definition 'back' in this context is different for everyone. Back for me mean $1 and I guess still a bit to go for until XRP is back
  15. Wondering that myself. Have I missed an announcement ?
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