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  1. Was reading up a bit on tokenpay and to be honest it does sound good. All the partnerships and the recently released wallet (good quality) it does looks like a promising project Any thoughts ladies & gentlemen ?
  2. did a bit of a read and I do like the CSC coin vision/idea
  3. I use kraken which works really well for me. usually takes 24 hours to deposite money and minutes/scecond to transfer coins out
  4. Such as? Couldn't find any significant news either on twitter or reddit
  5. I haven't seen / received any good news regarding XRP or Ripple lately or did I just missed them< Have missed them or is it very quiet lately ?
  6. that should have happened before you have met you wife otherwise how would you know that she is the one
  7. I like their products such as digisign and digi-id very much. All their products such as wallets, blockchain iteself and the other two are top quality. Now they are starting to promote dgb more and it seems to work. The blockchain is so fast and their products well developed.
  8. I would be very happy if we reach $1 in the next few weeks. I prefer a slow increase over many months instead of a crazy bull run
  9. nice something completely different. This is what I call think outside the box. Love it
  10. agree they might missed the boat and it is too late (or not worth) catching up for them
  11. Don't worry I'm a true believer in XRP and Ripple the company. Been with this currency a very long time and think they are doing extremly well. I just can't warm up to Corey. I think he is very different to the rest of the group and not adding much value with his interviews and statements.
  12. yes I think they try to establish a gap between ripple and xrp for the security issue.
  13. Cory pretty much said that he doesn't care at all about XRP. He only cares about the company ripple. I thought fair enough but then he does forget that XRP holders are investors that help to push the price up.
  14. so very true. The days are counted for Wu and similar businesses
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