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  1. the petition only shows that investors are concerned about the lack of marketing and progress. The company keeps saying that x amount of banks are using ripple etc. But where is the proof ? I do love the technology and the idea behind it but I have to agree the marketing is not very transparent at all. I do understand there are NDAs in place but they must/can do better than this.
  2. I think you are right. Gatehub decided that the law is on their site and moved on. Not much media attention anymore and the crypto world will or already has forgotten it
  3. They were insured apparently but to be honest the way they have handled it is very professional. It is really the opposite what @gatehub is doing. Making mistake is normal and very human but it takes strengths to admit and resolve mistakes. @gatehub is not doing any of it.
  4. Nice single point of failure from the security perspective. Never store all required information for encryption in one place.
  5. It looks like that this problem may have been around for a while now. Hackers help themselves over time to small amounts of XRP and this months went for the ultimate kill
  6. Don't think they have the funds to refund the victims to be honest but I'm more than happy to be wrong
  7. If they had access to their access token by compromising the db then they would have used GH's API (since the access token is only valid within GH) and that should be in their logs. If GH has no entries in the logs that would indicate that they had the secret key and that would have allowed them to use the ripple ledger directly.
  8. I wonder if GH will survive this. They might shut the gates over this. It wouldn't surprise me
  9. How would that work without a bank ? My understanding is that you need to connect to a gateway which then stores the currencies for you which then shows up in your wallet. That would mean that you need to trust your gateway as much as your traditional bank.
  10. I told that to my porsche dealership but somehow he was not agreeing with this statement. strange
  11. I'm a true believer in utility tokens such as XRP. Check out CasinoCoin. You may want to add it to your long term portfolio
  12. Don't think you can but happy to be wrong here
  13. checkout csc (casinocoin). there is another good use case.
  14. like it very much. Where do I download the html pages for it Update: Found it https://github.com/kakoyla/icecold Should have read the initial post better
  15. so what does this means ? What are the implications for this ?
  16. Don't think anything will be announced but the timing would be perfect for it. Market is positive at the moment and momentum is building up. With an announcement XRP could go to 80 cents and stay there until the next phase.
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