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  1. I told that to my porsche dealership but somehow he was not agreeing with this statement. strange
  2. I'm a true believer in utility tokens such as XRP. Check out CasinoCoin. You may want to add it to your long term portfolio
  3. Don't think you can but happy to be wrong here
  4. checkout csc (casinocoin). there is another good use case.
  5. like it very much. Where do I download the html pages for it Update: Found it https://github.com/kakoyla/icecold Should have read the initial post better
  6. so what does this means ? What are the implications for this ?
  7. Don't think anything will be announced but the timing would be perfect for it. Market is positive at the moment and momentum is building up. With an announcement XRP could go to 80 cents and stay there until the next phase.
  8. Was reading up a bit on tokenpay and to be honest it does sound good. All the partnerships and the recently released wallet (good quality) it does looks like a promising project Any thoughts ladies & gentlemen ?
  9. did a bit of a read and I do like the CSC coin vision/idea
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