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  1. XRP should be heavily promoted to end consumers. End consumers need to be aware of the benefits that XRP brings. Banks and FIs are really just service providers constantly working to address their customers' frustrations (such as delayed / prolonged transactions, transacted to the incorrect account....etc). By adopting RCL/ILP, these issues can be effectively mitigated. However, I personally do not see Banks and FIs going beyond to promote XRP to its customers as it would likely reduce a significant portion of their revenue in the form of forex. My 2 cents, thank you for your time Miguel
  2. Slide 58 / 68, I'm so going to enjoy the moment when the colour reverses...
  3. Nope, the report was short and crystal clear. I bought even more XRPs after reading the report this morning. Anyway, thanks for popping by Miguel, appreciated!
  4. or hyperinflation!
  5. I am not going to be over optimistic about XRP, but there is a future for XRP, from a business perspective. With all the bank deals being sealed (announced publicly) with Ripple Labs, its just a matter of time before XRP transcends to its true underlying value. That said, I do not wish to mislead you into thinking that there XRP is going to the moon, but at its current price, it is utterly undervalue.
  6. Hi CloutedKnight, A few days of lapse is no joke. You may perhaps, liked to bring this to @enej. He has been most helpful and influential in resolving my earlier episode of bitcoin issue. However, I am again, stuck with the same issue today as i initiated a fresh round of bitcoin transfer to my Gatehub wallet. It is currently still stuck at Gatehub's hot wallet (based on blockchain historical transaction). That said, I will be following up again with the support team later hope this helps
  7. Dear Mazi and Enej, Thank you for your prompt follow ups to resolve this and clarification on the automatic crediting delay issue, greatly appreciated. On a separate note, I did previously transferred bitcoins over from coinbase wallet without any hiccups. In your opinion, would transaction be much smoother via an online wallet such as coinbase compared to an offline cold storage wallet such as mulitibit HD which i just used today for transaction? regards
  8. Hi @rippledigital, this means I would probably be seeing an update to my bitcoin wallet a couple more hours from now when Gatehub updates my bitcoin wallet? regards
  9. Dear all, I am new here and is currently has this noob enquiry. Just this morning, I initiated bitcoin transfer from my cold storage wallet over to my gatehub (bitcoin) wallet. Few hours later, I logged onto my gatehub account and did not see the receipt of the bitcoins into my bitcoin wallet. I then proceed to verify the transaction via blockchain and found that the transaction has been confirmed and completed. Upon collapsing the details of the transfer, I noticed that the bitcoins was first received into my gatehub bitcoin wallet address but then, transferred out to gatehub's own bitcoin hot wallet address 1Ccb4vrC5atJHHdj3hHhYwJmYxtVZLZXWc. Is this normal? Need some advice here Thank you for your time