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  1. its most likely a pump n dump, what goes up must come down...eventually
  2. reads like google-translated and made in china
  3. "Ripple is focussed on what they aim to do i.e. making International Payments smoother and faster; the company believes that it has superior tech, claiming that it can process 70,000 transactions a second" really? Positive FUD nonetheless
  4. Great work and tremendous effort! No need to worry about FUDs, everyone is entitled to their own opinions about XRP...whether they are true or not. Being human, we have the tendency to form biases when brainwashed, irregardless when presented with facts afterwards. Let the Ripple team do their work and time will proof XRP's values, regards
  5. I moved off to Bittrex and Bitstamp
  6. Me...most of the time for the past 2 years especially during high volatility periods...just bid goodbye to kraken for good 2 weeks ago
  7. pardon me but, there has been no indication of implementing replay attacks for the upcoming hard fork, how would BTC price even rocket with replay attacks in actions? Someone please correct my assumption, regards
  8. This price pegging to BTC in sat terms has been doing injustice to XRP's value for the longest time, but i have confidence the team will right this wrong pretty soon...
  9. Its mine as well....lets hope this is our best birthday present yet buddy
  10. mine is 2 hours later....anyway, have received my ETC, thanks @enej and @gregor, cheers!
  11. Good day @enej, @gregor, My ETC withdrawal is stuck in Gatehub's ripple cold wallet for 3 days. Would very much appreciate if you could assist me. My support ticket is 41911 (txn hash 0A10B5E3F87A6B20BE4E2F1131825DD1CBC4F629BEF92736C9E6D87CC5A13548) Thank you in advance, hope to hear from you guys soon.
  12. Based on your transaction details, it appears that your ETH is stuck in Gatehub's ripple cold wallet https://www.gatehub.net/gateways/fifth/ You may wish to contact Gatehub @ https://support.gatehub.net/hc/en-us for help
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