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  1. true saying soemthing straight off the bat is not ideal for investors, but them retweeting coinbase voting and CEO saying they are actively trying to get coinbase and other exchanges to join ripple, they are constantly in chat with us some updates would be nice, if coinbase release other coins and not ripple im scared price will go down as many are already expecting
  2. true ... its been going on for too long,,, im sure if another rumor came along that was negative they would dismiss it straight away, so why not the same for this rumor its happened in past
  3. i can wait till jan 8th ... will rise a bit just before then too so pplz dont miss out.... i hear about it everywhere on twitter sooo eventually someones gotta give, if it not true im sure Ripple would have stated.
  4. yeah im from aus too, other transactions i make after it are fine,,, its just that 1 trasction still says unconfirmed :S
  5. me me too exact same thing and no response from them i dunno what to do its been 3days
  6. i can feel xrp going higher just like it did when it broke out.... something is happening keep a close watch on xrp higher movement
  7. i think all of us have money invested and dont want to hear any negative news that might impact the price. Yes they fixed problem quickly and thats great ...but positive news and they way they say it effects some people decision. i like the way someone suggested to change the wording to make it sound less negative.... i think if the CEO in the live speach he did worded and hinting a few thing the price be much higherr and media pick up on rumors... but yeah they not after a high quick price like most investors want.
  8. does anyone know when Q4 report will be out? nearly end of year already, apparently more partnerships announced in that report im expecting.
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