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    Archive reacted to wogojump in Selling pressure on XRP (JED's sells only) vs BTC (mining)   
    When looking at 24 hr volume calculation, I am seeing XRP being about ~3.5 times as much.  I am not familiar enough with how liquidity is calculated to effectively interpret this metric.

    I am not sure how any of my calculations are mathematically off.  In regards to being logically correct, market cap is often debated on usefulness.  You could take average price of sales for last 24 hours, month, etc.; which would still show similar results.
    The circulating supply calculation is not arbitrary, this is based on defined values of cryptocurrency units available to be traded on open market vs. additional units that were introduced.  Circulating supply is equivalent to public companies issuing & buying back additional stock shares, as well as US Federal Reserve printing new money. Also, the actual amount of 900 BTC mined a day, I believe only a percentage of this is actually sold on the open market. A example of importance of this metric:
    * Lets say Jed could continue selling 38 million XRP per day for a whole year.  This would be about 14 billion XRP he was able to introduce and sell on the open market in one year. So this would have increased circulating supply by ~27%. Or when just looking at inflation impacts, if no other factors came into play this would make your XRP holdings ~78% of the value at the end of the year as compared to the value at beginning of the year.
    Now just to note extreme examples to emphasis importance on this (please note these are not actual realistic numbers to continue for next few years).  Lets say all factors stay the same with XRP on usefulness and value, look at these two extreme case:
    Next 4 years Jed and Ripple could continue selling 14 billion XRP on the open market every year-  This would mean there is about ~106 billion XRP in circulating supply (real max circulating supply is 100 billion, minus burned XRP and lost wallets).  This would result in dramatic inflation of the value of your XRP from the start to the end of 4 years, resulting in your personal XRP holding being ~48% value of the original amount. Next 4 years Jed and Ripple cannot continue selling 14 billion XRP on the open market every year, but rather have to burn or buy & permanently hold additional 14 billion XRP each year. In less that 4 years, there would be no available XRP for them to burn or buy & permanently hold.  The last few people that held XRP, their holdings would be equivalent to the current market cap.  Which would be extremely high, if there was someone buying 14 billion XRP a year and never selling.  
    Scenario 1 above, is not actually that extreme. Ripple has been on track to dump majority of their XRP on the open market in the next 5-10 years, until the SEC stepped in. Scenario 2 above is not realistic, but having the circulation supply deflating like by 2% a year is possible. This can happen if Ripple is blocked from dumping XRP on the market and factors like high usage burn rates, lost wallets, etc. occur.
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    Archive reacted to yugioh in Charting the course of XRP   
    Looks like an interesting interview!
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    Archive reacted to Elysium2030 in Charting the course of XRP   
    Dear brothers and sisters,
    don't panic, I went to the organic market and got freshly caught and finest Hopium for all of us.
    I took a look at the BTC/XRP chart and the whole situation is not new. Excitingly, when 1 BTC reaches the level of about 210-215k XRP, XRP already exploded 2 times in price.
    You can not deduce the future from the past, but hey! HOPIUM. Where we are we have been before. Currently BTC vs XRP is rising very strongly again, let's see what happens when we reach the 210K mark again
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    Archive reacted to Alluvial in Court filings in SEC case - Answer deadline and a few more interesting attorneys entered for Ripple   
    I checked the Pacer website and saw that the Answer to the SEC Complaint is to be filed with the court no later than March 5, 2021.  That deadline applies to all defendants (Ripple, BG and CL).  Ripple's attorney said the other day that the Answer to Complaint would be filed in the upcoming weeks so it could very well be before the deadline (usually answers aren't filed early, but in this case it likely will).
    Also noticed the entry of seven more attorneys on behalf of Ripple, including one MARY JO WHITE, the former SEC Chair from 2013 through 2017. 
    It's definitely on!
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    Archive reacted to Baka in Charting the course of XRP   
    Yes , if XRP goes up my trades would really have paid off 
    Let's see what s happening the next coming days
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    Archive reacted to 2ndtimearound in Charting the course of XRP   
    Given all Jed has done is sell sell sell, then that 477M send doesn't bode too well. Sure, he's entitled to sell, he's not part of Ripple and they have an agreement, but I think he's a good example of the problems the XRP ecosystem has (from a retail trader perspective). 
    From the limited, myopic view of the retail trader (me, you), there are only shades of difference between :-
    "Ripple upper management deservedly rewarding themselves with some XRP sales, while expanding the business" (my previous view of things) and
    "Ripple upper management disproportionately rewarding themselves while not expanding the business...to the point that the rewards become everything to them and "business expansion" is essentially faked - it's some potemkin show for the retail trader (e.g. artificially propping up the Moneygram ODL deal) - (my current view of things) The "shades of difference" is like a warm evening with a beautiful sunset becoming a chilly evening in a few minutes.  It's going from the best of intentions (growing the business) to expedience and greed in a few mouse clicks.  It's people like CL and BG realising over time that it's just easier to profit from your holdings than profiting from developing breakthrough fintech services.
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    Archive reacted to Raz in Charting the course of XRP   
    Everyone selling that is retail has already sold. The only ones selling are the whales and they are doing it into volume. It’s not US retail I can assure you of that.
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    Archive reacted to Raz in Charting the course of XRP   
    Not to mention, did anyone care to ask  Grayscale where they bought their 20 million xrp? 
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    Archive reacted to Gamblord in Charting the course of XRP   
    Thanks to the SEC, good fundamentals is now having no parent company to sue in court.
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    Archive reacted to kanaas in Time to show decentralization   
    What's the difference when Flare Networks founders decide to hold half of Spark supply to fund operations?
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    Archive reacted to Ramforinkas in Epic Pennant on BTC Chart   
    .65.. would be nice to see 70's today..

    edit: posted this in wrong thread, oops.
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    Archive got a reaction from Moonraker in Charting the course of XRP   
    the price...
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    Archive got a reaction from Julian_Williams in Charting the course of XRP   
    the price...
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    Archive got a reaction from Troote in Charting the course of XRP   
    the price...
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    Archive reacted to MrClamtastic in Charting the course of XRP   
    We gettin all institutionally adopted and s**t boys
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    Archive reacted to mrhat75 in Charting the course of XRP   
    589 most likely
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    Archive reacted to JASCoder in Charting the course of XRP   
    Regarding that slam, I gotta add the observation of the inelasticity of the offers side of the books. Note how it didn't even get pushed down below top of CPR.
    This means there's heavy iceberging going on (invisible staged offers), and deeper liquidity we'd expect. There's some heavy buyers hiding in the wings, this smash just probed it like a poker player leading out with a feeler bet.
    Fun times, friends
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    Archive reacted to JASCoder in Charting the course of XRP   
    FWIW - Here is Monday's new CPR numbers to watch: All three baselines have tightened up to .444
    The R1/R2/R3 pivots now: .554, .607, .661
    The S1 (Zeus forbid!) is .390
    Happy Monday, Cryptoland
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    Archive reacted to Gorgalosk in What is your exit strategy if there is a XRP bullrun?   
    I didn't hold all the way up and all the way down for anything less than yacht money.
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    Archive reacted to Troote in Charting the course of XRP   
    Crypto is stupid. I like stupid.
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    Archive reacted to Hopium in Epic Pennant on BTC Chart   
    it wont retrace, trust me im a dealer.
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    Archive got a reaction from Cesar1810 in Charting the course of XRP   
    Atleast $25 before I break a smile.
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    Archive got a reaction from LetHerRip in Charting the course of XRP   
    Atleast $25 before I break a smile.
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    Archive got a reaction from Rty-Quilla in Charting the course of XRP   
    Atleast $25 before I break a smile.
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