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    Cobalt not coming soon

    Ethan mentioned earlier this year not to anticipate Cobalt till possibly end of year 2019 and even that was not a target deadline for rollout. Basically a "ready when it's ready, no time in the immediate future".
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    Busting the SWIFT Hype

    I don't contribute anything meaningful to the XRP community. I also don't detract by monetizing other members content without giving them credit.
  3. Use Bittrex. They do USD deposits now and have a USD/XRP pairing.
  4. You need to add XRP and not USD to your wallet. Works just like Coinbase where you can secure spot price and XRP will appear 5-7 business days later.
  5. Wizardry I tell you! Enough of this black magic.
  6. Does not appear to me like this is direct competition. What solution is Veem rolling out? States they are using multiple payment rails to find most efficient corridor to make payments. Does that sound like something already in existence?
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    How Ripple (XRP) Brought FOMO Into Banking World

    @LilBender Want to help out the poor and desolate?
  8. Is this where we post all our speculation???
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    Does Claire still work for Ripple?

    💯I could use a new racing kit.
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    Coinbase Custody considering XRP

    They are not considering XRP. Seems they have a solution in place for Ripple shares though.
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    Roger Ver has turned

    But are you as sorry as Roger Ver?
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    Boston Consulting Group and Ripple

    They were talking multiples with no reference to target price, this was back in $.67 range when the Ellen gift was announced. In all reality they were probably Analyst/Sr. Analyst positions so their guess would be as good as yours. My initial point is just to highlight awareness and it's not like they were partner level guys talking implementation.