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  1. One answer may be that Ripple did not want to fund MGI's treasury management functions any longer. There is an incentive to cover slippage and large payments where likely less efficient with Ripple covering the costs. David stated MGI was hesitant to expose client facing payments to ODL right away without ensuring it worked. Short-term this was likely beneficial to prove that ODL worked and performance was as advertised (my assumption). Anyone not directly involved is just guessing based best off best available information, which is sparse. Choose to believe what you will at this point.
  2. Believe we hit 9 billion during the 2017 run.
  3. Back to the shelter for more food, I mean companions.
  4. Incentives seem so misaligned with this, it's like SWIFT 2.0 but for a closed group seeking privatized profit. Struggle to see people jumping at the chance to use this coin for remittances as they have yet to solve the last mile problem.
  5. Archive

    Zerpening Club

    I think by creating a thread such as this you are broadcasting the very reason. Best of luck to you in the future. May your XRP be green.
  6. Have a hard time believing in this pump. Extremely fishy that this pump is coinciding with the Binance hack and Tether/Bitfinex fiasco.
  7. Interesting that they will be forcing upgrades and additional verification for users as their activity builds. Checked out the tiers and some of the benefits and limits are really interesting. Still my favorite place to get my zerps and will continue to do business with them even if the fees are on the high side. This Carlos H fellow seems to get around as I think I've had the pleasure of chatting with him on multiple occasions. If memory serves me correct he was underwhelming when answering basic questions so maybe he just missed the memo. Find it hard to believe they would not communicate this rollout firmwide before blasting the userbase with notifications.
  8. Got mine at 3:57. This is a welcome sign.
  9. If your source is a crypto news outlet chances are it's very biased one way or the other. Just a heads up.
  10. That is why you have a secret stash my friend.. One the wife knows about and one that will buy a nice "i'm sorry" gift later down the road.
  11. Told myself I would start scaling fresh funds in at $.27. We will see how long I can hold out for.
  12. Get your XRP off the exchange. Problem solved.
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