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  1. Until you read how misleading that article is and that the ukraine government is disputing and pushing for a correction to be published.
  2. My issue is with the giveaways and acquisitions that make little sense to the development of the ecosystem. The most dumbfounding was the acquisition of the lending company that went bust almost immediately after Larsen and Stefan acquired a stake with XRP. I would have 0 problems if they dumped tens of millions of XRP into XRP Labs to fund their development efforts, it's the quirky Bruster's Millions spending sprees that drive me nuts. Ellen donation was cringe.
  3. Just saw a hot-take on twitter that SEC is looking at a couple of projects in the space currently. No one is safe and I think we could see widespread panic among other coins if they announce another action.
  4. If it climbs based on BTC increments why couldn't it hit $1? If BTC goes to 50k you don't see XRP following? based off last 90 days I would imagine we follow in relation.
  5. I would be curious to see the activity in the Ripple LOC corridors. XRP Scan has been catching the nice uptick in ODL from exchanges but we have no visibility on that new flows from LOC.
  6. Have been noticing how thin liquidity is in the USD markets. Figured we start to see big moves, one way or the other, due to liquidity at given levels.
  7. Link up 7.5% in an hour. Can't make this up. Exuberance or manipulation, can't quite decide, good on those who benefit.
  8. They just dropped Q2 report that has programmatic buying
  9. RSI can also signal trend reversal from what I have heard.
  10. Think everyone was expecting a retest or confirmation from .265 before the next leg up. I'm no master of brain so I'm just here for the ride.
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