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  1. XRPUSD is approaching our first support at 0.3245 (horizontal overlap support, 100% Fibonacci extension , 61.8% Fibonacci retracement ) where a strong bounce might occur above this level pushing price up to our major resistance at 0.3985 (horizontal swing high resistance, 61.8% Fibonacci extension , 61.8% Fibonacci retracement ). Stochastic is also approaching support where we might see a corresponding bounce in price. Trading CFDs on margin carries high risk. Losses can exceed the initial investment so please ensure you fully understand the risks.
  2. Short term opportunity on ripple. This stuff is really looking good well support still holding price looks really good. I think its gonna rise you guys can put stop loss %6 your buy level good luck.
  3. Ripple Price remains in a rather confined range! It's hard to deny the similarities. If price continues to fractal in the same manner, it creates a great investing opportunity, since the break out wouldn't occur until 2020.
  4. Since touching the bottom of $0.25 in September 2018, XRP has continued to produce higher lows. Though we will discount the Swell pump as that is something that typically happens yearly with Ripple price. Post Swell saw XRP return to the $0.28 region. In recent history XRP has found that $0.38 is a key level of resistance. Every time that XRP has attempted to breach this resistance it has been met with rejection and pushed back down to the $0.30 region. This has allowed traders and investors alike plenty of opportunity to accumulate for their positions. Moving onto the indicators. The RSI indicator bottomed out in August 18, and has since produced higher and higher lows. This tells us that buyers are taking an interest at these lower levels and that slowly, the bulls, are beginning to gather strength. The same can be said of the MACD indicator, though it bottomed in April of 2018. This is not surprising as the trend usually continues even after the MACD has either peaked or bottomed. Though, as we can note now, the MACD is approaching neutral 0 on the 3-Day chart. Looking at the price action versus our indicators we can see that there is mounting bullish pressure with XRP. It is typical of XRP to have very long periods of price descent followed by long periods of accumulation. These are almost always met with a sudden burst of energy upwards producing tremendous gains for those who accumulated. It seems the time for XRP to make a move is not in the distant future and is going to be upon us quite quickly. For this expected move traders could even enter at current price levels at $0.328, though optimally buys closer to $0.30 are preferred. Laddering in with a stop loss above $0.34 for entry is certainly an ideal position. The resistance levels at $0.38 have been tested three times. Typically, we find that when a support or resistance level is tested on the fourth time they break. Please note that this is not always the case, and that proper risk management is absolutely necessary. We will enter position here with a stop loss of $0.29. The target for the move up is the fibonacci extension that brings the target to $0.50. However, it may not reach precisely $0.50 as there is a lot of resistance at this level. $0.48 is much more reasonable a target. It is quite possible that XRP will touch the "Dump zone," at $0.50 where it is likely to be met with a swift rejection. From there we will look for a move down and consolidation. Entering at current price levels and hitting $0.50 presents us with a gain of 54.68%. Good returns for any trader.
  5. Within the current big triangle since the beginning of 2018 and the current price action, I think that we can take profits at 0.40$. After that I expect another dip in correlation with BTC from around 6k. So have a close look at BTC and XRP now. I suggest to place buy orders in the area of 0.25$, because the current price movement upwards could end in a short lived spike into that base region of XRP. But be careful and go with wide SL placement as we could also see a spike to 0.19$ base. Anyway, the region 0.19$ - 0.25$ is a great and maybe last opportunity to enhance your Ripple holdings.
  6. B broke the top of the impulse on ripple chart . It's an expanding flag. Any buy under A is a great buy. Trade at your own risk!
  7. Huobi will soon be starting to list XRP contracts on the Huobi Derivative Market. More exchanges have already added XRP and even used it as a base pair. Currently, Ripple price is at 0.30637. In technical analysis , on the daily timeframe , last Tuesday’s trading has created a strong bullish engulfing after a reversal hammer . We can also see a potential small Elliot wave and possible a small ABC Correction. Meanwhile, StochRSI showing a rebound after the price reached the over sold territory. 0.3200 Max resistance 0.2906 Max support Sentiment is neutral.
  8. quite the same situation on ripple chart. we broke the resistance. But still no good signs of the growth... waiting...
  9. This helps to understand where ripple price at in the overall structure! We have finally come to the lower channel line...now is the time!
  10. Looking for the next leg up on Ripple chart as we are coiling within the consolidation range. With a breakout of the $0.325 pivot and the minor trendline resistance we should see a continuation to the next upside resistance at $0.35. This provides a great R:R setup as we have been accumulating on the daily trendline support at $.32. This is risky as there isnt confirmation yet on a next leg higher but the HTF bias is bullish so this would provide a great entry if we are to see an upside move. I would recommend waiting for an hourly (ideally 4H) close above $0.3225 if you are a more aggressive trader Stops can be place below the prior swing low near $.316 or below if you are looking for a medium term swing trade.
  11. Ripple price success break up bullish confirmation at our previous analysis, and perform channel up pattern. To follow bullish at ripple, we can buy at 0.32098, and aim for symetrical trangle projection at 0.37255. Note : We have another resistance at 0.33227, careful at this level. If it cannot break, ripple will down again to previous support
  12. I know I'm not the only one who's been wondering about recent XRP accumulation for the last few weeks. You barely see any price action and ifs you do it's within a cent or two. Do you know what followed the other 3 times we've encountered similar movement from XRP price? Yes, we had an enormous price action thereafter which resulted in more than 38,000% value increase back in 2017 When moon? When breakout? Wouldn't we all want to know that! As you see from my XRP analysis below, we should be very close to it and I mean weeks if not days away. We have seen likely golden cross on 7H chart, we also see major 15 Month pattern which is coming to completion and has actually already completed on few other charts I did earlier and that breakout came with sideways accumulation. Well is that good news or no? With being unable to provide a 100% certain answer to this question all I can say is that I am leaning more bullish vs bearish , and NO, I'm answering this question 100% free from any bias, strictly looking and citing what you and I see on this chart. With approach of Singapore Blockchain Summit / Money 20/20 Conference March 19 - 21 I see it as superb opportunity for potential price rise.
  13. As seen on ripple chart we are at possible Golden Cross for MA's. We are also have bullish pattern in a form of symmetrical triangle. We are currently sitting at pattern and trend line resistance. We can anticipate possible breakout at any point now unless we receive strong rejection. Otherwise short term target should be around 36 cents followed by 45, 52, 60 Trade Smart!
  14. Ripple make a great move and try to break bullish confirmation level at 0.32479 If we have close candle above bullish confirmation level at 4Hour timeframe, bullish projection at 0.37255
  15. XRP has been in a large symmetrical triangle/pennant for around 210 days now. It is hard to tell whether we will break to the upside or the downside. There is not much to analyze. My intuition says break to the upside. Everything is timing, Why would Fidelity launch their Institutional platform right before the market was about to shoot down?
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