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  1. Guys just found this dashboard. If you use paid tradingview version there is a 50% off on premium if you pay with btc. they hid the page found it accidentally.) Check this out https://medium.com/tradingview/the-lower-the-bitcoin-price-the-higher-the-discount-d53099dcb616
  2. The 1W pattern on Ripple is a parabola. With 0.24717 holding since August 2018, an upside momentum is being built. That is largely thanks to the double bottom at 0.28600 on December and January. As long a 0.28600 holds, I expect the parabola to trade the bullish sequence in a similar fashion it traded the bearish , making a symmetrical pattern. This has the potential to hit 0.92000 before the end of the year.
  3. Ripple follows bitcoin This post I give all you the essential zone for XRP and which level we can buy again ! WE just retested broken resistance. Will it become the support now? I hope so!
  4. Ripple price approaching our first resistance at 0.3454 (horizontal overlap resistance, 100% Fibonacci extension , 50% Fibonacci retracement ) where a strong bounce might occur below this level pushing price up to our major resistance at 0.3051 (horizontal swing low support, 78.6% Fibonacci retracement ). Stochastic (55,5,3) is also approaching resistance where we might see a corresponding drop in price. Trading CFDs on margin carries high risk. Losses can exceed the initial investment so please ensure you fully understand the risks. so I think it will be lower than it's now)
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    I’m out!!

    I'm glad i was against it on ripple...
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    maybe Ripple looks like it's going to have a break out to the down side from this descending triangle .
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    At the moment we can see a possible inverse H&S in the making for the USD' pair and the BTC' pair. Both still do not have a right shoulder though, so based on that it is likely that we see a small drop again. My only fear with this is, what will Bitcoin' do if we drop back to the 0.30ish. Because Bitcoin' really needs to stay above the 3380/70. So the only way for that to happen is if alts drop a bit with a sideways Bitcoin'. Because if Bitcoin' drops below that level, the impuls oimpulsecurrent wave up will get invalidated again. So not easy at the moment, since alts make big moves up and down lately with Bitcoin' moving 20/40 points. When ignoring Bitcoin' it will be very likely to see something the blue line happen. Just be aware, it's almost weekend and manipulation is always the most during weekends. All is the ripple chart above.
  8. I am seeing a trade opportunity developing for Ripple on BitMEX ( XRPH19 ). A falling wedge is now active and early signals are starting to show up. Actively we are trading Litecoin ( LTCH19 SHORT) successfully and recently we traded TRON ( TRXH19 ) for massive fast profits (over 90% within 32 hours). An opportunity is developing right now, a LONG trade... Let me share some of the signals: Ripple ( XRPH19 ) Early - Not yet confirmed - Reversal Signals: Falling wedge pattern. 0.786 Fib. retracement support holding from last bullish wave. Low bear volume (if this were to continue going down, we should be seeing higher bear volume ). MACD and RSI starting to curve. These are really early signals that can be easily invalidated, this is not a trade. If you want to see a full trade for Ripple ( XRPH19 ) make sure to show your support hit LIKE. If enough people are interested, I will share this trade for you with 100% ROE. You will have buy in, target, time frame, stop loss, capital allocation, profits potential and more. Note: This is not a piece of trade advice. Thanks a lot for reading. Namaste.
  9. Ending diagnol to finish off a C leg. As you see on ripple chart I'm for long, if we wont reach enter the level, I'll buy the breakup
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    XRP sub-30¢

    Hi all, Ripple (XRP) has seen a technical bounce off the oversold RSI with a 12% surge at time of writing. This successful turn of events has led XRP to be the #2 largest cryptocurrency by market cap...AGAIN. Is this just a technical short term bounce or is there some larger at play here fundamentally? Let's see what the chart says: -First you can see XRP has been trading inside a descending triangle pattern since Sept 20th marking Lower Highs with support located at .28 confirmed with two touches. -We can see the 50 Day SMA (Orange trend line ) is resting flat at (.335) and has been acting as a resistance since Nov 20th. If XRP can scale above this that would be a bullish indicator. But the work isn't over there. For a bull trend to be full intact and a bottom confirmed we need to see XRP scale above it's 200 Day SMAwhich is located .389. -Below 28 cents and the crypto looks extremely bearish . XRP is one of those tokens that pumped from April 2017 (around 2 cents exploding to 40 cents trading sideways for a few months and then jumped to $3.30 at the height in Jan 2018). -Trying to locate solid supports for XRP is difficult because of it's short history coupled with the orders of magnitude price pump it experienced. -XRP bounced off the oversold RSI -Stochastic also confirmed buy signal Trade plan: Bulls: Aggressive buy order can be placed if XRP scales above it's 50 day SMA . Stop Loss entry should be entered at .25. Make sure to adjust trade allocation size so that no more than 2% capital loss would incur if your stop get's triggered. Bears: Short entry can be executed just below the Bulls stop loss. This trade will need to be hand held because we don't really know what historical supports can be counted on in case Bitcoin were to capitulate. Fundamental News: - High profile hire announced today to Ripples General Counsel team -Swift is apparently launching a test among 110 out of 11,000 banking relationships to test R3 (Corda) DLT for cross boarder remittence business. This opens the bridge to Ripples DLT and XRP to be leveraged as XRP will act as the primary settlement transaction for these cross boarder remittences . This is still very early news and details will be forthcoming. Food for thought: -Could Ripple and Ripple end this crypto winter with real adoption from the global banking network? -Will XRP surpass Bitcoin in the future? -Will XRP be the first crypto to decouple from Bitcoin? One things is for certain, there is never a dull moment in this market.
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    XRP sub-30¢

    XRPUSD is Similar to Bitcoin ; we also have Bear trap for XRP so buy little in buy zone I give in the chart.
  12. Hey! I am back with another btcusd Technical analysis . This time looking at weekly timeframe and comparing 2013 december crash to our current Bitcoin crash. I have spotted a few similiar things that these two crashes have in similiar, the descending triangle triangle formation follown by an ascending triangle .. It seems like currently is Bitcoin in this ascending triangle and I am waiting for sharp volume spike pinbar . Even though, ascending triangle is a bullish formation, this only applies in uptrend. EMAS are signifying downtrend, which will last for a while, when we are considering this downtrend as insignificant uptrend which is likely to occur, which will happen by market uncertainty. Low buying power, and another Volume spike incoming, why would you go against a trend and try to push the price higher when you are in disadvantage? History can be repeated, and Bitcoin may see price low as 1850, from where is likely to bounce to 2245 and from there, unsignificant uptrend may begin, but first I expect spike up/pinbar/bullish fakeout to happen. And whats your opinion on Bitcoin next move? Are you bullish or bearish? Will you tether, or hold strong in altcoins? Thats all for me, at least for now. If you agree with this Technical Analysis , let me know by hitting that "Agree" Button as it motivates me to do more similiar Technical Analyzes for no profit. And of course, if you have any questions, let me know in the comments down below, I will answer each one. Thanks and good luck trading!
  13. XRP / USD TA Here we are looking at a descending triangle pattern on ripple chart. In this case it would be more bullish than bearish . Argument for Bitcoin correlation can be made here, which is where our thirty cent support comes in. As Bitcoin is still expected to produce another downtrend to low $3,000 ranges, thirty cent XRP is well in the picture. With that said we would not recommend to sell it at this time as we have numerous events at which Ripple is participating this and next month which may drive the price up in similar way as it did for Tron earlier this month. Should you buy at current levels? Personal recommendation is YES, you should have XRP at all times in your portfolios and purpose of these charts on XRP is to provide you with new entry areas for refills before the final push up going into next month. How long should I be ready to hold XRP for? This is not a short term trade, that's for sure. Don't even enter it if you don't have patience or new to cryptocurrency. This is a LOW RISK hold for those who plan to hold for 4+ weeks and is HIGH RISK for those looking to get into it for few days. This chart / description is not meant as a financial advice and is solely our personal view on XRP.
  14. Ripple has formed a falling wedge with it's apex below a long term support level that has never been broken (data since March 2017 on XRP/USD at Bitfinex). We also could start to observe a bearish Gartley forming it's C ( 0.886 retracement ) point above the mentioned resistance. With a tolerance limit of 10%, the C point would be valid if we do not fall below 0.277$ per XRP. Supossing that we go up from that point, we could eventually reach the 0.5$ per XRP and validate the final point for the Gartley .
  15. Matching VPVR profiles on XRPUSD pair, expecting swipe of this week's lows before a move up.