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  1. Haha
    ZeeperCreeper reacted to Trickery in Our Statement on Partnering with MoneyGram   
    You promised not to visit! 
  2. Haha
  3. Haha
    ZeeperCreeper reacted to Panopticon in XRP Pump on Monday @ 0830 EST?????   
    How you get people to buy into a fake pump since it is obvious you are going to dump on them? You call it "Pump and HOLD!". 
    Be careful people...but overall I do not thing something special will happen, this is ridiculous, whales must be laughing with this twitter clowns.
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    ZeeperCreeper reacted to BillyOckham in Ripple files response..   
    Can you see that:
    cannot be true?
    That the funds were their own personal funds and were not $600 million “out of the company”?  The implication that they were taking a scarce resource from a fledgling company and crippling it while enriching themselves is a long way from the truth.
    To be honest I think you are mixing up a lot of personal feelings in amongst the facts.  It’s fair enough to be personally offended and confronted by the sales (I am not) but you are often lately drawing wide brushes across the picture.
    For instance you claim that the judge can’t extract his personal feelings from the legal arguments.  I think that might be disputed somewhat by the entirety of the legal profession...  and with good cause in the vast majorit6 of cases.
    You’ve lately gone into hyperbole repeatedly about Brad and Chris.  Calling them sleazy amongst other slurs.  I think it would be better if you disconnected the personal feelings from the factual matters when discussing the SEC case but that is just my view.
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    ZeeperCreeper reacted to Troote in What if the SEC wins...?   
    I don't share this strategy, for many reasons. 
    1. His price predictions are conservative and do not factor in other external factors such as FLR. FLR has the potential to impact XRP's price much sooner than the settlement.
    2. If/when there is a settlement, there won't be any warning. If you think a settlement will catapult the price, you better be in front of your computer all the time otherwise you may miss a leg up.
    3. Speculating that XRP will go up (and subsequently invest in it) is one thing. Speculating that ETH/DOT/ADA will go up and then XRP won't and then there is a settlement and then you flip and then XRP goes up... is a combination of speculative statements which require to constantly time the market, bearing in mind any of which can fall flat and wreck the "plan". What if ETH/DOT/ADA don't go up as much as you think they will? What if XRP goes up too? Etc. Etc.
    4. When you cash out your ETH, DOT and ADA at a profit, you need to pay taxes on these profits. See here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/tax-on-cryptoassets/cryptoassets-for-individuals. Different coins belong to a different investment pools. For the trade to be worth it, you need your ETH/DOT/ADA to grow 20% (CGT tax) more than XRP before buying back. Otherwise you are better off buying and holding XRP.
    5. If you choose to take taxes out or the equation (reinvest everything and pay the taxman later), you are effectively margin trading. You are leveraging by investing government money that does not belong to you with all the risks that entails.
    6. If you reinvest everything and pay the taxman later with money on your bank account, you are silently injecting more money and buying more, which silently increases your buying price and hides the reality that your trade is not as good as you think it is.
    7. If you say "I look at how much I invested, bundle all my different cryptos in one pool and pay the taxman on the profits I made overall", you are committing fraud and evading taxes.
    So yeah - flipping coins on a black swan event like we have seen, when the coins are at a loss and selling does not trigger a payment to HMRC, sure. Trading with a trader mindset, with a full understanding of the leverage being employed, caveats and subtleties, sure. Exiting XRP and investing in other coins which have high potential, sure. Doing all that with a full grasp on tax consequences, sure.
    But flipping spot investment (selling XRP at a 3y low to reinvest in coins which are at or above their previous ATH), chasing green candles, planning to go back in based on unpredictable events... while ignoring the tax consequences... it's way past my comfort zone, as far as I am concerned.
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    ZeeperCreeper reacted to Alluvial in Court filings in SEC case - Answer deadline and a few more interesting attorneys entered for Ripple   
    I checked the Pacer website and saw that the Answer to the SEC Complaint is to be filed with the court no later than March 5, 2021.  That deadline applies to all defendants (Ripple, BG and CL).  Ripple's attorney said the other day that the Answer to Complaint would be filed in the upcoming weeks so it could very well be before the deadline (usually answers aren't filed early, but in this case it likely will).
    Also noticed the entry of seven more attorneys on behalf of Ripple, including one MARY JO WHITE, the former SEC Chair from 2013 through 2017. 
    It's definitely on!
  7. Thanks
    ZeeperCreeper reacted to Troote in The Jed Attack   
  8. Haha
    ZeeperCreeper reacted to Xrpdude in Lawyer intends to file class action suit against S.E.C. on behalf of XRP holders   
    The firm (Deaton Law Firm) specialises in asbestos litigation, products liability, toxic torts, and personal injury - lol, John Deaton might want to update the website to include Securitization and Structured Finance Law!  
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    ZeeperCreeper reacted to Tull in Lawyer intends to file class action suit against S.E.C. on behalf of XRP holders   
    Point 84 is worth breaking out on it's own:

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    ZeeperCreeper reacted to AlejoMoreno in Charting the course of XRP   
    If it’s price gets to $1.00+ it’ll solve a lot of problems.
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    ZeeperCreeper reacted to jbjnr in An ODL update (Dec 2020)   
    I haven't posted an update on ODL traffic for some time, here's an update. Please note that I am only able to infer ODL traffic based on 'on-ledger' transactions - if there is ODL traffic that occurs soley on a single exchange, such as USD-EUR or USD-XRP-EUR or the reverse, then I do not capture it. The last time I posted anything about ODL traffic was when ripple made the switch from large treasury transactions to smaller payments. The switchover is clear from the quarterly totals of ODL traffic as you can see in this plot - there is a huge drop between Q2 and Q3 2020. December is just getting started, and hopefully you can see that Q4 2020 is already as large as Q3, so we should be looking at reasonable growth by the end of the year (maybe as much as 25% up compared to Q3).
    Quarterly traffic - Please note that the currency labels are guesses - the assumption that bitstamp->bitso traffic is USD->MXN may not be true as bitso now trade other currencies, but since I am only looking at ledger traffic, I cannot be sure of the source/dest currencies - so the colour bars should simply tell you that corridors exist in those areas - the fact that USD/MXN exists in multiple bars is simply due to the fact that multiple wallets/tags operate between bitstamp/bitso regularly.

    Weekly traffic looks like this

    you can see that after the switchover in traffic in early june, there has been a gradual but slow rise in traffic that fluctuates randomly - no doubt due to both fiat and xrp exchange rate and volatility. It is encouraging to see that traffic is still gradually increasing with a noticeable uptick over the last month or two.
    Daily traffic looks like this

    You can see a little more fine structure on the daily rates, with the weekend drops and recent rise in mon-fri transactions. Here's a close up view of June 2020 onwards

    There is a big drop last week for thanksgiving in the USA, but apart from that you can see daily rates are doing well and gradually rising - weekend traffic seems to be rising slightly as well.
    Total ODL volume and 2 week average looks as follows, here, in blue I've added the XRP price - just so you can see that there is no correlation at all between ODL volume and xrp price. I had wondered at the start of 2020 when ODL volume picked up sharply, and price rose for a couple of weeks, that perhaps there might have been some effect, but it is clear from the rest of this year, that speculative activity dwarfs all other effects.

    My favourite plot for looking at activity is this one

    What you see in the above 5 plots are the ODL traffic in bands of value, 10USD->100USD, then 100-1000, 1000-10000 and so on.
    The top 10-100 chart shows a steady slow climb in activity over the last year - the total amount is still a pittance, since even thousands of transfers per day, doesn't amount to millions in value, but the trend is up in a steady fashion. Someone is making regular, but small, remittance payments and gradually building up.
    The second 100-1000 plot is quite interesting - here we can see a gradual uptrend, superimposed onto random noise and a signal that looks like a monthly cycle, where payments are peaking with a periodic frequency of around a month. The peaks and troughs appear to shift slightly - so we're not seeing a regular end of month payday triggering remittances - but it may nonetheless be an affect caused by paypackets being received monthly - with remittances being sent when convenient (depending on day of week relative to the end of month etc etc). 
    In plots 3 and 4, you can clearly see the transition between treasury payments and smaller remittances where the traffic shifts from plot 4, to plot 3, but there is a gradual move back to plot 4 over the last few weeks as the payment amounts are creeping slowly up again. So far we still only have a handful of corridors open, so total volume is low, but if and when more corridors come online, things ought to pick up noticeably and will show up. I hope we don't have to wait another year to see more traffic.
  12. Haha
    ZeeperCreeper reacted to Dario_o in Ripple CTO Says Majority Vote Would Force the Burning of Billions in XRP   
    Let's vote to burn Jed's XRP first 
  13. Haha
    ZeeperCreeper reacted to ManBearPig in Epic Pennant on BTC Chart   
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    ZeeperCreeper reacted to Plikk in Charting the course of XRP   
    That is a general term for inexperienced investors that act on instinct(i.e. fear/hope) alone, and yes she falls in that category judging from her posts. 
    She did make a good profit so that’s nice and I would have applaud her, but why come back and plainly FUD because the price dropped 35% just after a 300% increase when you have sold anyway?
    Meh I don’t feel bad for calling someone out on such behaviour. 
  15. Thanks
    ZeeperCreeper reacted to Troote in MGI, ODL, Bitso and a theory about the price   
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    ZeeperCreeper reacted to Trentsteel in Charting the course of XRP   
    😂😂 so many people will sell too early and a lot will be left holding heavy bags.... rinse repeat the cycle continues 
  17. Haha
    ZeeperCreeper got a reaction from FineSir in Ripple files new trademark application for “PayString”   
    I still can't believe that they didn't make sure that the name PayID was available when they unveiled this initiative.
    Was a damn good name, but paystring brings whole another picture to my head.  
  18. Haha
    ZeeperCreeper got a reaction from Danny in Ripple files new trademark application for “PayString”   
    I still can't believe that they didn't make sure that the name PayID was available when they unveiled this initiative.
    Was a damn good name, but paystring brings whole another picture to my head.  
  19. Haha
    ZeeperCreeper reacted to retep in Charting the course of XRP   
    Doctor doctor, i need a shot of.....

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    ZeeperCreeper reacted to Eric123 in Epic Pennant on BTC Chart   
    Although Bitcoin was up earlier today at the moment it is down almost 1% at the same time the DOW is up over 5% on vaccine optimism also the Dollar is basically Flat and Gold is down about 3.75%  so no correlation with bitcoin and anything else, at least today (at the moment).
    @JannaOneTrick  yeah we are on the same page regarding BTC.  Regarding XRP your position is more well though out than mine, maybe I'll revisit the subject the Accum/Dist indicator did not support my position to begin with.  Ahh it's more of a feeling regarding XRP.
    An interesting though to ponder is if we have having such volatility swings in Bitcoin during it's run, what kind of swings will we  get in the price of the the ALTS, can XRP move up and down $5 in a day? $10? 20? 
    Last night Bitcoin closed it's Third Highest Weekly candle ever  at a price of $15,489.  The only higher weekly closes being December 11, 2017 at $18,953 and January 1, 2018 at $16,124.

  21. Thanks
    ZeeperCreeper reacted to Frans in MGI, ODL, Bitso and a theory about the price   
    It held through the weekend, nice.
    The current frequency of tx as shown by @mouradski's https://utility-scan.com/#/dashboard is now between 2 -4 per minute. That is way higher than it was even 2 weeks ago.
    Normally the MGI payments were every 7/8 minutes, with some other clients in between, but was max 1 per minute, of that. It is now consistently at least 2 to 4
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    ZeeperCreeper reacted to Eric123 in Epic Pennant on BTC Chart   
    Bitcoin just closed the highest weekly candle since January 8, 2018.

  23. Thanks
    ZeeperCreeper reacted to Eric123 in Epic Pennant on BTC Chart   
    The streak above $10k continues as does the streak above $11k.  
    79 10K+ closes
    34 days above $10k
    5 11k+ closes.
    Hash rate is at the 4th highest ever. 
    The highest monthly close Bitcoin has ever had was $13,900 in December of 2017, I think Bitcoin closes above that level this December.

  24. Thanks
    ZeeperCreeper reacted to Eric123 in Epic Pennant on BTC Chart   
    Looks like Bitcoin's price is taking a breather today after 6 straight green days.  
    So far Bitcoin has had 78 closes in a row above $10k and has spent 33 straight days above $10k.  
    So far Bitcoin has had 3 (correction 4) closes in a row above $11k.

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    ZeeperCreeper got a reaction from JJJ2 in Why XRP Price Hard to Raise?   
    I don't know where these guys are getting their numbers from, but this is obviously not correct.
    Today the circulating supply is 45 042 338 912. One year ago it was  43 024 433 511. So that's about 4,7% increase. Am I blind or what, because I don't see the exponential increase these bold red letters try to make me believe. In fact, one year earlier it was around 8%, so if anything, the inflation has slowed. 
    Go check it yourself:
    One year ago:
    Two years ago:
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