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  1. No, the correct answer is Richie (Rich). When XRP moons, he will feel poor compared to RL.
  2. But are you like your owner?
  3. Did you read the post? The source is right there in it.
  4. They just today revealed that they are now transacting in USD as well. Wouldn't be surprised if they became an ODL exchange in the near future.
  5. Well, Sweden is by far the worst affected Scandinavian country. They have around 225 deaths per million people, meanwhile neighboring countries Finland and Norway the rate is around 35. A lot of people have died because the medical system has been overloaded. Even people who would've survived with proper treatment have just received morphine and a oxygen mask. Also the virus has just in the recent weeks started spreading more fiercely in Brazil and other Latin-American countries with lower-socioeconomic status. I expect we see a huge wave of deaths there in the coming weeks. The jury is still out on that, but knowing how the virus has behaved in other countries, I think it's quite likely that it will be a disaster.
  6. The asterisk points to the total XRP distributed, not total XRP escrowed. I think it was put there originally to account for the 5B XRP promised to R3.
  7. So no more quarterly xrp markets report for us?
  8. It's just a customer success story, I don't understand the negative reaction.
  9. https://ripple.com/insights/azimo-and-scb-runs-on-ripple-for-instant-payments-into-thailand/
  10. Are you being sarcastic? This is Santander's cross payments app built on RippleNet (xCurrent). There's no indication it uses ODL or has anything to do with XRP.
  11. You can set any price you want, but that doesn't mean that anyone is willing to buy for that price. In the end people pay what they think it's worth at the moment.
  12. That's because the list contains both escrows, that have already ended + the new escrows that were created for re-escrowing the unspent amounts each month. I just checked the escrow data at ledger.exposed. At this very moment there are 1505 active escrows on the xrp ledger to the amount of 45 520 596 351,53 XRP. EDIT: Looks like I messed up somewhere with the data, as the amount in escrow should be bigger, due to Ripples 49,7B escrow. Will investigate later, when I have more time.
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