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  1. For the time, most likely yes. Of course it's a big deal for them, as their ripple powered cross border payment app has been killing it. They win market share even without using ODL. Who knows maybe they will use it one day, when XRP has enough liquidity, but as it stands, thinking that this is using XRP in the back end is grasping at straws.
  2. All their products have been rolled into RippleNet and while theoretically any member of the network may use ODL, i believe there's no indication of Santander doing so.
  3. Likely it has something to do with the contract they signed with EU last week + other developments. VET has a lot going on for it.
  4. I guess they agreed that this is still not yet the time to flip the damn switch.
  5. Ok, this was an extreme example, but still the point stands. Most people who smoke never get lung cancer while some people who never smoke do. This is a fact from life. Health is not black and white. Lol, this is not what I'm saying at all. Of course it makes every sense to take as good care of your body as you possibly can. I personally love berries, both for their taste and rich antioxidant content. But I'm not deluded thinking they make me invincible to disease. What i meant about cockiness, is that you seem to be so up high on your horse, the fall will be very painful, when life "decides" to teach you a lesson or two in humbleness.
  6. I agree, lifestyle choices are very important, but in the end might mean much, because nature's unpredictable. Some people get sick and die young despite leading an exemplary healthy life and at the same time the oldest woman known to live smoked for 96 years straight. There are plenty of other examples as well, so go figure. I get it, you are young and passionate. That's cool, but no need to get cocky. If you have good health, be grateful for it. It's not given, no matter how many superfood smoothies you down.
  7. When you take into account the xrp that is owned by Ripple and not currently escrowed, then we are still a long long way from that point.
  8. You can say that again because it seems we are out of luck. An horde of elephants stamped on my ear when I was little. My musical hearing is undisputedly the worst.
  9. So, am I getting this correct? I need to learn to play the piano, so that xrp would fall in love with me and we would fly to the moon for happily ever after? @Tinyaccount
  10. OP nails it! Also there is the fed up with the same old same old phase, where you take a break from all things crypto for a month or two only to return to find more of the same. Been through quite a few of those in the past 2 years I've been in this space.
  11. This might just be the thing that partners need to realize how much they are missing out by not utilizing ODL.
  12. I wonder which exchange they are using on the AUD side.
  13. This looks like opportunistic move for some easy cash, as opposed to something threatening the future of XRP.
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