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  1. Change is another Estonian crypto business offering Visa debit card. https://www.getchange.com/
  2. My understanding is that there is nothing that differentiates one drop from another. Therefore it's not possible to blacklist or even trace any single drop through transactions.
  3. So that's 3 out of 5 top remittance businesses in Ripple's bag. Hopefully they all will be using XRP one day, when this venture with MG turns out successful and all the benefits of using XRP in payment flows are proved beyond doubt.
  4. Dunno, to me this seems like 2 separate conference topics that were conjoined by accident. * the announcement of visa buying Earthport (plenty of other plausible reasons for the purchase besides getting access to RippleNet) * work with ripple in creating an alternative to swift Seems like another ambiguous statement/slip-up that can be interpreted as an major win for Ripple/XRP that in the end will turn out to be nothing but hot air. Glad to be wrong though, but not getting my hopes up on this one.
  5. I must admit seeing all these developments by Ripple’s competitors is not always emotionally easy. It’s only natural to feel doubt as there is indeed a lot of uncertainty regarding the future of XRP. I personally think the prospects for success are great, but the fact is, nothing is certain at this point. And facing uncertainty is one of the toughest emotional experiences. It helps tremendously to have specific investment goals that are based on rational thought, not emotions.
  6. AFAIK there is no xRapid partnered exchanges in Japan nor Thailand. Looks like another comms slip-up or they just be trolling the xrp army.
  7. Likely they are having a wee bit of fun with the fanatics who don't stop bombarding them with "wen zerp??"
  8. This is effed up situation. It's really sad to see so many people loose their investments for scumbag thieves. I'd be completely gutted if someone stole the stack I've been adding to month after month from my hard earned paycheck. I sincerely hope those ******** will be caught and the funds returned to rightful owners, however unlikely it seems. As all current evidence points to a weakness with gatehubs cybersecurity, I find their current response to the situation utterly dissatisfying.
  9. I guess these guys really made a difference.
  10. It's not half as interesting if you zoom out and see that the same happened to all the top 20 coins.
  11. This article seems to say that Flutterwave is using xRapid, but I'm not sure if it's true. https://www.equities.com/news/three-things-to-know-about-flutterwave-and-the-african-fintech-landscape
  12. This thread had so much potential, but unfortunately it seems that we won't hit 598 posts after all.
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