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  1. Can you explain why you think CSC is a scam
  2. Actually xrp will be aimed at very exotic corridors. And those are really small precentage . Like really small like 2%. And you think that will moon the price. Check yourself. The day ripple started to search different use cases for xrp i knew there will be trouble
  3. The only reason i sold is that fuckers lied to us. Brad the confidance man. He really together with Kitao, Sawyerd up our asses. Not a single thing that Brad said came to life. After the bull run they showed middle finger to xrp community and starting to act xrp is not even created by them LOL. I mean retail investors litteraly financed their company to hire all those fancy board members , and helped developed xcurrent and other bs with xrp usage nowhere in sight. We got used, promised so much and got nothing. We got Chris dumping 120mil per month on our asses, thAts what we got.
  4. Hmm hmm i wonder why big players are not loading up on xrp. Its maybe because its worthless? Looks like ari paul and likes were right and xrp cult marked them as persons of interests xD
  5. Im more on the side that bob way is just strategic move by Ripple to use him to keep the shill going under the mask that he is “former” employee lol
  6. Im into casinocoin , its like buying xrp in 2015
  7. But you guys said we need regulation. It seems we dont . Another stupid narrative
  8. Who the hell sends money from Austria to Mexico or Phi?
  9. I hope you realize that huge anker weight for adoption is Ripples 60% XRP ownership
  10. Haha q4 xRapid live and sales down. Go figure
  11. When and if we start to get real partnerships, and not this “basement” 3-4 people companys that took part in Ripples XRP accelerator program and got money on the side for “expenses” .
  12. Looks like peteris is off his medications
  13. Dont thinks so. We sitting here at 0.32 after 6 years lol. Afterall xrpthestandard is the greatest asset ever created yet its used by 3% of all Ripple customers(btw XRP is not Ripple 😂) . Why pricey dont movey why banks dont usey?
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