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  1. Total BS. /r/Ripple/ and /r/XRP - are eco chambers full of "positivity" and comforting hopium. Any word of common sense is downvoting immediately. I have no idea, why mods prefer this kind of sentiment - it is hiding the real picture and doesn't help to make any decisions.
  2. Given the current conditions, you won't have a problem with making this decision by the year 2020. FOREVER HODL
  3. I've noticed that @miguel deleted all mentions of Ripple from his twitter profile and removed the "wallpaper" with the "dawn" (yeah, it is funny, but still). He also disappeared from company staff-list (https://ripple.com/company/leadership/). I'm a bit concerned.
  4. Exactly. He deserved it. And I don't think that profit taking is the main reason of this crash.
  5. Don't like the beginning of the article: "The cryptocurrency bubble has revealed itself". And the conclusion too: "The Japanese company's surge seems simply a case of the virtual currency bubble bleeding over to the stock market -- and could portend a tumble if and when the bubble finally pops". But it's surprisingly positive about XRP itself.
  6. Ok, they don't. But somehow they know exact price figures and timeframe: $2 by the end of 2018. It's just weird.
  7. "Considering the developments and the current value of XRP, the Ripple CTO, Stefan Thomas, expects the price to reach $2.00 by the end of 2018. Stephan finds the growth reasonable due to Ripple’s initial essence, partnership with financial institutions and role in shaping the financial market, in particular, through the organization of “Swell” event. Please, do not consider it an investment recommendation and remember that cryptocurrencies are always a risky investment. So, do your best to make a considerate decision". It was here: https://blog.cex.io/cryptonews/ripple-trading-cex-io-16801 But now we can find it only here: https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:zb1aUHCX4ooJ:https://blog.cex.io/cryptonews/ripple-xrp-launch-cex-io-16801+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=en
  8. You know, I'm feeling something like that too. And that incident with "unexpected price forecast" by Stefan Thomas makes me even more suspicious. What if it was not a mistake and Ripple CTO is really sure that XRP will stay at $2 point by the end of 2018? While this huge amount of money making the market crazy and every other coin is "mooning" (sorry for this word), $2 by the end of 2018 - is a very slow pace and it looks very unnatural.
  9. It was on the site, just read the thread. Or you can find it here: https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:zb1aUHCX4ooJ:https://blog.cex.io/cryptonews/ripple-xrp-launch-cex-io-16801+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=en
  10. LAST VISITED December 9, 2015 I think we should better ask @JoelKatz or @miguel to tell CEX.IO to edit this part of the announcement. Someone can believe it and decide (not without a reason) that this statement is characterizing Ripple.
  11. The whole quotation sounds like some chitchat from Reddit. Of course Stefan could not say that. But it's weird that this new exchange started its "relations" with XRP with some lies. Why they need such an awkward pump attempt? Yeah... And then he shouted: "To the Moooon!"
  12. There is one thing, I'm worrying from this point: the Tether story, which being discussed lately. Are you sure it is a real dollar volume and not some Tether-printed fake papers?
  13. Minding all the previous "after summer" and "after autumn" vague announcements, this one doesn't mean anything. TBH now it feels like SBI won't become a kick-starter for XRP usage, despite all the expectations.
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