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  1. Alternative to Swift is alternative to Swift, competition is competition and yes it's healthy. Go Ripple.
  2. https://asia.nikkei.com/Business/Business-trends/Fintech-leaders-call-for-regulations-to-foster-a-cashless-society
  3. Interesting, it's not the same content as the Japanese one I found yesterday, and the Japanese one I found yesterday has been since modified, but I didn't keep a copy.
  4. You (and I) don't know that for sure. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-moneygram-intl-m-a-exclusive/exclusive-moneygram-exploring-options-including-potential-sale-sources-idUSKCN1PJ2GV Btw the fb coin is just another stable coin like jpm coin or stripe coin, personally I don't think it's related to ripple but I don't see it as a threat either.
  5. Another day, another crap article. These websites apart from reporting misinformed facts, when not straight out lies, often have an agenda. If they see a big transfer and they want to be pump oh boy it must be a big partner buying, if not oh it must be ripple flooding the market. But looks like you're used to post similar crap https://www.xrpchat.com/topic/31725-ripple-exchange-wallet-carries-out-over-9-billion-xrp-transactions-between-wallets/
  6. What tells you regulatory environment is clear for jpm coin, I haven't see any bank use this thing.
  7. What people don't understand is they don't need to use XRP directly themselves, but in fact still use XRP through Multi-hop. That's probably what is happening as the regulatory environment is not defined yet. And the statement regarding using XRP for JPY to THB is highly specific. http://www.thexrpnews.com/xrp/a/5151/ https://ripple.com/insights/siam-commercial-bank-pioneers-ripplenets-multi-hop-feature/
  8. I remember the author, Dalmas Ngetich that's one of the authors who wrote a fake article about the central bank misquote last month, ahah https://mobile.twitter.com/sopnendu/status/1124386444741468160
  9. Be happy Anton, you'll be able to recover your precious 20 XRP Kudos for Mr.Bougalis
  10. That was nice talking to you but spreading lies is just no ok for me. Over and out.
  11. Validators aren't making any profit, you don't have to search. Obviously he doesn't know how the network works.
  12. That's the most ridiculous thing I've heard, you know that when I started wallet reserve was much higher than it is now, as far as I remember it was lowered twice. MemberBerry I wonder what you're doing here sometime, no wonder you got kicked (but look you're back) when you started to litteraly lose your mind last time. By the way, D.Schwartz also proposed a feature to do what you're talking about: Anton if you talk about "ponzi" don't except people to take you seriously or respect you...
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