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  1. https://ripple.com/insights/accelerating-financial-inclusion-through-technology/
  2. https://hackernoon.com/ripple-is-orders-of-magnitude-better-than-swift-gpi-and-correspondent-banking-protocols-1s8k34sk
  3. The article is interesting, just not the comment from this "analyst"
  4. Make you wonder how stupid these analysts are, $0.17 to $0.31 is 14.2% up? ok.
  5. https://ripple.com/insights/issuing-stablecoins-on-the-xrp-ledger/
  6. https://blog.flare.xyz/ftso-a-breakdown/
  7. Of course she can't speak about Ripple specifically, but even in the main source article it says:
  8. Doing it now would surely be a bad move, but when the time is right? Is Brad such a good leader? Is he the visionary that Ripple needs?
  9. They can list the coins they want, no one can force them to list a coin. And they'll eventually resume trading at some point anyway.
  10. https://ripple.com/insights/partnership-interoperability-and-neutral-bridge-currencies-key-to-cbdc-success/
  11. It's a little doom and gloom here lately, we're far from that situation but yeah it's an interesting topic of dicussion I suppose. You might wanna check joelkatz history on twitter he has probably discussed this topic in the past.
  12. Sharks smelling the blood, keep them coming, I'm ready and I'm certain Ripple is too.
  13. Btw, it's only for DLC composition fund (they had to because of Genesis Trading), so far Grayscale XRP Trust remains unaffected. https://www.theblockcrypto.com/linked/90098/grayscale-removes-xrp-from-digital-large-cap-fund
  14. You're talking about Wieste but I don't see any url on the topic, can you enlighten me ?
  15. no no no, lot of those exchanges only block us customers.
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