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  1. large size orders being sold on polo. heres 10 million xrp being traded for 700 btc. its all the time. poor guy above him wanting to sell his 2 xrp
  2. nice very thought out response. maybe he should call it arrington bitcoin capitol that recieves xrp for funding and xrp for payouts fund. to long? abcxrpfund
  3. whats the purpose of holding a majority of btc. he had to convert all that xrp that people deposited to btc ?? if xrp is so valuable why trade it for btc. btw im a large holder xrp. not fudding
  4. i as the original poster gave no info, its a picture. one of your fanboys did that. removing the pic was a mellenial move for sure. cant handle the truth
  5. look at the last time xrp/btc was at 7030. big drop off what misinfo. your trying to hide the truth
  6. $4,500,000 or 700 btc is what he got. makes it more real than thinking about it like it was only 0.45 cents
  7. i didn't know until recently that arrington xrp capitol holds more bitcoin than xrp. kind of a misnomer calling it a xrp fund. just something to think about
  8. you seem like a good guy, maybe never burned by a penny stock. joel admitted this might be a security in november. selling unregistered securities a felony. seeing a guy dump out and collect $5mil usd or 700 bitcoins is telling. it took 4 hours to fill. wasnt fun to watch. just use your head. dumb losers was a joke, although not funny
  9. you should stay out of a conversation that didnt concern you. go make jokes somewhere else. people want to invest here and try not to lose money
  10. a pic of a 10 mil xrp dump. is that evidence enough? these guys said back in November this might be a security. check joel kats posts
  11. you're easily confused. check the word institutional . now go away. millennial
  12. dont expect any new money at this point .especially institutions . btw this was for newbies thinking about getting in. not you, the master trader and speller
  13. thats exactly what im talking about, deflect and i dont care if you take me seriously . its a picture
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