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  1. there is real Value on XRP...we need just wait to come up.. Buy&Hold friends
  2. workaround: try to change to another conversion currency and then to come back to the original one (i.e.: XRP -->USD --> XRP ---> EUR --> XRP --> USD)
  3. Massimo Proverbio, the author of the document has left Accenture to join in January 2018, INTESA SANPAOLO and now is Chief IT, Digital and Innovation Officer.
  4. Today, the total cryptocurrency market cap amount is c.a 166,000 million $ [source coinmarketcap.com]. If only XRP existed it would mean that the new XRP price would have been c.a 4,1 $ in case you consider the whole circulating supply, 1,6$ in case you consider the total XRP’s volume. At these prices only few XPR holders [<<1% of total accounts : source XRP Stats https://ledger.exposed/rich-stats] can be considered millionaires. Conclusion: to go to the moon we need fresh investing capitals at least 10 times more than the current total market capitalization. Action: Buy & hodl & ….wait.
  5. At the end, Banks..dying of exhaustion.. will adopt it... BUY & HOLD guys!
  6. yeees @XRP_Godzilla you got it! HODL FOREVER should be your mantra to avoid any click on "SELL" during a panic mood.
  7. ..Of course you are an imperishable holder..aren't you?
  8. Sorry for your FOMO JustinS... probably due to a misleading post.. I just sent you an invitation..
  9. ..of course she is a Bitcoin's supporter and the people/investors know what is behind this kind of articles... I would not care so much..
  10. sorry, but I wouldn't trust any closed source service.
  11. Yes! what I need too in term of functionalities but I wonder if there is a open source version more distributed and transparent (i.e. like minimalist client).
  12. @Ctrl-Z (me too) is asking if an "easy" tool exists to enable escrow facilities for people w/o any confidence with coding. That's it.
  13. Another extraordinary year is gone.. rich of Fud but terrific growth too. Now, in a Buy & Hodling mood, I want to call you to vote for the Best 2017 FUDBuster. And the winner is...(Who?)
  14. @Sukrim sorry and sorry again... pls Help you @Kakoyla
  15. I suppose that you can have more effective feedback and suggestions contacting directly the Domain counterpart using https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/validators (*Domain link)... but, I'm not a tech guy too and I can be wrong..
  16. Hi @Kakoyla if I understood you are evaluate the opportunity (cost/benefit) to setup a new Ripple peer-to-peer server on the cloud, aren't you? I think that here, very few people can answer to your poll..sorry
  17. https://news.crunchbase.com/news/bitcoins-slipping-crypto-dominance/?utm_source=cb_weekend&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20170106&utm_content=sub-hero&utm_term=image_ripple
  18. Thanks @automatic for the great post! Join the BUY&HODL Club!
  19. We need to build up a special team of FUDBUSTERS..
  20. For example, If you take a look to the "pain" of Paul Dwyer CEO of Viamericas one of the most important Ripple's customer...
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