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  1. which institution are we expecting to buy xrp from SBI VC?
  2. but the article said: he declined, however, to say whether it would buy its supply of XRP on the open market or receive it from Ripple. doesn't it make a difference if xrp is bought from the open market it? if its bought from ripple it won't increase in price right? or am I wrong?
  3. guys is it live and in use or commercial available? there is contradictory information
  4. What do you guys think? He claims that he's a startup and they invited him. He also says he's not sure whether the xrp announcement will be made today or tomorrow.
  5. does that mean xrapid is gonna be in production august 20?
  6. There are lots of business ventures I want to dwell in after uni and xrp will allow me to sustain myself for a few years and invest in the businesses I want to pursue, rather than jumping into a job (lawyer) and never getting out of it.
  7. When asked why the sale of xrp dropped David responded: It's probably a combination of factors including a drop in price, a drop in volume, our programmatic sales covering a smaller fraction of the exchange volume, and us keeping a low sales level.
  8. What's everyone's take? And how come sales dropped?
  9. I dont think its wrong to capitalise but I just dont like that they dont have any unique input they simply re-state what's written here or on twitter or reddit. none of them are really good the only one I like is susie she's dope.
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