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  1. Thanks Matt, great read. Very intriguing.
  2. Article written by 'Rogue Trader' too. So reliable nobody will put their name to it. Hopefully there is some truth behind this, as it is as bullish an article as it comes.
  3. Same as many here, I accumulated prior to last year's run, kept holding watching the profits dwindled to just above zero. Came away with nothing to show in terms of fiat, but still the stack was intact. Spent this year accumulating a smaller short term stack. Intending to cash out all of it when the downturn comes after this bull run. Just to have a little comfort to assist in future holding of the main stack (all going well!).
  4. It takes a little longer to get verified but, yes, I only have a standard account and have crypto functionality.
  5. I'm doing the very same. It's great. Using a 4x multiplier since around June. You literally do not notice that you're buying it, apart from the fact that the app buzzes in your pocket instantly with every transaction. Great little method of topping up the zerps! Constantly picking up 10-15 XRP at a time.
  6. "hundreds of banks, payment providers, remittance companies, not just in experimentation mode but full production mode" Love the pluralization of hundred!
  7. Could this sudden drop off be due to testing with xRapid?
  8. It certainly reads as running total. Can somebody enlighten us?
  9. With several known Ripple clients involved, does this sound like a Codius/derivatives trial use? "Eight major European financial entities have announced they will work together on a blockchain tech project for recording the issuance of financial warrants, Spanish news outlet el Economista reports today, June 25. Spanish securities regulator the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV), along with major stock market operator BME, and banks Santander, BBVA, BNP Paribas, CaixaBank, Commerzbank and Société Générale have “successfully” completed a Proof-of-Concept, which they call Fast Track Listing. The system was created to register the issuance of warrants in under 48 hours, a process that usually takes more than a week, according to their statement also released today. Warrants are defined as derivatives that give the right to sell a security at a certain price before the expiry date." https://cointelegraph.com/news/major-european-regulator-banks-collaborate-on-blockchain-warrant-issuance-system
  10. I had stopped buying last year but the Vaults feature on Revolut has got me buying small amounts again. Every time I make a purchase on my card, it converts the loose change (i.e. rounds up to the nearest Euro) into XRP and stores it in a savings account, which is pretty clever! You can add a multiplier to this (2x, 3x, 4x, 5x or 10x). So constantly topping up in micro amounts! Hopefully they will add a crypto deposit/withdrawal feature soon!
  11. I wonder if all Zerpers closed their accounts in rapid succession would they start to worry a little!? Seriously considering getting rid of mine.
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