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  1. I was only using one exchange that i was very comfortable with the trading platform and they are now suspending the trading of XRP (#Kraken).
  2. and where will we find them? On the ether wallet we set up?
  3. now that we have the message key confirmed. and XRPSCAN shows the Flare balance to be slightly higher than the XRP holding at the time of the snam shot.....when and where can we see or use the $FLR token?
  4. Thats not what I am talking about......as far as you the employee, you'd see no change. The significant impact is that your employer could send funds the day of payday instead of 3-5 days earlier.
  5. those post were 3 years ago. he bought $100 worth at that time and got 500 tokens......during the early days he saw his 500 xrp rise in value to almost $1940.....but now we are back at his initial investment, never heard if he cashed out at the All Time High (ATH) but if he did....he did well. I however did not.....I am still holding and waiting since early 2017and also personally think XRP is undervalued.
  6. Ripple solves a settlement issue....You bank does not give you your funds until they settle from your employer. The employer sends funds over on Monday or Tuesday so they settle and are available for you by Friday. Some companies pay on Wednesday, which means those companies start the transfer on the Friday before the Wednesday. Reality is the time to settle/true is days in our current financial structure.... Ripple allows for settlement in Seconds, not days. So your company can choose to pay you sooner of hold their money longer.
  7. So it has to be somebody that hates "Ripple"like.... raJEDe <- Six letters end with e - Did I win?
  8. I agree and do not think this...mine was a cynical question. In no way do I think this company would risk the fallout associated with manipulating the market. That RISK would be far to great to mess around.
  9. Yes, US. Ripple is a US based company. Majority of central banks leverage the US Dollar. The world is watch to see if the US Dollar will continue to be the core of the global banking landscape. China is aggressively working to change this and it is Regulation that will ignite the Crypto industry. Recently a conservative friend of mine told me he will never touch crypto, ever. He called if fake internet money made up out of thin air. He also told me that same thing about online discount brokerage trading platforms like e-trade years ago. I say E-trade because he felt he could not hold the paper and own a part of something with proof in hand. Today he only trades with his broker via online mechanisms and never holds a piece of paper. It will take time but the world will follow. Seems like yesterday I sent my very first electronic message that took 2 days to get from South Florida to Southern California for free through a series of relayed messaging services on BBS (Bulletin Board Services) using my Commodore 64 Computer. Friends laughed and said it would never replace the USPS. "To Slow" " the network does not exist" "everyone one is not on the system", "technology is not good for most people", and the list of reasons went on and on....I however believed and launched a successful career in technology and laughed at them quietly under my breath. I see this technology building strong and with the lessons of the dot com bubble it seems to be growing in a healthy way. I am aligned with @Ripple and their vision for IoV just as much as I was in the early 80's and the internet and e-mail.
  10. Guys, its very simple...... Brad uses the analogy that its faster and often cheaper to put the money in a suitcase and fly it to your destination. Do the math on a $10M transfer and you will see. And if you think Banks would not do this to save and make more money you are WRONG. However, due to regulations its not legal to do this, and banks tend to be very conservative when it comes to regulation. When regulation is completed, banks will jump on this technology so fast many will be shocked. And which crypto is strategically aligning with regulators and banks??.....yep.....XRP through @Ripple The Bitcoin folks are truly anti-regulation at the core...but when regulation finally gains global acceptance people will flock to the asset that has so cleverly aligned with regulators. DYOR and you might come to the same conclusion.... I did with amazing detail on the coming global regulation race. China vs. US, vs. all the others. It is a race that the US does not want to lose.
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