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  1. Look at the example of Beta tapes vs VHS tapes. In this example, Beta was first and much better (XRP). However it was tightly controlled and very costly. Many studios and production did adopt it. But VHS was mass produced, cheaper, and captured the movie industry. It was however a lower quality solution than Beta. First to market with a cheap fast solution does not have to be the best. The Ripple team has a job in front of them and they must move as fast and strategic as possible.
  2. I like this picture... it cost me about $100 dollars.... parking, gas mileage, etc
  3. But without an appointment could not go up for a photo op... bummed!
  4. So if this is true.....then all other xRapid possibilities of the past...since xRapid was launched were all just rumors? So is this real or can we confirm that the "First xRapid" transaction just occurred?
  5. All the General Public needs to do is a little research. They would find excellent comments and feedback from credible sources like Christine Lagarde of the IMF. Speakers with history at the IMF, SEC, United Nations etc. Not to mention, Yoshitaka Kitao of SBI and his vision and direction. Here is my only real dark area that I hope for answers soon.....with all the reported partnerships and activity when will the volume show up? Not seeing any real volume at this stage makes me wonder when the volume shows up from xRapid / XRP use. This true volume would shut a lot of nay sayers up.
  6. I just found a girl with an XRP tattoo
  7. Question remains....... When?
  8. I am so impressed on what this can do I made a video!!!!! My friends are going to love this.....they can use this without even trying....and turns out one of my friends had XRP tips and had no clue.
  9. On Ripple.com they have great charts.... -> https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/xrp-markets However, I do not see any Coinbase activity.... or is Coinone another name for coinbase???
  10. I wish we'd see this for larger corporations and not just a small business story.
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