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  1. Moving my XRP from exchanges to hard wallets on a routine basis as I try and make regular purchases weekly is FAST. I just moved my Bitcoin to a new hard-wallet and MAN! I hate that wait, it took it almost 45 minutes to show up. Talk about nervous...caused me to check, and recheck everything over and over.
  2. And they will. and Unless the other country focuses and build fast to take a substantial lead in regulation and tax benefits for both business and consumers, America will catch up and retain its place as the global financial leader.
  3. Let another country start leading in the world of Finance and specifically FINTECH......whats what happens in the USA. Hang on folks Sh!ts about to get real. And real fast too.
  4. I personally do not care if you keep or sell your XRP. In fact, I think if you are on the fence and looking to this forum for answers you are not DYOR as much as you should. Those that Do Their Own Research can and do make intelligent decisions based on their personal investment profile. For me......I will HODL because I Did My OWN Research.
  5. very old.....XRP has not been number 2 for some time. Although if you ask some members XRP is a "Number 2".....
  6. Anger is caused by unmet expectations. The problem is that many have developed an expectation of a moonshot in a short period of time. Some will recast their expectations and when those too are missed time and time again, ANGER can set in..... The trick is to remove a timeline from your expectations. or push it out to a far an away place. Then disconnect and check back at a later date. Good luck TINY.....stay strong!
  7. When ready (about 2 weeks), Ripple will post the 2019 Q2 Report here -> https://ripple.com/insights/q2-2019-xrp-markets-report/ Anyone here care to take a shot at what we will see in this report? Any bomb shells? Prediction on price 24 hours after posted?
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