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  1. I wouldn't this always makes it fun when they FUDsters are proven wrong.
  2. itcdominic

    Private ledger debate

    I'm a hold long and heavy kinda guy when it comes to XRP.... I'm pro XRP, and strongly believe in this leadership team at Ripple. I am saying this because I know that the community can be harsh when an individual wants to know more are simply needs clarification. Here is what I seem to have learned over the last week with various post and videos from Ripple's CEO and others: 1. There is a Private Ledger where companies can use XRP as a DA and use it between others that are on the Private Ledger. 2. Activities on this Private Ledger are Private and Activity using XRP are not tracked. are are not reflected in the daily volumes. 3. These Private Ledgers can set their own cost for transactions or even have them at a zero cost. 4. The DA XRP would have to be brought back to XRPL to validate against the public ledger. But this does not prevent volumes of activity from happening off the public ledger and hidden from public volume reporting. SO.....here is my question: If everyone is stating the volume will drive price, then how do we feel about what might become hidden volume/activity between banks and its impact or lack thereof on price?
  3. The real people in the know about all things XRP and Ripple must laugh their asses off at all the connecting of the dots. Oh look, Brad Garlinghouse is wearing an orange tie, This must mean that they will turn on the XRP flow with xRapid when oranges start blooming this summer!! WooHoo Moon....oh wait, I see hes wearing blue socks, Anyone have an idea what this means, could it be the next Blue moon which will be in June? MOON!!!!! that's it....LOL.......it totally enjoy watching all the crazy thoughts and comments. Ya'll crazy. but I will wait for moon. #HODL
  4. We need an XRP outlook Plugin....send and receive cash
  5. I'm a fan of the exotic dancers performing with a screen on each side with their QE code prominently displayed. This allows patrons to send a tip electronically from their seat for a well done performance.
  6. itcdominic

    Smells like its close to Ripple

    Doesn't sound like Ripple to me.....more like competition with Stablecoin. Thoughts?
  7. LOL...I feel your pain......I just go with UTC....its the same for everyone.
  8. Also it is 9pm UTC (or Universal Time Coordinated)
  9. That's why i listed it as 3PM central time...then you could at lease calculate that. The generic 9pm tonight means nothing. Nice thing is if you go to the link it will show you a countdown to the live event.
  10. 3PM Central if this helps folks
  11. itcdominic

    Kurt the Cyberguy on Fox New and Tipping

    maybe if we all sent him .0005 XRP each ping would send the message that he needs to promote XRP and he'll get more tips. LOL
  12. itcdominic

    Kurt the Cyberguy on Fox New and Tipping

    Yep he is Kurt Knutsson and is a Fox Contributor with a segment that he does called Kurt the Cyberguy. https://twitter.com/cyberguy
  13. This morning Fox new had a segment on about Tipping led by Kurt the Cyberguy. It included some basic info about tip options including a QR code scan app for Tip Genie. I instead sent him a tweet outling a Crypto Option using @xrptipbot and of course tipped him 1 XRP..... I'd Love it if everyone that reads this and uses twitter to follow me and retweet that post....it would be awesome if we could get some exposure on twitter that would eventually lead to a segment on Fox news that reaches 8 million viewers every morning. My twitter handle is of course ----------- itcdominic
  14. Come on people......lets make the XRP community a great place. We all (well almost all except for FUDsters) have a common interest in XRP and it continued success. I for one like hearing both sides of everyone opinion as it helps me to further my own research. I do not however like some of the childish ways we respond to each other on topics for which we have a different opinion. Just my 2 cents