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  1. More about clarity. A firm stand on the SEC's opinion would remove uncertainty from the banking crowd.
  2. Ripple's approach is World Class and world leaders and governments are involved. Banks and regulators are involved. The US has dominated the world currency for years and this position will continue to be guarded / protected by whatever means are necessary. The SEC will eventually chime in but only when all the stars are aligned and everything is in place and ready to launch. My personal opinion of course, but I believe we are 18 months out from the average person being able to see all the connections in a public way. For now its just us dreamers drawing our own conclusions based on rumors and breadcrumbs. Those if us crazy enough to hold on might eventually be right and then the risk would have been worth it. We could also be wrong. I'm done with listening to FUD, I am now just continuing to accumulate and watch and read as much as I can to learn about banking, regulation, blockchain, Ripple, and I will also just HODL.
  3. I think part of the XRP Eco system and the xRapid infrastructure includes a Certification process for exchanges to be xRapid Certified / Licensed. Regulation is the one missing link in many pieces of the bigger puzzle.
  4. Well I checked out Line......Like it better than Facebook and now have my family on Line also. Great app
  5. How do we know this is actual xRapid volume? And would this be all xRapid volume?
  6. Somebody out there has deployed / implemented a Ripple solution. Where are these people? anyone what to chime in? How was the deployment? How was Ripples support? How long did QA testing take? What were your success factors? Come on...we know you are out there.
  7. I don't think so, the businesses that will be affected by foreign competition are pushing hard for clarity in regulations.
  8. I would love to see the over-all communities thoughts on this. My personal opinion is that YES the USA could be doing more to drive/support the XRP echo-system. @Ripplecould be more vocal and drive greater PR for XRP........BUT, I think their current approach is "By Design"...... I truly feel that we are rapidly approaching the tipping point when all hell breaks loose and XRP gets the global attention in an explosive way. This could be regulation, could be high profile adoption, could be ????? But I am thankful its still at a bargain as I continue to fill my bags.
  9. To make this simple..... 1 millionth is the portion of the whole for example if you cut an Apple in to 1 million even pieces then 1 piece of that would be 1 Millionth. if you took 100 pieces you would have 100 millionth (yes more) If you took a same sized apple and cut it into a billion pieces (yes that would be very small - even smaller than 1 millionth) then 1 billionth would be smaller that 100 billionth. So 1 millionth IS larger that 1 Billionth
  10. Y'alls math teachers would be saying......" See I told you that you will need this SH*T someday."
  11. My nephew is a game coder that received his degree / certification from Full Sail in Orlando.... Maybe @Rippleshould target market toward the new game coders/developers.
  12. Maybe it would be will served for Ripple to have a hosted / controlled forum all about Ripple, xRapid, and yes XRP....i get the whole separation. However, they have a product that is widely reported to use XRP. Why now an official forum?
  13. Dumb question. What does Ripple have to lose if they release true details of xRAPID / XRP success (if it does truly exist as its been suggested). Would Ripple (the company) have much to gain? why not release/disclose news that would prove it and sky-rocket the price? Someone mentioned that it needs to stay reasonably priced....but isn't that just a relevant number based on time/value? If A bank needs to send $10,000 USD to MX - PESO's if its valued at .27 Cents they would need 37037 XRP - if XRP is valued at $100 each the bank just need 100 XRP. the big winner would be Ripple the company that owns the most XRP. So why not release news that makes your asset more valuable? Unless there is no news??? can anyone tell me a reason why Ripple would not want to release XRP facts and good news?
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