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  1. Wait.....what?..... no bikini gifs?
  2. I could debate either side of XRP Pro or Con...and sometimes do. I can do this intelligently BECAUSE I truly seek out to learn and understand both sides.
  3. I think this was confirmed when she forgot to switch accounts when responding one day
  4. I'm with you....I am a HODL'er with a comfortable bag of my XRP's. I don't invest enough to care if it hits zero. I also discount the over-the-top fanboys and there overly optimistic its always good approach. I have speculative monies and know that should it "hit".....I will benefit. Speculative means risk, I accept the risk as a trade for the potential reward. I am not excited about 10cents or even 20cents. For the amount of money I have in the bag my hope is that the reward far outweighs that risk. I'm still having fun and enjoy the excitement.....but hate all the drama this chat forum produces.
  5. They should rename this site from XRPChat to XRPDrama. I need popcorn.
  6. kinda looks like this after I fixed it.....this is based on a $17000 initial XRP purchase today at .39Cents. NOT Investment advise.....just playing with numbers.
  7. take 8% and compound it annually....over 5 years then again over 10
  8. Care to make an informed guess at what you think XRP will be valued at in 10 years? And for the record, everyone should do their own research (DYOR).....just curious to get your take on that 5year number and the 10 year number.
  9. I just worry because is 2018 prediction of EoY $10 fell flatter than a pancake.
  10. Step 1. - Visit www.coinmarketcap.com Step 2. - Sort by circulating supply Step 3. - Observe how much higher XRP is than other tokens with similar circulating supply. The closest runner up is Stellar. Circulating supply matters A LOT!
  11. yep....rocks in the early days has utility value, skins, etc.....these non technical folks that doubt that XRP can be a currency with legitimacy is beyond absurd. In todays world, people get direct deposit from work, then auto pay bills, and use a small chip on a plastic card to spend....all while never seeing the cash that it "represents"....reality is, I don't care if I get paid from work in chickens as long as chickens have value, and I can use a convenient method to send and receive with my local places of business with-out carrying around chickens....I see no difference. I work I get paid and I spend...often go MONTHS without every seeing or using cash.
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