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  1. Pennies at a time...cant understand why this is worth it to anyone????
  2. You might be confusing retail traffic for ODL traffic....https://utility-scan.com/#/dashboard
  3. I think you are correct. According to the site who's link I attached it looks like we have net even hit $3M yet https://utility-scan.com/#/dashboard
  4. This is the big plan in my opinion. Transfer money... Digital Yen...to Digital USD......XRP is the transfer middle man
  5. But why? Tell me on what planet does this make sense?
  6. Wow....there has to be a real reason for this. Dumb question... Yes I feel like this is a safe place to ask a dumb question.... Could the BTC be used on the XRPL for crossboarder payments (utilizing BTC instead of XRP and just burn XRP for the fee of transport?)
  7. I agree with you. The current CORE Crypto Crowd (C3v1) hates XRP and Ripple.....however there is a new Crypto Crowd Coming (C3v2).....and with true research and openmind will love XRP and RIPPLE.....lets see what happens then.
  8. Truth is.....the story has a strong element of truth.....I wont say who is who.....or how much he liquidated at the time (real world) but friend B holding XRP did not sell....Friend A sold 25% +/- on the way up and 30% +/- at the top......and still has more value in his holding than the XRP holder.
  9. In early April 2017 two co-workers are discussing buying into Bitcoin and learning exactly how to do that. The activity included reading about exchanges and other ways to purchase crypto. The two agreed to each use $2000 and buy in. Options included Bitcoin, OpenCoin, AntShares and others. On April 23, 2017, each chose a different path. One purchased AntShares at .17cents each and the other purchased more OpenCoin at only .03Cents each. Both are ahead of the game have not sold at the ATH but instead holding onto the asset they believed would do even more. Fast forward to today. Both friends still talk. AntShares became "NEO" and OpenShares became XRP. the individual that purchased $2000 worth of NEO is now excited to see his asset sitting at $12.68 and he hates XRP and glad he did not purchase. The other friend is in the green but he is sitting on the asset at only .27cents today, and defends XRP along with all the XRPArmy but is frustrated that this XRP utility token is sitting so low. Yes he's in the green and not sitting at a loss at all, and has heard all the people make fun of him over thoughts of greed for wanting more....but that decision almost 3 years ago has not advanced to the level he thought it would. *** What about Bitcoin you ask??? NEO purchased on 4/23/2017 is still ahead of the same $$$ purchased for BTC. NEO friend is still winning.
  10. As @Ripple has transitioned its language for XRP's xRapid to On Demand Liquidity or ODL, I have searched for the best ways to monitor ODL and specifically liquidity. This is the closest I have found to date: https://www.livecoinwatch.com/ My surprise is that I would have thought that the fine folks at Ripple would have tied this new marketing campaign to a much stronger liquidity position than struggling between 4th and 5th place. Third place Ethereum is 3 times as liquid but less than twice the market cap. The saving grace for me is the logic might be to draw attention so that the few of us that are glued to screens to monitor the growth in success of XRP can actually watch the rise to success in real time. Thoughts?
  11. ****Tin Foil hat warning**** How do you know they are not part of the "Hold it down till we are ready to flip the switch" team?
  12. Was not aware of this site......i like it better than CMC
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