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  1. 1 million time would equal $20 not sure that the time it would take to do this would be worth it.
  2. see the scam details above.....it seems that for .000088 they sent you they get to add a memo. Think of this like the cost of junkmail postage. the memo provides instructions that if followed would scam you....DO NOT FOLLOW THE MEMO instructions...the memo was sent by scammers to get you to visit a fake site hoping you will give them your secret key so that they can then steal your XRP...DO NOT DO IT.
  3. OK, I see that now....I normally never look at the memos because its always me to me..... I moved most of my funds off that wallet to another wallet just in case.
  4. I randomly received .000088 XRP and I see that others have too.....how can this be a scam?
  5. I'm just glad to see that the top groups of holders are continuing to grow their bags.....I like that smart people seem to be quietly accumulating more and more XRP. This is a great chart that shows that that on top (yes some are exchanges but many are individuals)......continue to buy more, and more, and more.
  6. "Mobbed"...love it and you are absolutely correct.....its hated by that group....they can't mine it so they make up every excuse they can to hate it. Those excuses have become the battle cry for the misinformed.
  7. I saw a post that hinted that it was unclear as to why XRP was ever opened up to the general public (I'm thankful it was). My feeling are that Ripple and XRP depended on the Public in the early days of liquidity adoption. This proved and tested the system. The maturing of the ODL platform I think will eventually be fully supported by FI's, Banks, Remittance providers. The public will play a very, very small role. I feel very thankful that I got in early to a space that institutions will need and want what I have acquired over time below $1 Personally, I think its not if....... but WHEN the switch will be flipped.
  8. https://ripple.com/insights/the-growing-remittance-market-in-asia-pacific-2020-global-payment-opportunities/
  9. I agree, but many of us had said the exact same think about a remittance company (MoneyGram). Now the best thing @Ripple could do is drive that partnership to wild success.....then when banks see what not using Ripple's solution my lead to...you will then see a lot of "Can beat them.....Join them" thinking. Let Ripple start hinting at a Banking acquisition and it will create huge visibility with the industry and regulators. With this said, I also think that it is not in the best interest of Ripple and XRP to to buy into the banking industry. My best thought is for Ripple to create a Co-Op (think SWIFT).....or allow the IMF/WORLD bank to drive the replacement of Nostro/Vostro with ODL system using XRP via RIPPLE.
  10. No we won't (Tinfoil Hat warning!!!) - I think this is all part of a unified strategy.
  11. https://uslawessentials.com/what-happens-after-motion-dismiss-filed/
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