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  1. Nor do I. I would much prefer an announcement that BOA is officially using XRP for Settlement on the Ripplenet with Ripple technology. A purchase of Ripple by BoA would kill the overall business plan of Ripple to be the bridge asset for the world.
  2. I know...me too, My response was kinda tongue in cheek. I wish the forum had more healthy involvement from a wider group.
  3. Kinda harsh....even if miss understood. I simply wanted others to know who actually did create it.
  4. TLDR - However I think this is by design......(Tinfoil hat)......its plans within plans.
  5. Smart money seems to be quietly and slowly accumulating. I think to not bring attention to accumulation by players that would trigger a rapid surge in price. Time will tell.
  6. I think Ledger exposed was created by Wietse Wind - https://ledger.exposed/rich-stats
  7. I think they show 24 hours of activity. The corridors will and do drop-off if no activity within 24 hours.
  8. I tweeted this last night because I was excited to see 12 corridors
  9. I have come to realize that people are HUNGRY for XRP news and info and due to a lack of reliable sources settle for things like CRAP-Coin-NEWS sites or XRPChat (no offense).... but I would love to get great sources if trustworthy info. Here is what I have so far: www.ripple.com - both news and insight - This is truly my Go-To to hear it first from the horses mouth. Regulation.gov - I use the search to find any new info in Crypto, Currency, and digital asset as search words. I scan known partners, and announced customers sites and regularly do search on XRP or Ripple as key words like https://newsroom.bankofamerica.com/press-releases and others. I signed up for Google Alerts (https://www.google.com/alerts) and set my key alert words up as - XRP, Ripple, SEC regulation + Crypto, Digital Asset, etc Sadly I also use www.twitter.com and follow Ripple, SBI, Bank of America, so I would get any alerts that might include Ripple or XRP I will not buy into any "NEWS Site" that has "Coin" in the sight address.....these mostly seem to be click-bait traffic hungry sites with no real reporting. I will not follow YouTubers and thir quest for subscribers. So with that said, what are some great reliable sources for: The court cases? New customers? Government or SEC news Congressional bills or laws? What else you got?
  10. There are 2 interesting things to me. First - If you watch and study ODL tracking at -> https://utility-scan.com/#/dashboard you will see that very rarely are transaction greater than $X (what I mean is that you can see a trend and its currently $29K and those transactions are fairly consistent). It was as high as $50K but that was very short lived. Its normally running at $9-10K but as in today its not unusual to see every 3-4th transaction at $29K. Why not random number all over the place? Is than an in-place limit based on daily LIQUIDITY? Second - The large transactions ($29K) seems to always happen in pairs. They seem to always be a few minutes apart and slight different in the number of XRP but close. Always the same originating and destination location. Almost as if transmissions have to be split in half then sent. Anyone else see this?
  11. Yea, I am tracking it here: https://utility-scan.com/#/dashboard
  12. My personal opinion is that worst case would be that XRP was, but no longer is a security and then be hit with a FINE. There is an SEC letter of clarity that introduced a reality that a Crypto could start as a security and then become NOT a security. I believe that this would be the worse case and this would be behind us all. But this is my opinion only.
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