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  1. Starting at the Ripple portion, but the whole video is a decent watch.
  2. Don't get sucked into the pump. It just goes to show that crypto markets are fundamentally broken right now. The legitimate positive forward looking news did nothing for the price, but our CEO going on TV with the Coinbase president is moving the needle.
  3. Crashing. Tell that to the people that bought at $1.90 earlier in the week.
  4. Coinmarketcap is broken for XRP prices on Korean exchanges. Its pulling the average way higher than it actually is.
  5. Lead dev of Verge waited until NYE to implement and test code and delivered buggy software after his own deadline. Serious questions as to whether or not it even does what they claim. All this after getting surly with people on Twitter for questioning his ability to deliver. What a pro!
  6. Crypto Investor pooping in Raiblocks: Pretty valid criticism I think considering the pump that is going on now.
  7. SWIFT is horse and carriage. Ripple is building railroad tracks and telling FIs they're free to use their rail carts on it for now but Ripple has a locomotive (XRP) waiting when they're ready. The rail cart is an upgrade over horse and carriage but if one competitor signs up for the locomotive how long do you think it takes for XRP to become widely adopted?
  8. I'll have to go digging for it but I came across an interesting redditor with more technical knowledge than myself bringing their scalability claims into question.
  9. Hoping we get a little bump on BTC buying power relative to XRP soon. I want more.
  10. How soon do you guys think we can expect exchanges (other than Shapeshift and Changelly) to offer more XRP trading pairs for alt coins? I am tired of having to use ETH and BTC.
  11. You made the right move. I left my small stake in until the final deadline passed and then some, just because I already had a huge profit and figured why not? What they've released so far is unpolished garbage. Missing their own deadline hurt their credibility, but really the quality of the product and the fact that it looks like they waited until the last day to do any real work tells me how amateurish the whole team is. No real software dev would do this. If they're still working on basic UI bugs, how could anyone trust the product to be anonymous and without exploits? Anyway, I took my profits and I'm happy to get back to investing in coins with strong fundamentals.
  12. Looking at the commits and the travis status updates going on right now, it looks like if anything is released its going to be rushed crap at best.
  13. This guy does some pretty good crypto videos, although I wish he would talk less about Bitcoin.
  14. This is getting crazy. It's either going to be a massive moonshot or a colossal failure. You have this XVGWhale guy on Twitter acting as the de facto marketing arm of Verge proclaiming that their big tech unveil (Wraith) is definitely coming before January 1. At this point it doesn't matter if he's not officially part of the Verge team, because he has posted photos of his interactions with the lead dev and Verge Official has done nothing to disavow anything he has said to date. I see three possible outcomes: Wraith doesn't get released and this fiasco is revealed to be one of the most publicized and coordinated pump and dumps in crypto. XVGWhale, John McAfee, and the entire Verge team might have to go into witness protection with their millions. Wraith gets released and it's everything that was promised: a well put together platform of Shadow Cash remnants, encrypted chat, atomic swaps, etc. XVG moons. Wraith gets released and it's a poorly cobbled together platform of old open source pieces. XVG moons short term, comes back down to earth when the reviews come out, but doesn't outright tank because they sort of follow through on their big promise and their Hodlers are fanatical enough on social media.
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