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  1. youngm

    Hi! I'm Bob

    Wow. Just WOW! I have to re-read most of this because I binge-read all of it. Thank you, @BobWay for your insights! Thanks @JoelKatz for your input and feedback. Thanks to the community. This is great stuff.
  2. Hi all, I’m not sure if this is even a valid concern as I don’t yet know the full details of how codius smart contracts get invoked/executed, so forgive the ignorance. Has anyone discussed possible liability issues with regard to “anonymous” code/programs running within the hosts were providing? I’m not sure if that makes sense outside of my brain, but it’s definitely been on my mind a lot lately.
  3. Is there a wait time for a host, previously listed as inactive on codiushosts.com, to become listed as active after fixing issues?
  4. I thought long-term capital gains were not counted as ordinary income and thus had no effect on your tax bracket. Hmmm...it’s all very stifling and confusing! ?
  5. If I’m understanding you correctly, I had a similar thought that I tried to express (and failed) months ago. What would you consider a “stable floor”? I mean, this strategy makes perfect sense to me if that question could be answered. I’m being sincere here...please don’t lynch me!
  6. LMFAO!! So, it’s not just me who thinks tech has become “sloppy.”
  7. I think it would! Nothing is moving XRP in the market because the market itself is incredibly young. SBI would help it mature (and quite quickly in my opinion).
  8. Just finished watching Moana with my four year old boy, and five year old girl. Trying to explain “mean” is really difficult at this age! Sorry for sidetracking
  9. If it’s going to save me 40-70% I’m going to use it...period!
  10. Good point! I hadn’t thought of it that way.
  11. I totally agree. I will say, though, psychology is going to play in BIG here, IMO. The fact that circulating supply is lower, while it “technically” doesn’t matter, may scare many away. I’m expecting a “run-away train” effect, though. Regardless of my expectations, I’m along for the ride...short or long.
  12. Um...YEAH! My whole tech team would be unemployed if our systems stayed down that long!!
  13. I tend to agree with this. SBI VC will be much bigger than coinbase, in my opinion, due to their partnering with regulators and such. Coinbase has to know the impact something like this will have on the entire market....it’s their job.
  14. Exactly what I was thinking (price rise in anticipation). I don’t consider myself. “nutter,” and I don’t follow astrology, but I also have a gut feeling that something quite positive for XRP is coming next week. Regardless, I’ll hodl through either way.
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