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  1. No, not to me. But it's definitely not "ok" to shill some coin for the whole year, involving people, make obviously false predictions, attack any questions and criticism... and after all crawl away quietly, mumbling something like "I don't owe you anything". Of course you "don't owe anything", but at least you can act like grown up.
  2. I would, but I seriously doubt, that I will have a reason to apologize (even $1 kind of reason) But looks like moon boys won't apologize, despite the fact that a lot of people have bought cryptobags because of all those "positive posts".
  3. That's exactly what I'm talking about. Adherents of "positivity" are unable to keep a polite discussion without insults, without obscene language.
  4. EOY is finally here. Hundreds of delusional bagholders aggressively promoted their nonsense ("$1 is almost here", "$589 is round the corner", etc.), calling it a "positive attitude". They did it for the whole year, shutting up and shaming everyone who disagrees. My gut feeling tells me, that 2019 gonna be even worse for all of us - believers and non-believers, but for now I don't want to discuss any price predictions and reasons for the downtrend What I want to see in this thread is at least one overexcited optimist admitting his mistakes. Is it really so hard to say: "yes, I was wrong"?
  5. That means that for few days moon boys will be excited without a real reason (couple trading pairs - is not exciting at all), and then everything goes back to "normal" - to the downtrend.
  6. I assume, that you really can't feel this thing, so I will say it out loud. Your reactions to every question, which doesn't reflect the optimistic narrative of "XRP community" echo chamber, becoming more and more sharp. I mean, it's internet, pal. People can ask anything they want, and it is not a reason for an outrage.
  7. And you were right. As usual, another splash of optimism - another dump
  8. So, we are here. And you were obviously wrong
  9. Wrong. I think, that we will drop from $0.3 down to $0.2 even faster than from $0.5 to $0.4
  10. I'll show you this post again in two weeks. I want all rocketlaunching hopium addicts (ok, at least some of them) to admit their mistakes.
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