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  1. Great tweet from Marcus Treacher

    I agree with the poster who highlighted the recent high quality of your posts.
  2. People's Bank of China + Ripple?

    If a trade war kicks off then pinching pennies when doing cross border business will be extremely important to every nation. Any FI/business plugged into xRapid will want to prioritise other FIs/businesses who are also on xRapid for the sake of saving time and money. Imo trade war is good for XRP hodlers because everyone will want an edge which is what saving 60% gets you.
  3. XRP TA

    A couple of posts back I mentioned something called The Wyckoff Method. The abbreviated version is that markets with a high level of institutional influence will exhibit similar patterns and I am of the loud opinion that Crypto doesn’t just operate from a high level of institutional influence but that it’s very essence is that of whales moving the price in such a way that all the little planktony dollars get sifted into their greedy fat bellies. http://stockcharts.com/school/doku.php?id=chart_school:market_analysis:the_wyckoff_method Below, according to Wyckoff, is a graph of how an accumulation period (without a spring test) will transpire after a bear market has finished. And below is how it fits into last year’s XRPUSD market. Obviously it’s not perfectly perfect. It never can be otherwise we’d all be millionaires but you can see the Wyckoff pattern is reasonably prevalent. The SOS at the end of PHASE D is hard to see but it's basically the price just about breached ATH at $0.45 then immediately pulled back to $0.33 to test the old resistance and what was significant about $0.33? Ohhhhh looook. It's where the original Automatic Rally was!! And then we had phase E where we all started looking online for the colour of the lambo we were going to buy. Anyhoo so we’ve just come out of a bear market and the accumulation period has long been under way so the big question I asked last week was, “Which phase are we in?” We’re in phase B. How long until “Phase C, The mark up?” Well that depends on supply/demand but the recent drop below $0.56 (lower ST in Phase B than the ST in Phase A) generally equates to an extended accumulation period. But back to my recent parabolic prediction from last week. So we are definitely, definitely at the bottom of the trading range and that cannot be disputed. Even if we had another lower ST of something like $0.50 we would still have to consider $0.60-$0.65 to be the bottom of the trading range and it can’t stay there forever otherwise the whales don’t make any money. One of the factors of The Wyckoff Method is that whales buy AND sell at BOTH ENDS of the trading ranges as they search for supply/demand levels. The only difference is they buy more than sell at the bottom and sell more than buy at the top. Do you think they want to spend the rest of March, April, May buying and selling into themselves at the bottom of the trading range and making no money? No of course not. So my conclusion last week was 1 – We’re in Phase B. 2 – We’re at the bottom of the trading range so we’re going up. 3 – G20 summit gives an excuse of great substance to trigger a bull run. 4 – In the past, most bull runs in XRPUSD have been parabolic. So there you have it. The logistics behind my predicted parabolic movement last week. And not a single descending triangle or EMA line in sight for the TA non-believers! It was beautiful, it was perfect...it....it....it just fit!! Stoopid whales not doing what I wanted When I executed the long position last week at $0.635 I guesstimated, 60% chance of parabolic movement to the top of the trading range. 30% chance of a gradual climb over a month or longer. 9% chance of nothing happening and the price dropping to ~$0.45. 1% new ATH. When the price dropped to $0.535 (new low ST) that became more like 45% parabolic 40% gradual 14.5% drop to $0.45 0.5% ATH Before I go. BTCUSD peaked at about $1200 in November 2013 spent the next 3.5 years in an accumulation phase. There’s no way that will happen this time given we’re stood on the cusp of real world block chain implementation whereas in 2013 it could afford to pullback to $200 and do nothing for years. Anyway…while I’m away from the comp if anyone wants to find the graph of BTCUSD and set it to (1W) and see if there was a full Wyckoff development over those 3.5 years that’d be cool because I honestly haven’t checked but I bet your *** there was! Oh and one more thing. Remember my whales and breadcrumbs thread? Remember the premise of that was I’d found a pattern where it looked like large institutional investors were testing the bottom of the market? Then 2-3 months later I find a chart analyst had created an entire method based around the same conclusions I’d reached? I didn’t know Wyckoff. Wyckoff didn’t know me. We lived a century apart and analysed completely different markets yet came to the same conclusion??? That is not a coincidence. That is something more. ***X-files music starts to play in the background***
  4. XRP TA

    I'd be honoured thank you. I'll be back in a couple of days, just need to step out for a moment
  5. XRP TA

    I'm glad you enjoy them. Alas I would have expected a G20 summit induced poompydoomp to have started by now so I closed that position from $0.635 (just thought I'd let people know that). It was an aggressive long which had my margin at 90% so I wasn't comfortable keeping it open given the premise of it was an expected parabolic movement. It turned a nice profit and increased my bankroll by 4.5% but it was the parabolic movement I was waiting for. No doubt I'll wake up tomorrow and the price is at $1.10 pfft. Imo the price will still gradually move up over the next few weeks. I'll explain why tomorrow.
  6. XRP TA

    Ahhh I was going peak to peak. Nice pattern! 1 - Ohhhhh we are definitely, 100% going back down after. 2 - This will be address in tomorrow's post but those supply/demand tests are made repeatedly during consolidation periods at both the top and bottom of the main trading range. 3 - Yes it will. XRP is a great investment and Ripple is a great company. 4 - Yes this is just a bit of fun for me. Trying to find patterns and assuming the market is led by a mystery force and trying to figure them out is like a game of chess.
  7. XRP TA

    Not expecting, but yes a high probability. I want to wait until after the G20 summit to see if the whales use it to poopydoomp. If they don't I will be explaining the logistics behind my thought process because even if the whales don't poompydoomp they will still have to send the price up to the $1.50-$2.00 area in the next month or so. I absolutely do not believe there will be an ATH. That is months away yet. I am a man of math and probabilities so never say never but I'm talking less than 1% chance of ATH from this point. There is just too much going against it with regards to almost every technical and fundamental indicator. Honestly even with a Coinbase announcement I wouldn't expect the poompydoomp to breach $3.40 though it would probably come close. 1 - My range here is $1.50-$2 2 - Peak to peak was roughly 5.5x and 8.5x growth respectively. The correlation between peaks is based on the length of time the market spent in the accumulation/consolidation phase. So if by some insane miracle we end up at an ATH next week then it will probably only run to something like $4.50. If we spend the next 9 months consolidating then the next run would reach something more along the lines of $25-30. Guys, don't be disappointed if the pop doesn't happen after G20 because it's up to the whales when it happens, that is their power. They could use the G20 summit as an excuse, some random Ripple tweet or just roll 2 dice and go when they hit snake eyes. I just think the highest probability is the G20 summit. The press conference is at 3pm local time in Argentina so we should know by 4pm. If you remember a few pages back I posted that I had opened an aggressive long position at $0.635.....well that's still open (even though we went to $0.535!) and even if the price is bouncing between $0.60 and $0.70 tomorrow that long position will remain open. I'm still feeling a little fragile from all the rum and whiskey and cider and prossecco and tequila and jager so I'm probably not going to post again today but I will explain why that long position will remain open when I'm feeling more fresh tomorrow.
  8. XRP TA

    My analysis might be a little different to what you see on here or tradingview.... I'm expecting a re-accumulation/sign of strength period between $0.80-$1.10 and then probably another re-accumulation period on the way up to distribution at $1.50-$2. I'm also expecting the cycle to complete in the next 72 hours but that's completely up to the whales.
  9. XRP TA

    There have been 99 hours since this statement and 91 of the 99 hourly bars have been inside this trading range at some point during the hour. The 8 hours which fell outside was the spike down to $0.535 which I really didn't expect. I figured $0.58-$0.60. We have bullish divergence across all 3 time zones. Let's see what happens. EDIT - It was my fiance's b'day yesterday and I hit the liquor hard so yea...minimal analysis today.
  10. XRP TA

    That's up to the whales but my best guess is they'll use the G20 summit. The price pushed a smidge lower than I thought it would but that doesn't change anything, just means the whales scooped up some super cheap zerps! I'm expecting the price to slowly move up to $0.70 on almost zero volume over the next 24-48 hours. Yep that's how they operate. They drive the price up by purchasing a load really quickly and filling sell orders. They also stop doing things like putting up giant sell walls.
  11. XRP TA

    They won't make much money doing that.
  12. XRP TA

    Seriously guys stop spamming my thread. @djdhrubs take this guy's btc analysis elsewhere. Look at the volume. LOOK AT THE VOLUME!!!!! The whales are concluding their final aggressive test down to check for supply/demand and there is absolutely no supply haha! I set an extremely aggressive long position last night at $0.635 which I won't close until we're at $1.10. Like I said a few days ago the whales are testing the $0.60-$0.70 area for volume and we're down at ~$0.60 with no volume which is basically what they're looking for.
  13. XRP TA

    Guys I love you like brothers but please stop with the ABC LMNOP triangle wave stuff.
  14. XRP TA

    No. Bitcoin will be dragged up with us. The smart money hodling in bitcoin atm will want to offload at higher prices. I think bitcoin is currently in an extended re-distribution phase.
  15. XRP TA

    IMO we just had a big fundamental moment guys. Brad Garlinghouse just gave this interview with BBC. He said Bitcoin was created to circumvent the system and compared it to napster basically saying it's illegal but the tech behind it will probably spawn the future of that tech. I said LAST YEAR when BG was saying bullish things about BTC that it was a business move because Ripple needed positivity and liquidity in the Crypto space. We all knew the tech was dated and what BG was saying didn't make sense so there had to be a strategical business reason to make bullish comments about BTC. Now he's making bearish comments? And imo the BTC market looks weak and not only does XRP market look strong but the fundamentals in 2018 have been insanely good. I think we're about to see the beginning of the end for BTC as industry leader. Given BG's comments it would appear he is comfortable enough with the Ripple's tech and networking to survive a BTC crash. You heard it here first. By the start of XRP's next parabolic movement up, BTC is going to be at 2-2.5k.