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  1. I really would like to know since I still don't have a solid exit plan. What are the best exchanges that offers international wire transfer service with SWIFT(Ironic, right?). Is Bitstamp and Wirex good? Those are the only ones that I found that are somewhat legit. What do you think? Would like to hear your plans and recommendations. Thank you.

  2. 8 minutes ago, 1Ton said:

    So how did the hacker gain access to your account if you had 2-step authentication enabled?

    In my Kraken trading account, I have 2-step authentication turned on for everything (for logging in, trading, depositing funds, withdrawing funds, etc). I also have the settings in my Kraken trading account locked. So even if a hacker somehow managed to log in to my account, the hacker would need a master code to unlock my locked settings. Every section (trading, funds, settings, etc) in my Kraken trading account has its own individual 2-step code. All 4 2-step codes for my Kraken account change every 30 seconds.

    Also, I do not keep any cryptocurrencies I purchase on any exchanges and I only use a Ledger Nano S hardware wallet to access the cryptos in my wallet addresses. I never expose my private keys. I either use my ledger Nano S or sign all my crypto transactions on a permanently offline computer.

    Yeah. I don't get it either. I'm really curious on how it really went down so I can bulk up my security. I think the only 2FA you can disable by email is your email.

  3. 9 hours ago, Kane450 said:

    Wanted to put this out there as it looks like I have lost some of my xrp.


    A few days ago my yahoo email account started doing weird things, and I was getting some verification text messages to my phone. Yahoo was asking me for a verification via text but it was listing a different phone model then mine. 

       I had never had this prompt before so I figured it was an error on yahoo’s part. I didn’t have any urgent emails so I left it for a day. 

    Big Mistake 

    I also had a gmail account. It alerted me to some suspicious log in’s from a location far from me. This was strange and I knew something was up.

    I quickly changed my passwords and enabled every security feature I could find. My gmail account worded for a little bit but whoever it was that gotten access I believe changed my password again and I am now locked out. I had used mostly BS info for my personal stuff so I wasn’t able to recover it. 


    Problem em is I use this email exclusively for coinbase. ****. I get on there and notice additional phone numbers as verified numbers and with my gmail account useless I was running out of time. Luckily my coinbase app would still let me in and I was able to delete my banking info, erase the unknown phone numbers and lock my account via coinbase support.


    Now the bad stuff

    My yahoo account was linked to my binance account. The perpetrator changed my email settings to block any notifications from binance and to forward all emails to another address that was one letter off from mine. This was so I wouldn’t get the notifications from binance on account changes. They were able to transfer about 1800 xrp out of my wallet. They did weird things. They sold the xrp to btc, then rebought the xrp, then sent it out to a new wallet.


    The kicker. When you stop 2fa, binance puts a 48hr good on your account  they gained access on the 25th  I notified binance to lock my accounts on the 26th  they told me they got my

    message and are giving to to the proper departments. I was in contact with them and they set it so I could log into my account. That’s when I discovered the xrp had been transferred out on the 27th in the morning. 


    So so all this Person did was wait out the 48 hours and bam, got the funds.

    i thought highly of binance but I’m not sure if it’s the language barrier or what but they hardly

    read the content of my messages. I literally told them to lock it. 


    So so that sucks. I keep the bulk of My holdings on a nano s. Never keep anything on the exchanges.



    How did they get your e-mail though? Got you through phishing?

  4. On 6/18/2018 at 9:54 AM, retryW said:

    Hey guys,

    Just finished writing up a tutorial on how to setup multiple moneyd instances with the same xrp wallet.

    This will come in handy if you have multiple codius hosts, or have one host and a machine at home you want to use for moneyd or codius CLI functionality (such as uploading pods)


    Feel free to leave feedback.

    Can I create a second Codius server and follow your steps and use my wallet from the 1st Codius server?

  5. During these times, I buy as much as I can with each dip but I will eventually stop buying when XRP hits $1 and beyond again. I'm still not 100% sure if I'll stop though. I'll try to weigh in on updates about XRP, Ripple, whole Cryptocurrencies, and Blockchain as I go on about. How about you?

  6. 5 minutes ago, spiras said:

    For the record, there are people who are paid to spread FUD on different forums.  Yes, they are here, too.  They have quotas on how many 'quality' negative posts they have to make each month and are provided with points and counter points to offset any rebuttals for the XRP world.  they are also given fake news stories or even real stories that have little significance for the FUDsters to blow them up. 

    Don't get too upset when you see these people.  There really isn't much you can say to them.  They are being paid and you aren't going to be able to convince them of your argument.  They already know the truth, but they are getting a paycheck.

    If you do a little searching on the internet, you can find the 'help wanted' ads.

    Here is a little more info:


    Spread misinformation for a few bucks? Damn. Integrity comes cheap these days.

  7. This is more of a rant so please bear with me.

    Why is everybody picking on XRP? Why not other coins? Went to search some well known cryptocurrencies and paired it with the search "scam" and could only find "Beware of getting your [insert name here] coins scammed through these methods" but search Ripple/XRP+Scam and well enough you get flooded with "Why XRP is a scam", "XRP is a fraud", "Ripple is a ponzi scheme" etc. I mean come on! Do some effing research you sheep! The ones spreading FUD doesn't even know the basics of XRP, **** they don't even know the difference between XRP and Ripple. I even got affected by the FUD and started researching companies that announced their partnership with Ripple to reassure myself, I mean MUFG, Santander, SBI, Moneygram, WU, etc. were established before there were even talks of blockchain technology and digital assets, are they saying these established, well-known companies that partnered with Ripple are scammers too? I mean there are freakin' multi million exchanges being established to accommodate cryptocurrencies and some to with XRP is the main pair. I'm starting to think this is a conspiracy to keep people from buying XRP so that they could keep it for themselves. I mean in my opinion that's the only logical reason they're doing it. So much more to say but I'll end my rant here. *exhales slowly* ?

  8. Hello, everyone. First time poster and long time lurker. Can I please suggest a support group for XRP holders? At times of uncertainty(like right now), we need each others support in strengthening our resolve in holding XRPs. I suggest that the support/club has pinned page with all the XRP partners,achievements,available exchanges that offer XRP, companies already piloting xRapid, etc., I mean every news, articles, partnerships should be there. Just a suggestion. Any thoughts?

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