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  1. @Flintstone@jn_r What does AccountSet specifically MessageKey do to an XRP wallet/account? Is it safe setting this up? It wouldn't comprise the wallet/account? Sorry for the nooby question and thank you in advance!
  2. I really would like to know since I still don't have a solid exit plan. What are the best exchanges that offers international wire transfer service with SWIFT(Ironic, right?). Is Bitstamp and Wirex good? Those are the only ones that I found that are somewhat legit. What do you think? Would like to hear your plans and recommendations. Thank you.
  3. I didn't know this was a satire website. LOL I now realize CCN is not really reliable in terms of analysis. They should just publish news about crypto. https://www.ccn.com/monero-headed-to-18k-ripple-price-primed-for-97-crash-research/
  4. This includes the 500-999XRP, 20-499XRP, and 0-19XRP.
  5. It's still technically correct . The best kind of correct.
  6. Not to ruin the fun but please learn the difference of "THEN" and "THAN". It's a pet peeve of mine. That is all. Thank you.
  7. Yeah. I don't get it either. I'm really curious on how it really went down so I can bulk up my security. I think the only 2FA you can disable by email is your email.
  8. How did they get your e-mail though? Got you through phishing?
  9. I already have a Codius server running. How do I update it?
  10. Can I create a second Codius server and follow your steps and use my wallet from the 1st Codius server?
  11. During these times, I buy as much as I can with each dip but I will eventually stop buying when XRP hits $1 and beyond again. I'm still not 100% sure if I'll stop though. I'll try to weigh in on updates about XRP, Ripple, whole Cryptocurrencies, and Blockchain as I go on about. How about you?
  12. I thought they were trialing XRP internally? Although "MUFG Coin" sounds a lot like XRP. Any other confirmations or other news and sources on this? https://www.ccn.com/japans-biggest-bank-to-carry-large-scale-trial-of-cryptocurrency-mufg-coin/
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