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  1. WhentheBoat_ComesIn

    Crypto and XRP: Next Generation Money

    Another great blog @Hodor, thanks.
  2. WhentheBoat_ComesIn

    Subtle Observations of Leadership

    Thanks @Hodor, we are definitely on the right PATH. It will be fantastic when Cobalt is rolled out; hopefully, (and regardless of no Cobalt this year), we will still see a new ATH before the end of 2018 as xRapid adoption starts to be rolled out and used in the market place.
  3. WhentheBoat_ComesIn

    Bearableguy123 Thread

    Sorry, I was being facetious!
  4. WhentheBoat_ComesIn

    Contrarians No Longer

    Another great blog @Hodor, thanks. I think the possibility of “Turning Invoices into digital Assets” is a really exciting idea.
  5. https://www.rfigroup.com/global-retail-banker/news/dilip-rao-ripple-asia-pacific
  6. WhentheBoat_ComesIn

    Busting the SWIFT Hype

  7. WhentheBoat_ComesIn

    What We Don't Know

    Another great blog @Hodor, thanks. I agree that, as XRP holders, we should embrace the coming weeks/months with excitement and hope not fear. The future is bright!?
  8. WhentheBoat_ComesIn

    XRP, UK users and Uphold

    I have Revolut. Not efficient for buying XRP in general as very expensive. Eg. ATM: Buy £1000 at around £0.41 (of XRP) then immediately change back (but get a rate of £0.39 or equivalent real time exchange rate) and get £950. In other words, the purchase price is inflated by around 6%. So at today’s prices you need around a 2p increase before you break even. However, on the upside it’s instant and easily convertible. I use it for my play money but it’s a gamble when/if you need to withdraw immediately. In the last fortnight, using the example given, the price would have ranged between around £850 and £2000. Withdraw when/each time a “fizz” occurs. I’m happy to play with it like this. For serious withdrawals (OP) I use Gatehub, convert to Euro and send to my Revolut Euro account (usually takes 1 working day). Then convert to GBP. This is the cheapest/ most efficient way for me. If you go over your yearly limit you just have to complete the Revolut AML/KYC online form to receive additional payments.
  9. I have a much stronger term than “insane”!?