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    An injection of positivity

    Agree. The 4 Noble Truths.
  2. WhentheBoat_ComesIn

    Who bought XRP at $3.84?

    Think you’ll get a lot of claims.
  3. WhentheBoat_ComesIn

    Bearableguy123 Thread

    ...The most infamous being Beararse the bandit.
  4. WhentheBoat_ComesIn

    Western Union Motives

    Gunfight at the cross border corral!
  5. WhentheBoat_ComesIn


    It all depends on the type of business and whether diversification = potentially more profit. Internal infrastructure would be key to this decision. So for BMW no but for Amazon, yes.
  6. WhentheBoat_ComesIn

    Western Union Motives

    Hope you’re right.
  7. WhentheBoat_ComesIn

    Ripple sees life beyond RBI cryptocurrency ban

    Let’s hope the ban is rescinded.
  8. WhentheBoat_ComesIn

    Is XRP a security or not, lets find the answer

    Does anyone actually know how long is a piece of string?
  9. Thanks, I was hoping I would get off it quickly!
  10. WhentheBoat_ComesIn

    How To Run Your Own Codius Host

    Just a heads up in case you haven't seen Hodor's latest blog https://xrpcommunity.blog/codius-smart-contracts-done-right/ "Can You Participate? Yes, you can run a Codius host. There are no rules about who can or cannot run a Codius host; however, the Codius website provides some perspective and context about why somebody should consider running a host, as well as some of the implications.4 “Running a Codius host means being in the hosting business. You should do it, if you believe that you'll be able to do it well and outcompete others who do the same thing… …Because Codius is intended for high-security and financial applications, users will be very sensitive to your reputation. You likely won't see a lot of traffic until you have built a record of reliability.” So although it is definitely an open source project intended to be built upon, keep in mind that there are some technical considerations when setting up your host."
  11. Stay firm. I am of the opinion that you will see green before Autumn
  12. WhentheBoat_ComesIn

    Codius: Smart Contracts Done Right

    Another great Blog Hodor, thanks. Can't wait for the derivatives market to get onboard. That will be a game changer.
  13. WhentheBoat_ComesIn

    SBI Virtual Currencys

    Price rise.