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  1. Guys, this is SCB, not SBI. Thailand,.. not Japan. But indeed not confirmed..
  2. Agree Bender. Also I think the parallel with "rails" is actually a good one. One of the problems with HighSpeed trains in Europe is that whenever the track doesn't suit the train, the train has to go slower. With SEPA (European standard) already working instant, a faster international rail (currently Swift) could be expected, tying Europe to a global instant network. My worry is still that Swift can actually make this happen.
  3. haha good question!! But with 'we' I assume XRP holders?? The answer is simple. Volume is too low still to move completely independent from the rest of the market. And the market was let's say... not so bullish ;) Will get there!
  4. Yes it would, cause is still a buy and sell in the orderbook (and so on the ledger). Cause if a bank would use an exchange it would be for the fiat pairs.
  5. Thanks! Yes it looks good indeed. That USD value is lacking behind, but BTC is causing this. Patience is what we need, although after such a long bear market can’t wait for the green weeks
  6. That I agree! But why not run a more specific targeted campaign b2b? Like linkedin or so. Unless you want to target end consumers...
  7. Same, so it seems what we call a “retargeting campaign”. So pixel tracking based on Ripple website visitors and so retargeting them via the google add network . Basically following the base. however, with a clear strategy on b2b. Being also publicly open about it, targeting end consumers is kind of odd. On a more positive note, they must be pretty damn sure about not being a security as this is direct consumer targeting (also not mentioning XRP directly. food for thoughts for sure
  8. It leads to Ripple’s website. Thank you
  9. Hi community, Why is Ripple running an advertising campaign?? Although I have been in advertising for decades, I can’t get my head around it. Not directly XRP related, but like to hear your thoughts.
  10. No it is not a contract. However, there are contracts XRPBTC (futures). for example the XRPM19 (https://www.bitmex.com/app/contract/XRPM19) But XRPBTCLONGS in green means indeed, people a betting XRP against BTC. In other words, expect XRP to move up against Bitcoin. This can be by : - BTC dropping and XRP stagnating (bullish in the pair) - BTC rising but XRP rising faster (mega bullish) Keep in mind that I am talking XRPBTC pair. Is doesn't say anything about the USD value. However, it will reflect. But my theory is that the XRPBTCLongs are actually great indicators of a massive play with XRP over the next weeks /months. Read the first post for that.
  11. Sorry I can't read the charts. What do the color mean in your chart, can you share the orginal link? This is what I mean...
  12. Hi, it is a good question. Like with any chart/future contract and or ETP. They are often good indicators, as they show the movement on a certain exchange. Together (cumulative) they show the biggest part of the trades. However, I also believe within crypto there are massive OTC (over the counter) deals. Other things remain vague, is are the actual trading volumes correct on exchanges? But without deviating the treat into another discussion around exchanges, I find it still let's say strange that we have seen a massive move into XRPBTClongs over the past weeks. Still expecting and hoping also, that we will see a further big move up with XRP. Time will tell
  13. So you own about 180k XRP bought for around 0.56 cents. Doesn't seem like a bad deal to me.
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