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  1. ok @Danny I stand corrected. You obviously did way more research. Not sure on the bail-in, that also depends how liquid the asset becomes and if they start trading out liquid (current marketplace).
  2. Here.. printed version page 11 https://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/FR-2019-12-06/pdf/2019-25944.pdf
  3. Following up on above, just to show that things are moving quickly now. XRP and Ripple mentioned in federal docs. That is not a "scam" https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2019/12/06/2019-25944/remittance-transfers-under-the-electronic-fund-transfer-act-regulation-e
  4. I am a bit in between @Tinyaccount and others. Are you spreading FUD or really interested? You just joined XRPchat and this is your first topic. Assuming your intentions are okay, let me help you with a few things: The "intrinsic value" of crypto is zero.. But as you studied Economics, you also know that the intrinsic value of the dollar is the face value minus the risk of the issuer. So basically you give it value, by compensating guarantees against that value. No crypto is not gonna change the whole economic system and won't replace bank (sorry BTC boys) The price of crypto and especially XRP is still 100% speculation. This speculation drives and kills the potential to certain extend. in the long run, IMO the only sustainable model is pricing based on utility. I use the world "utility" for a reason, that means transactional volume on ledger would be the right indicator. Not things like market cap or other bullshit metrics often used. Back to your point regarding pricing against demand. Although you might be right, that technically you will need less XRP to make the transactional volumes in your example, it won't really work like that. You are assuming that all XRP is "available". First of all it is not, most is still locked in Escrow. Secondly, there are retail speculators that hold a lot of them including you and myself for example. Then you will most likely see market makers, holding XRP positions in the future. If XRP can rise to 3 USD on speculation alone, I won't be surprised if it reaches 50 USD in the long future. Zoomed out and not looking at XRP specific, you could ask yourself another question. What will happen to all those crypto projects with zero use case? Do you really believe those prices will stay up forever? No they won't.. In a few years you will see that money dries up and project disappear. If and I am pretty sure Ripple is still expanding then, you will also notice a more positive look at Ripple, that really seems to be building a sustainable network. Is XRP a winner for sure? No not at all, it can easily fail and drop to zero. Regulation, change of landscape within banks and others are very uncertain. What is pretty clear ,and most crypto boys don't want to hear, in order for crypto in general to succeed, you need big players like banks. One thing is for sure, and I can easily confirm this as I worked in banking before, the IT systems are very complex. Not only IT infrastructure, but rules & regulations are strong, let alone the complexity of making changes to it , The FACT is that a company called Ripple, somehow convinced a lot of them to use their software is very impressive and showcases that they are not talking shit. But zero to none use the ODL solution that utilises XRP, that's also true. But in general, they don't really have to, cause as long as everyone charges the same fees, no consumer will leave. As bank often loads of services, loans, insurances, retail banking and business banking, the loyalty is often strong. However what you are seeing now in the landscape, that competition outside the traditional banking world is moving in. Companies like Visa Direct, WU and MGI are targeting pain points (like international payments) and trying to get a foot in the door. That is scary for a lot of banks, cause although "payments" is traditional not a very profitable part of banking, you don't want to loose clients. So lowering costs, making payments faster and give better insight in the status of transactions towards client are definitely thing that will be on the agenda. If ODL or crypto is the holy grail, I can't really tell. It does look more and more like it. Cause Saga and JPM are also investing heavily. My personal believe is that Ripple as tech company will always win from internal bank projects. They simple have a better outsider perspective and can move faster. I do believe they will take over more and more and XRP will benefit . But this can take years for sure. But speculation will always move earlier, so having the chance to make huge return next year is realistic. But that is my personal believe and not an investment advice.
  5. Hi, Lately reading a lot around competition for Ripple. JPM expanding with a lot of banks in Japan, and that list was already impressive: https://www.jpmorgan.com/global/treasury-services/IIN Saga launching https://www.cnbc.com/2019/12/10/saga-launches-sga-token-to-rival-facebooks-libra-cryptocurrency.html Especially them avoiding the US entirely worries me. It looks like Ripple is struggling to move forward with regulations in the US not being clear. Saga just completely ignores the US, to avoid any legal issue. Wandering what you guys think? I mean competition was expected, to a certain extend healthy, but it is not that Ripple seems to have real banks using XRP. The remittance case with MGI is a good one, but still that will never be enough to seriously move the price. Love to hear your thoughts community Cheers
  6. I really like this kind of news https://bitcoinke.io/2019/10/south-african-startup-xago-launches-an-xrp-only-exchange-and-gateway/
  7. Why not? You can for sure put dates in the contract, for not selling. That is 100% legal. Not sure about the minimum price. But even without it, it will do the job. Look at the quarterly reports of 2018. The avg price is 0.24 on OTC. look at the support line... yes also 0.24.
  8. Guys, Something keeps popping in my mind and as this club is about "trading and price speculation" I think it is fair to ask you. What if... Ripple sells a lot of XRP OTC (fact) With each sell, certain criteria for selling are negotiated (contract). Not a fact, but very likely no? But assuming the following: You sell in 2015 for 0.005 USD with the following terms Not allowed to sell before 2016 Not allowed to sell below 0.005 You create a massive baseline as volume was not so high. Price will find support at 0.005 and most likely goes higher With support new buyer buy in (retail most likely), allowing the sell to happen without crashing support line You sell in 2016 for 0.10 USD with the following terms Not allowed to sell before 2017 Not allowed to sell below 0.10 Another baseline support. You keep repeating above structure each putting a higher price or longer terms What this will do "theoretically" is build a very sustainable growth line. Obviously you need a lot of volume to create such a support line. On the other hand, a few million USD wall is something enough to protect the price. IMO this exactly what Ripple is doing with the OTC sales and if you zoom out on the chart, you see a pretty good historical pattern (funnel). Price will move in the channel, but with the gatekeeper (OTC sales and underlying contracts), you keep a form of protection. An ETF (with a standard 2 year expiration date) often is praised to create stability, but above strategy if executed right, would do the same job. But it would explain the fact that XRP is barely moving on the news and often behaves crazy, but always find support on the zoomed out channel. Am is talking complete ******** here? Been drinking too much over the weekend? Could be as well the case. But love to hear why this is not correct.
  9. You have a valid point with exotic corridors. Those high friction corridors how they are called cause often problems in the current system as well: low liquidity (your point) one way flow. Especially in remittance markets this happens often. So one currency flows one way, causing pressure on the other pair. in the CURRENT system this lack of liquidity is “Fixed” by so called market makers. Those MM basically offer liquidity for a trade. So assume Bank A wants to move philiphinnes pesos to Mexico. They provide liquidity in some pairs or even legs. For example the PHP would most likely be traded over Singapore into USD into Mexico pesos. Bank A might have the liquidity for the Singapore leg, buys the liquidity for the SGD TO USD or the USD To Mexican pesos. above is basically a multi hop corresponding trade. The issue is the amount of FX exposure, the time and also the risk involved (multiple parties). With enhanced messaging SWIFT GPI, this goes way better ( see pilot) back to XRP.. so what Ripple is trying to say. Look guys, you don’t really solve anything as your will face high costs and consumers want instant (low cost payments) the reason is the following: with XRP the cost of the actual transaction are so low, that doing a multihop, it will basically flow over the world almost free. And theoretically they are right. Think about it. You have an account at Huibi, Bittrex and Coinbase US. Your can indeed move money from Asia almost free to Euro and or USD and beyond. as crypto is a global currency. The potential one way flow issue (see above) is solved by itself. Cause if 1 XRP cost 20% More in philiphinnes . Enough traders will be happy to sell it there and leveling back the price (arbitrage) BUT the weakest link are indeed still the amount of liquidity. Potential regulation issue with trading a crypto asset and lack of understanding. Also there is a big monopoly in the FX market. So Deutsche, CITI and JPM provide a immense amount of liquidity and are the biggest players. Smaller players that basically run a operational excellence strategy (cheapest trades) like Moneygram offcourse are depending from those big players. Hence they will most likely be pioneers. hope above helps to answer your question and give some more background on the tweet from Ripple.
  10. Still ... to have a keynote speech at worlds most important finance event is good. Mind you, this is a SWIFT event. two years ago Ripple organized Swell at the exact same moment as Sibos for a reason. a lot has changed and the fact that Ripple has a stage on a Swift owned and organized event is positive and shows the claimed position in the industry. no speculation.
  11. Guys, this is SCB, not SBI. Thailand,.. not Japan. But indeed not confirmed..
  12. Agree Bender. Also I think the parallel with "rails" is actually a good one. One of the problems with HighSpeed trains in Europe is that whenever the track doesn't suit the train, the train has to go slower. With SEPA (European standard) already working instant, a faster international rail (currently Swift) could be expected, tying Europe to a global instant network. My worry is still that Swift can actually make this happen.
  13. haha good question!! But with 'we' I assume XRP holders?? The answer is simple. Volume is too low still to move completely independent from the rest of the market. And the market was let's say... not so bullish ;) Will get there!
  14. Yes it would, cause is still a buy and sell in the orderbook (and so on the ledger). Cause if a bank would use an exchange it would be for the fiat pairs.
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