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  1. Very nice whitepaper. Fundamental valuation has been discussed many times on this forum for years. @Hodor you will love this one buddy https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/fundamental-valuation-framework-for-cryptoassets/A+Fundamental+Valuation+Framework+for+Cryptoassets_June+2018.pdf
  2. Now I see where you want to go. If , and let me careful, indeed one or more bank will go live with Xrapid it won't be full-blown directly. And indeed with large volumes, price almost has to go up. But this will develop gradually IMO, not a direct flip. And "large volumes" is a relative term of course. It is not that scarcity will occur immediately. That said, with a bank openly stating they will start using XRP in production systems and transferring real money on scale, it will not only be the volume that determines the price so much, but an once and for all ending of the FUD that banks will never use it. But personally, I am not so Bullish for this year. I hope we end around 1 -2 dollar range.
  3. OP, this has been discussed before. Depending a bit on your market, but I did route B. So cashed out in batches of 50k . First to USDT, waited on a bit a flat pattern in BTC. Then bought BTC moved over to my country and cashed out in EURO. Besides the tax, worked out pretty well. But one thing is really important to do, keep a track record of ALL your trades. Depending on the market, but you might need it for taxes. But let's see a bull run first
  4. CryptoGerrie

    From Xcurrent to Xrapid

    Thanks Lucky, I should visit the forum more often!! So in the scenario of Convergence, Ripple might only have one product. That means (technically) more than 150 banks will have direct acces to Xrapid type solutions or at least utilize XRP?. And per @jcdenton his point only reason stopping them could be regulation no? That means with Convergence XRP can jump to nr 1 stop in a blink of an eye? Hmmm I will wait for that moment
  5. CryptoGerrie

    SCI To Add XRP Support To Its Blockchain Ecosystem

    I know buddy. God I am two years in crypto and it feels it took 10 years of my life, searching new, getting hopes and half year later down. Can't wait to cash out one day and think back at a good choice in my life.
  6. CryptoGerrie

    From Xcurrent to Xrapid

    Pugilist Ventures. But it should actually be 10M, upfront installation fee . I will edit this.
  7. CryptoGerrie

    From Xcurrent to Xrapid

    Let me start off to say I am a true believer of the Ripple approach. Crawl -walk - run. Be one thing I don't really understand about the products, how independent or dependent are they from each other? Maybe community members can help? So an Xcurrent installation cost around 10M, which is big investment for a small player, which means a serious lock-in with the Ripple company. With this, a bank or FI becomes part of Ripplenet and saves money instantly, so it should pay back. But how much of an effort and money will it cost to upgrade to Xrapid? Differently said, is Xrapid an add-on to the core product Xcurrent? Or a stand-alone software solution? And if so, is Xcurrent even the core product? I know XRP can also be moved over Xcurrent software, so I am a bit confused still how they all interconnect.
  8. CryptoGerrie

    SCI To Add XRP Support To Its Blockchain Ecosystem

    Yes I know. Not my best post ever
  9. http://blog.sci.ph/post/160832191621/sci-to-add-xrp-support-to-its-blockchain-ecosystem EDITED: SORRY VERY OLD ARTICLE (MAY 2018)
  10. Support at 0.25. Techically nexf support is 0.03. I expect a bounce on 0.28 to 0.40 happening over the next weeks
  11. CryptoGerrie

    4 month to 2019

    All depends on the following. Can’t answer any of them... What will happen with crypto market in general and especially BTC (ETF could be important)? Will SEC decide on XRP before 2019? Will there be a change of attitude in journalism (education / maturity)? Will SWELL bring something interesting around adoption and or general positivity regarding crypto? Will banks start using Xrapid this year and if so which one? How will competition develop (VISA for example) All of above will determine chances. What we DO know: More exchanges have fiat pairs, helping to boost XRP if she starts running The team at Ripple is still first class and new members are better then ever. The jan run was very speculative some would even call it manipulative. This is never good and for sure not substainable. The XRP community on twitter is growing by the day. And for a reason XRP is targeted 24/7. It is a serious treat to BTC. so will we see sub 1 or plus 5 dollar who knows? I don’t want to burn my fingers. I can only tell you this, I bought last year June, felt hopeless till December and suddenly had a (virtual) profit which needed a big suitcase. Lost everything again and am more confident then ever. I will be very happy to see Xrapid going live and see direct impact on the price this year. If below 50 cent in January, I will consider selling a bit.
  12. You can't tell till a bank starts using Xrapid. Let's see who is right and save this post. For now, the price is indeed purely speculative and too much tight up to BTC and XRP is a bargain.
  13. Yes agree. Just a bit tinfoil but think about this scenario.... Ripple knew from the start that Xcurrent was an easier sell then Xrapid, and banks where/are not keen in crypto (due too various reasons). But Ripple installs a 2M dollar software product Xcurrent at banks, which creates a lockin by nature. Knowing that which each update they can force/ inspire you to use new products or features. Absolutely brilliant!! New? Not at all, Apple Microsoft and the rest of the valley play this trick for years.. This is exactly why I love the centralized company Ripple behind a decentralized crypto (XRP). Let haters hate, but this is why the BTC boys freak out
  14. Sure, but you honestly can't compare the current market with OIL. It is way less mature. Not saying that no other markets are not filled with emotions, but for sure not on the level of crypto. I mean last year December was crazy, even my personal fitness trainer was checking on his phone the crypto prices. Completely out of control, full of emotions and Twitter represents this perfectly I truly believe and sincerely hope that Utility will drive price. The only way how this is being achieved is time and more smart money. Also don't agree so much on your point regarding good news. Yes the Ecosystem is being built fair enough, but still, there are a load of hurdles to take. Institutional money moves different and you know that. They are not in for a high risk, high reward. They want a well-placed bet and XRP (at this stage) is simply not. Might change, but don't expect it to be soon. Goes for any token/ coin btw in the crypto. At least I didn't invest so much in crypto if I didn't want to take a ridiculously high risk.
  15. Yes, they corrected it slightly by saying on twitter that it is clearly not a new software product, but also not denying the existence. However, they also deleted a bunch of tweets, which makes it kind of mysterious. We will see, but a bit similar thing happened with Codius last year around Swell.