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  1. Yep soaking up the sun in Lanzarote as we speak. 😁
  2. MGS

    Get MemberBerry back!

    I like @MemberBerry say's it as it is with no heirs or graces
  3. MGS

    Ripple's revenue model?

    World domination !!! #XRPTHESTANDARD
  4. MGS

    CasinoCoin Talk

    Yep dropped my buy order to 6 sats lol 😯
  5. MGS

    CasinoCoin Talk

    LOL no offence taken, I know, it was just my first buy was a difference of 600k CSC from 9 or 8 sats but i got my 8 sats (8 sats how often will we be able to say that lol) anyway its just dropped again to 8 and it did touch 7 sats for a while earlier so i'm placing my next buy at 7 Also there's no complaining from me......super project with great potential
  6. MGS

    CasinoCoin Talk

    I'm in with CSC as i see great potential here in the project, Just wish i hadn't been so busy with work and been able to by a bit lower earlier on, but i will settle for 8 sats on my first buy oprder, if my buy doesn't get filled at 7 sats, i was lucky enough to get a good few mill csc at 8 sats the other day but want to double up now and trying my luck at 7 sats, i don't think it's going to drop to 7 but it's worth a try. Great project and wish it well....
  7. I'm not being desperate at all.... The article was sent to me yesterday on my xrp notifications list, simply posted it here for discussion. You are the one being desperate as all I see are negative posts from you, I don't even understand why your on this forum.... oh yeah that's it to spread FUD and troll everyone on here, says it all only joined up beginning of July same old same old. If you don't like XRP simply leave the forum to people that do and go and rant on some other DA I'm pretty sure you won't be missed around here. I won't say or rise to anything else Bye and good riddance.
  8. https://globalcoinreport.com/4-possible-reasons-alibabas-new-mobile-app-powered-by-xcurrent-or-xrp/ From the article... Back in late June, Alibaba’s payment arm of Ant Financial launcheda blockchain based electronic wallet that enabled payments between Hong Kong and the Philippines. In the maiden transaction that Jack Ma was a part of, the transaction made by Ms. Mary Grace to the Philippines was completed in a matter of seconds. indicated that the time period taken for the transaction to complete was just 3 seconds. This then brings us to the first reason the Mobile App is actually being powered by xCurrent or XRP. Comparing the 3-second speed of the transaction to that of XRP (3.3 Seconds on average), we see a vast similarity. The XRP ledger is the only ledger known to date, that can complete transactions at that speed. Also, the Santander App also showcasedsuch speeds in early June. The app is being powered by Ripples Xcurrent. A second reason why the Ant Financial app could be powered by XRP is the link Justin Sun has with both Ripple and Jack Ma. Before starting the Tron Project, Justin was the Chief Representativeand Adviser of Ripple Labs in the Greater China area. Justin is also the mentee of Jack Ma. Justin is also the first Millennial graduateat Jack Ma’s Hupan University. There is a lot of possibilities with these links of Justin to both Ripple and Jack Ma: founder of Alibaba. Thirdly, WeChat Pay and AliPay run on dLocalwhich is a cross-border payment service that is powered byRipple. The same AliPay, but in Hong Kong, facilitated the payment from Ms. Mary Grace’s phone through its app that sent money to a GCash wallet in the Philippines. Therefore, connecting the dots, the AliPayHK mobile app possibly used Ripple based software – xCurrent– to power the transaction.
  9. MGS

    Samsung Makes Cryptopayments Possible

    You should all watch this vieo from xrp.video
  10. MGS

    6 Months, 10 transactions.

    6 months and 10 transactions is absolutely ridiculous, this is not a test it's a joke! I've done more transactions with xrp than that in the last 6 months from customers with my own company !!! Give it a fair test and then come back and say it doesen't work, untill then this is all BS from WU ...........look for the bigger picture here.......
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    XRP Community Blog

  12. MGS

    Ripple's 2018 progress

    Very good article well done!!!! 👍
  13. BOTS BOTS BOTS Sh!t coin goes down we follow (FOR NOW !!!!!!!!!!!)