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  1. I am anyways always a bit amused why this whole space is so US centric - is really most of the money coming into crypto from the US?
  2. I mentioned this before what you describe is a feeling of affiliation towards your investment similar to the stockholm syndrome make sure you do not turnout to become victim to obvious signs that XRP could fail in future and if you think of trying to deny what i am telling you it is exactly the effect I mentioned instead you should just consider what i am telling you and think of your investment from a distant perspective (if this is still possible)... If you want to i can give you mental treatment and a load of Fluoxetin for let`s say 5000xrp?
  3. You are all frogs not noticing the pot starts cooking XRP is worthless sell now while you can save your money (i may be paid by BTC maximalists try to prove it!)
  4. The reason why ripple broke up the deal with R3 was due to them not keeping up their end of the deal and now making another deal with them seems madness unless something has changed
  5. Wasn`t r3 going bankrupt or something?
  6. I guess any publicity is good for Ripple but the audience they are heading for do not care about such plenums
  7. This seems to nearly one step away from a p2p app anyone could use as soon as second fiat goes with it
  8. damn arrington took away important questions brad had to answer
  9. SELL QUICK - random group predicts xrp to fail they must be right!
  10. Hodor im trying to get a twitch connection with coil is that going to be enabled in future? Because it says it is an automated connection though i see no possiblity to get it running :S I already got the payment pointer prepared
  11. I got the feeling i have been hearing this for the last 6 months if you keep repeating the same prediction at one point you may get lucky
  12. It is not more than BTC semantics used in fields where it does not make sense
  13. Interesting that my igore list seems to be increasing exponetially with the weeks passing - you should add a ignore list on the blockchain for forum users to share
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