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  1. I can read English. writing is a problem. my excuse for that. this article has passed in the telegram. group I am in. I would like to share this with julle. is this nonsense or high speculated
  2. These was posted in a telegram channel . https://ethereumworldnews.com/amazon-partnership-speculation-high-for-ripple-xrp-as-markets-go-crazy/
  3. I hold for min 5 years , I stepped in late with a price of .20 about the price for the next month . I hope very cheap so I Can buy more cheap xrp
  4. Month october it will reach 3$ . Think we must have patiënt , like always ?
  5. i dont have any problems at all with gatehub . for me it works fine
  6. the biggest probleme what i notice is the increase of fud . its getting annoying
  7. http://www.quotenet.nl/Nieuws/Ripple-is-een-val-trap-er-niet-in!-209149 Dutch article , FUD
  8. Welcome to the forum
  9. i think its way to early to set any price . its all depends on the upcoming 5 years i believe
  10. Goede avond, Sinds een aantal maanden ben ik actief geworden in de crypto wereld. Na veel uren lezen lezen en nogmaals informatie lezen merk ik dat dit een uit de hand gelopen hobby is geworden. mijn crypto wallets worden steeds meer aangevuld. Deze topic vraag houd mij al een tijdje bezig. Als leek heb geen idee hoe ik dit aan de belasting moet opgeven. Als er een meeting komt heb ik er zeker interesse . Als ik het goed heb begrepen , 1 januari foto's van de betreffende aantal munten en de koers
  11. TrueTrue

    Hello all

    Hello all Sinds a few months i follow these forum daily. I have read allot of good information about the XRP or company Ripple. have done many hours research on it. Myself i really believe in it. Like the most of us we all try to make profit on it. I will hold these coin for 5 a 10 years. many speculations about the price. These yeare and next yeare i really dont care if it stay the same price. Will be good for me to buy even more. About the day trading part iam really new on it . Will focuse and try to learn it .If i got questions will be very thankfull if someone can help
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