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  1. Fazzyfocus

    Livestream for Swell Ripple Conference

    is possible. influencers carry a reasonable punch among the media train.
  2. Fazzyfocus

    Livestream for Swell Ripple Conference

    I remember that well. 10 days of price rise and then an absolute tank on the words that woman spoke. ??
  3. Fazzyfocus

    Livestream for Swell Ripple Conference

    Usual process is within 20-60 mins of a session closing out depending on the session length, any edits required, the file size and whether edit requires removal/addition of content. I say usual but it depends on what their marketing team decide.
  4. Fazzyfocus

    Livestream for Swell Ripple Conference

    Correct. Ripple are a B2B business in an industry that came out of a financial crisis with egg on its face only ten years ago and where traditionally people (rightly or wrongly) hate banks. People love Apple. They receive flash, glamour and style well from them as that is expected. An affinity with XRP does not mean that we should be blind to the fact that whilst Ripple are a "trendy" start up, they are marketed at one of the most conservative industries in the world. Perspective is everything.
  5. Fazzyfocus

    Livestream for Swell Ripple Conference

    For what its worth there are probably a few reasons for this. 1) Live stream from events is a bloody nightmare. Both in terms of cost (when compared to record and upload) and logistics (agendas need to be firm, timed, showcalled and neat) 2) They are often messy. Putting on a "hold" screen of the Ripple logo (or any other logo for any other company doing a live broadcast) succeeds usually in only one thing: ******* off the viewer. 3) silly things like furniture changeovers on a stage between sessions for different numbers of speakers, or the requirement for a lectern to be added or removed, water being given to speakers on the stage blah blah etc 4) Bill and Gene not being recorded may well have to do with rights for ownership of IP/cost of usage of that IP. These guys make LOTS of money from their face and words. That includes the rights of how they are used. Finally, all the above issues are negated by recording and quick edits on the fly before uploading (extremely common in conferences of this nature.) It allows for "almost" instant dissemination of the broadcast and looks way more "polished" to the public eye. Its precisely what we did for Abu Dhabi FinTech 2018 only a couple of weeks ago and makes total sense from both marketing, public AND the logistics of delivering an event of this nature which is something most people never really see. This too. Press packs will have been prepared with all required media pre-loaded and a briefing before the event opens. Twitter WILL go nuts on the swell hashtag. During Consensus 2018, Ripple made most of their announcements on the morning of the first day with a couple on the morning of the second day. I suspect Swell may well be a little more spread out IF there are announcements that come out of it.
  6. you might be able to get around that issue of the coins not on top page by changing the web address in the first field of the fomula to reflect which page they are on OR by using this address instead: https://coinmarketcap.com/all/views/all/ no idea if it will work. Worth a try though.
  7. no idea i'm afraid. but there has to be a way I would guess. maybe there is a way to lift the value using a script or formula of some sort
  8. I use an app similar to this on my phone, but I spend a lot of time in front of my laptop and desktop machines. in those environments having a tab open with my portfolio at all times is useful.
  9. I've done something similar as well using google sheets. There is a great formula that lifts live data of pretty much any coin from CMC: =importxml("https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ripple/", "//*[@id=" & CHAR(34) & "quote_price" & CHAR(34) &"]/span[1]") Just have to replace "ripple" with the coin in question and you can set up your entire portfolio (if you are indeed in other coins as well. Article from the person who designed the sheet here: https://medium.com/@agammore/poor-mans-cryptocurrency-google-sheet-3f0c7b22aa16 link to the example sheet which you can copy and make your own from here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1O0WdT9afEfz9_Tbcug40yy3ZtoiLzI1YA6Jp_6CZNXM/edit#gid=0
  10. What's the purpose of knowing anything? To fully know what I am into. I like to learn. Thats all.
  11. Fazzyfocus

    Foundations of Success

    I missed my opportunity to meet him in person by literally two days. The stage he was sat on as well as the pre-function area he was in when he was interviewed was my project! I did the event production across FinTech Abu Dhabi but was booked on another project starting on the 17th after the event went live.
  12. Thats pretty much exactly the kind of thing I was looking for. Thank you. Will have a read through.
  13. the amount I have to read up on and learn never ends. It seems in this game that history is just as important as current and future developments if one is to accurately understand the space and its context.
  14. AH!!! In that case, that casts the doubt I had aside. As far as I am concerned, the legality was the only grey area that I had in my mind. that answer covers that base for me.