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  1. fareed

    XRP iced by CNBC Last night .

    Crypto did 50-60 billion daily... for a month or so. The pump at the back end of last year was entirely speculative and nothing to do with real world investment or usage. Prior to that over the previous 5 years those numbers were unheard of. Right now, I would say we are back in the normal trading volume of the past 4 or 5 years or so. I do think though that once Asia FUD has settled, regs in place and people begin to head back into the market that number will find a new settled plane in the $15billion range. But then I know sod all and the above is purely speculation... a little like the back end of last year was...
  2. fareed


    depends on where YOUR moon is. Mine is pretty bloody far away... so I am aiming for a 100K stack. 3/4 of the way there so far. If the current rising wedge does what a rising wedge should do and falls back, then I am stocking up at 0.30 with another 10K units.
  3. agreed. Im ok with what I went in on last night. If we do see 0.6 then I will go in for another 10K units. I'm adamant I want a 6 figure stack before the market turns around.
  4. Doesn't hurt at all. I wanted the ******* price to hit 0.60 so I could add 10'000 units to my stack last night! As it stands I had to settle for adding around 7'000 units. Nothing painful about being able to buy on the cheap when its obvious how much there is to gain in the longer term. I'm now sitting on a stack of 76'000 units. goal is to get that to 100'000+ before May/June when I expect market to turn around.
  5. True. But pretty sure that we have at least a few months movement. To change a ruling of that sort of nature and timetable in a case would take something pretty drastic when that volume of money is at stake. I would say the summer is at least a reasonably safe bet. EDIT: Perhaps I should have said "unlikely" rather than "not possible." caveat and all that!
  6. Not possible in the near term. The next step in the legal case in Japan is not until Sept 2018. Until that point apparently the legal rulings up until now do not allow usage or disemination of the funds involved in that case. https://www.newsbtc.com/2018/03/11/bitcoin-price-will-likely-surge-as-mt-gox-sell-off-paused-until-september/
  7. Actually now you come to mention it the banks are as bad as anyone else in that sense I suppose.... so i'll rephrase: There is no way that Goldman would be associated with an exchange that didnt follow regulation if there is a good chance they will be caught doing something dodgy in the process.
  8. Given Circles purchase of Poloniex I think that ball may have already begun rolling. There is no way that Goldman would be associated with an exchange that didnt follow regulation, I would imagine they may well be one to watch in the near future for setting trends in that specific space
  9. I've been saying this for a while. Not just true of USD to XRP, but in general if and when exchanges facilitate FIAT to altcoin purchase direct, the BTC dominance should begin to fall away a bit more allowing alts to trade on their own business models and be less of a slave to BTC movement.
  10. fareed

    $100 party

    With my stack, that price would be enough to buy around 4 or 5 rental properties, rent out the house I am living in now, buy one luxury pad around $2.5 - $3million to live in, a nice daily car and a VERY nice sports car and still have a VERY large chunk of change left over to reinvest in whatever the NEXT xrp would be. So thats what I would do. Oh, and make sure I go an at least four long holidays every year thereafter.
  11. fareed

    Central Banks Using Ripple (XRP)

    Is ILP part of the Xcurrent product? I did read somewhere (will try and hunt it down - cant remember where exactly) that BoE tests were not actually using blockchain and were centred around ILP. This was mid 2017, not sure if they have advanced since then onto other products within the Ripple suite?
  12. I noticed this earlier today. I must say to begin with I was skeptical about the lightning networks ability to solve BTC issues but if its being looked at by other top ten cryptos it does actually hand a little more faith in BTC back to me as well. Helps that its broken $10K resistance level today too of course! On topic though, I wonder how it would benefit the likes of XRP? from what I gather lightning is P2P based aimed at solving the BTC inefficiencies...but XRP (on the surface that I know of anyway) does not suffer from the issues that BTC does? (transaction times/cost/network capacity/scalability etc). Not saying its a bad thing of course, but I cant see how it would improve a currency that is already superfast and cost efficient. :-/
  13. fareed

    Can you really HODL?

    We can but hope! I guess knowing that had I cashed out at peak and put the whole lot back in at the bottom that I could have increased my XRP stash by a factor of 4 was pretty painful. Its simply a feeling now and knowing that it has been a solid pattern for the last 5 years gives it some strength as a theory, but that will be something to assess in December. If there is enough evidence to say that the effect has been broken or in the very least SUBSTANTIALLY reduced, then I will stick it out.
  14. fareed

    Can you really HODL?

    I can honestly say that I would hold. Why? Because I already have. with the volume that I hold when XRP peaked I was close on a quarter million USD in value. Ironically I did get weak at one or two points on the way down and (no joke...) I actually had an outright spoken conversation WITH MYSELF to keep the strength to stay the course. Im glad I did for a couple of reasons. At one point I had a short term goal of pulling some profits out for a new car and a few other bits. My outlook is now completely different and my target number MUCH higher.... $3million USD. Why? Because I already own my own home and a half decent car. To take life to that next stage of "never worry about money and choose to work when you want to." thats the figure I am seeking. XRP would have to hit around the $40 mark to get there but I don't think that is unreachable. I will however be dumping everything in december this year with a view to buying back evcen more units in late jan/early feb 2019 if there is no concrete evidence that the between BTC and the rest of the crypto market has no been decoupled... or at the very least between BTC and XRP.