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  1. https://www.cnbc.com/2017/09/11/ripple-ceo-brad-garlinghouse-on-bitcoin-and-xrp.html A small but concise insight type interview with BG. A good read. Haven't seen a duplicate thread but if there is one mods please feel free to remove. EDIT: just noticed the article date... Silly me. Mods please remove as its likely this has been posted already! Faz
  2. My thought is the other end of the spectrum to be honest. Without knowing the ins and outs/instrinsic details of what it takes to lock up 55billion xrp in a digital contract, I would assume that its technically complicated and the work behind it to make sure the process is secure not just for the lock up, but the following 5-10 years of monthly releases is likely to be fairly hefty! I work in production/project management within the events industry and If we have a $10million event, the planning behind it might be 4-5months, on site build for that event up to a month or so with the event itself being the very last thing on the critical path once all the pieces are in places over a period of only a few days. Doing it is one thing...doing it RIGHT is entirely another and more often than not - that takes time.
  3. I very much doubt they would delay it, implications for both the price of XRP at the point the delay would be announced and more importantly the long term relationship with clients/perception of Ripple sticking to their commitments would be too negative to take that risk. Even if the initial price impact wasn't a concern, the global perception of Ripple skipping a major commitment like that would make building further relationships and client base much more difficult.
  4. for the uneducated amongst us and given the tumble today of virtually all digital assets and the pervasiveness of Bitcoin in dragging alts both up and down... I have a simple question... how to break that cycle? Now I'm under no illusion that BTC "copy" coins and those which are heavily dependant will naturally move with the father figure, but in the case of both ETH and XRP (along with several others for that matter) surely there has to be a point where movements begin to become somewhat more independent? If we look at the comparison (say) with FIAT, then obviously currencies which are directly pegged to the dollar have no choice but to move in line with it. Some may argue that currencies which are not dependant on USD but heavily rely on the USD economy may also be affected by USD changes which is all good and well - understandable. My point though is that when you put the three top "different" coins in a basket (BTC,ETH and XRP) then surely the movements should be independent in the long run? At the moment to me it seems a little like when USD goes down, it drags GBP with it (hypothetical - replace USD with BTC and GBP with XRP) when in reality, the two currencies are independent, serve a different market, have different communitiy objectives etc etc. I'm gonna hazard a guess and go with the escrow deposit perhaps having this effect to distance xrp from btc movements and as institutional investors come in, depending on where they place their bets, this could further help the cause? What would it take? Simple matter of explaining the truth of just how different xrp and btc are in both structure and purpose? Or much more than that? Is it a case of crypto assets are simply too immature and volatile hence the big bad world dumps them all in the same basket without trying to actually pick them apart and recognise they have different purposes? Of course this doesnt happen on every sell off, but its common enough to know the (perceived) bonds between these currencies are strong... even if in reality they may be quite far apart! Just something to pontificate on...thoughts?
  5. I have one house paid off with no mortgage now. No debts, 1 credit card which is completely clean. Next goal is to create a permanent monthly income without work that still appreciates in value over time. i.e. - bricks and mortar. minimum Two, ideally three more properties is my ultimate goal then be able to live off the rent from them. Realistically for this to happen I will need to sit on my holdings for around 3-4 years assuming a dream price of around $40usd a unit on sell up. At that point, my freelance work I do globally doesn't become a requirement. Its an option and I can pick and choose projects I want to work on. Oh... and I dont want a lambo. I want a tesla I would like to be able to donate a sizeable chunk to the people of Palestine as well. My mum visits there every year during Ramadan to help feed the needy. It would go through her. Money in account is no fun. Better to spend it in useful areas. Whether that is personal growth/income or helping the poor. If you take a penny to your grave...that penny is wasted. (unless you have kids of course...different matter)
  6. Oh I definitely dont disagree with that, and Im sure he would bring that to the table as well. Its the timing given that the case thrown out of delaware recently and R3 then bringing their case in New York.
  7. Significance as to just how smart/strategic this move is only takes a little bit of thought... R3 lawsuit anyone? After delaware, when R3 bought their case to New York and Ripple bought their countersuit in California, I read somewhere the reasoning behind those locations were they favoured each company respectively given local state laws. i.e. in New York Ripple could be on the back foot and R3 would be similar in California because it would be vice versa there. Solution? Bring on someone with the financial AND legal knowledge and connections specific to the state of New York to go on the offensive. VERY clever and timely hire. Genius in fact.
  8. Santander, AMEX, Ripple

    And its only ONE bank so far dropping the news... whats going to be interesting now is the timing of the next set of revelations, also the performance of Amex revelations on earnings in the next quarter and just how much they save by using Ripple. That info alone should cause more clients to approach Ripple. Timing is everything. too much good news in one hit will not neccessarily be a good thing. The amex news is fantastic, but if there were three more announcements like this in the next week it would cause havoc with long term growth and expectation.
  9. One of those arrested was an ex client of mine. Its not just to do with corruption, although that is a large part of it, there are plenty that are still walking the isles of power in Saudi who are just as corrupt, if not more so. This is much more about consolidation of power in KSA. The Middle East is never boring to work in i'll tell you that much!
  10. @TiffanyHaydenIt was sort of random to be honest! I work freelance as a project/production manager in global events and construction projects. around 3 months I started a contract in Al Ain in the United Arab Emirates. (i'm London based but have been in and out of the Middle East for around 10 years). I got into a conversation with a couple of colleagues here about crypto currencies and and day trading in general. Have always had an interest but no knowledge at all - partly fuelled by the fear of lack of understanding that many people have about day trading and losing vast amounts of money/scare stories. This time though I decided to do something about it and started reading...and reading... and reading some more. I'm a reasonably analytical person and initially looked at mining myself with BTC and ETH but realised unless I was going to invest in big the likely pay off and type of work involved wasn't for me. Naturally after looking at BTC and ETH, my attention turned to XRP and it was the general business model that I liked. Even to someone who knows little about the finance, the basics of instant movement of money whilst saving cost in the same process is an absolute no brainer - its genius. It could be likened to the first iPhone replacing the Sony walkman as the dominant consumer product in tech however long ago it was. Add to that like I said the way in which Ripple behave as a company, their strategic approach and the moves they are making, all of this built my belief in the products and as a result, XRP as well. Even not knowing the detailed in's and out's, the basic premise is enough for anyone to relate to. Turns out my timing was pretty good (pure luck) and I got in with my first couple of purchases around October 23 at the back end of the last fall off in price. Managed to snag a couple of positions at .189. Since then I have built up a reasonable stack of units at an average buy of .208 so not an early adopter at all, but with a comfortable amount investment wise its money I have in my mind locked away for between 12 to 36 months. Longer if need be and of course I will assess as time goes by, but I'm definitely in it for the long haul. I also went in with very small amounts on a couple of ICO's. (totally negligable figures in fact) those being electroneum ETN and CarTaxi CTX I tell you what though, I would love to have worked on SWELL myself. My first love is producing events and I have worked on some monster events around the world. Working with something you believe in is always so much more rewarding. Im guessing you work in finance to some degree at least?
  11. From a laymans (and admittedly uneducated) perspective, I was perhaps not quite clear on "trust". Without going into PoW or PoS, and looking at the big picture, I was referring to perception and ethos as a whole. As someone who knows literally nothing about the world of finance and crypto in general and learns only from reading as much as possible on both ends of the spectrum then forming my own opinion, my point on trust is more in the classical sense of the word rather than based on the technical definition of the word within industry. I'm not quite claiming that Ripple or XRP is decentralised either, as I mentioned early on, regardless of the upcoming escrow deposit I believe there is truth in centralisation within Ripple. The point i'm making is, given the general perception of the entire crypto industry from an outsiders perspective, I chose to make my long term investment on Ripple on the basis of the fact they are attempting to embrace the current legal frameworks in multiple countries simultaneously rather than work around them to make a quick buck as is the general approach that seems to be the case for most other cryptos (sweeping statement perhaps?) Like you I totally agree that taking the high road is rarely spoken about in good terms (or more importantly, reported on in a method and volume that matters) but in the long run, its actions like these that create the fundamentals for something that isnt just out for the immediate gain with no concern for the consequences of what the long term impact of those gains might be. I have absolutely no clue when and where XRP will rise to, but like you, I genuinely believe it will get to that same level of fame and performance. I'm in it because I believe in it and what they are trying to achieve and that gains may well come as a result. I find that people who chase bitcoin and other cryptos are not the same and perhaps even the reverse, i.e. they are in it purely for the gain but have no belief in what BTCs existence is about. I'll climb down from my soapbox and hand over the mic again now.
  12. @TiffanyHayden agree with what you have written and I guess this backs up my point whilst simultaneously contradicting it to some degree... and expands it given my reference to developers was in passing but now I think about it you are correct there too. In a nutshell: - "decentralised" is an overused term and given the current status quo, it is not accurate. - the trust factor falls in favour of ripple not just because of its approach, but the grand vision of blockchain being applied within a legal framework globally. This trust is not just for the hardcore cryptonians (yes... superman!) but the average joe. Not just because of the systems/software approach, but the integrity of Ripple as a company. Correct?
  13. To gather 24 global central banks in one location at the behest of an independent cryptocurrency that employs only 150 people is in itself no mean feat - even if it means the banks may save money, dont forget we are talking about financial institutions that quite literally run country economies. To get these people to take notice and understand how to create the foundations for country financial regulations to accept blockchain tech and gear them in the direction of Ripple is CRUCIAL to success. Its going to be a stumbling block to some degree as you can imagine every nation and central bank will have its own rules/regs/methods as to how they conduct business and transactions. Progressives like India, the UAE and Singapore may be easy to convince and adapt (even though the process may take work, the decisions to get there probably wont) Other countries which have a more robust (or perhaps rigid?) approach to fintech in general may take a bit longer to get there, but the point is once a few central banks actually implement along with any adapted rules to facilitate the use of blockchain, then any banks who base operate out of that nation will have a much easier route to implement the tech themselves. I have always liked the vision in general, but after the head hunting of Marjan Delatinne and now this meeting gives a small insight into just how strategic and politically they are playing the long term vision.
  14. Simple question really (and apologies from this noob if it has already been covered!) Where and how would Ripple likely announce its lock up first? The date for me is almost a moot point as we all know its going to be before the new year, but knowing where and how the announcement might be made would be useful? Obviously there is a news section on the Ripple site, Brad seems reasonably active on twitter etc so I assume these are most likely ways to announce, but does anyone in the know...know?? i.e. Historically do Ripple have a pattern or method in the way their PR is handled?
  15. Goodbye to Ripple

    That is actually a brilliant analogy. Agreed. Another way... What will win... Compact Disc? Or Laser Disc? F*ck me I feel like I'm an old fart saying that... Here's a pic of my youth desires...