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  1. xrpzilla

    JP Morgan lies

    I believe we're at a crossroads. On one hand, financial institutions have been defending their current practices, publicly smearing competition. But on the other, it has always been in their interest to review new technologies and extract additional savings. They're finally at the point where the savings can't be ignored anymore and they have to shift gears. It should come to no surprise to anyone, however, that this was in the works.
  2. There are going to be a lot of really happy Filipinos (and other nationalities) on the receiving end of these remittances. I think the impact that these savings have on their wallets is often overlooked, and it's worth pausing to appreciate the positive changes that have rippled into their lives.
  3. xrpzilla

    "A Small Part of a Whole"

    I am as well... but to add emphasis to my conclusion, I'm uncertain that my interpretation of this development is accurate. It may not have any impact or relation to data management, so I'd love further clarification if anyone has a better grasp on this matter.
  4. Ripple's Introduction of History Sharding & Does It Allow For Data Storage? Over a month ago, Ripple low-key introduced history sharding by releasing an article on their developer blog: https://ripple.com/dev-blog/introducing-history-sharding/ Given a closer look of what this feature can accomplish, it's quite astonishing that it didn't receive larger attention and fanfare on its announcement -- and it's perplexing why its impact hasn't been more lauded. The word shard means a small part of a whole. The concept of data sharding is an important advancement of decentralization, as it allows for data to become partitioned into smaller pieces spread across more hosts. But even more important, it's an advancement for data storage itself and opens XRP up to a whole new segment: Data Storage & Management. Perhaps a fellow Rippler who has more insights into the coding mechanisms here can chime in, as I'm very interested in what this truly means; has Ripple's announcement of data sharding signaled a new era in which XRP now has more than just a financial function? Maybe I'm just excited at the prospects, that this move is just the first of many to come, but if Ripple enters the data management scene by enabling its infrastructure to be used for those purposes, that's a very attractive development in my books.
  5. xrpzilla

    This is fine.

    It's conversations like yours, OP, that help to spotlight and promote the civility we're currently experiencing. I dare say... it causes a ripple effect! There are bound to be emotions tied when it comes to financial situations, and it's important to acknowledge the impact it can have, but I'm also really happy to be part of this community where it's been more about support than anything else: Support of a new financial infrastructure, community developers, inclusivity, and each other. Great post, and I wholeheartedly XRP.
  6. xrpzilla

    XRP: Milestones of Progress

    Kudos for another great article, Hodor. You do a great job of providing a glimpse. In line with the quote above, something tells me that you've seen enough to not be surprised by the upcoming impact XRP will have on landing. :-)
  7. Wow, talk about an impressive resume:
  8. xrpzilla

    Xrptipbot Upgrades

    It looks like it is steps away from being a Venmo-style app which allows you to seamlessly send XRP between friends/businesses.
  9. Lolwut? My favorite part of the website, under the Risk Warnings...
  10. xrpzilla

    Was that It?

    More like... A large gathering of bankers that make up the upper echelon of the finance world met in one space, all to discuss Ripple's impact Composed of both active clientele, clientele that are in talks to sign up, and those whom are being courted to become clients An update of the re-branded RippleNet was in full display with excellent demonstrations of its speed and versatility A very symbolic gesture was made to the finance world, emulating the likes of the current banking elite, in the form of hiring Ex-President Bill Clinton to give a speech Although the speech was composed of its usual Clintonian musings, it served as a reminder that Ripple is part of that banking elite that hires such notable figures for their speeches A strong impression is set for both the courted clientele and anyone else watching worldwide, that Ripple is in business and is already performing excellently for their customers Savings of 70 to 90% being reported Ripple, who has always been conservative with any announcements, vocalizing that many of their customers are ready to go into production, and many more are ready to begin the process to do the same. It's important to focus on changing people's mindset first before you sell a service/product. By doing so, you're creating a demand for your service/product rather than going out there trying to convince people they need it. Events like Swell serve to build on this principle and really excite their customers/prospective customers about the direction they're heading in and why Ripple is an excellent partner. We even see it from the outside, as outsiders to the banking world not understanding the really underpinnings of it, yet still understanding how impressive this transformation is. Swell makes sure that people see it from the inside as well. Ripple is an excellent banking partner and their product, RippleNet, has layers of solutions to help anyone in the business of moving money.
  11. I think their marketing department is doing an excellent job, or whomever is handling their branding. It's been incredible since day 1, and this event is yet another great example of that.
  12. Although if I went by one of my favorite price analysis pieces, I'd have to quote the $150 price estimate that is calculated by Oscar ZA. Amazing post to read, in case you'd like an oldie but goldie with price analysis. It's aged quite well. (It even has a SWOT analysis!!!) Edit: Note, this is not a 2nd price prediction. Simply a musing.