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  1. Niall, you're entitled to your opinion, and fair enough too. The reason for my post was just that I felt like ripple had been treated disrespectfully in some posts of late, considering all they have accomplished. that's all. When they visit this site, it might be nice for them to see something positive said about them. we don't really want them to think were all short-sighted wingig babies.
  2. Fair enough. Like you, I do not have blind faith. I, very much, make my decisions based on all I can find and learn. I do feel, however, like a number of people who use this site are merely interested in quick quick gains, and that is all. I think it's fair that there should be some positive things said on this site too.
  3. What exactly is ridiculous about it? If you are able to articulate it?
  4. I'd just lik to express my veneration for ripple, their work, and their mind-boggling accomplishments already. I've followed ripple for a few years now, with growing admiration and respect for their skill, depth of intelligence, business sense, and brilliance. Sometimes ripple gives me the thrill, of a young boy, when an f-22 raptor does a fly by directly overhead, then thunders off into the distance. It's actually the first and only company I've ever followed. I believe ripple, as a team, hold the power within themselves to change the fabric of the world, and the course of history if they want it. I hope, ripple, you become the supernova we all hope to see. To everybody else, trust in your decision and be patient.
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