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  1. Damn, it sounds like you married a miner; she got the mine and you got the shaft! I have been there myself!!!
  2. Always remember that opinions are like an a-hole; everybody has one! Sounds like you are dealing with a group of lazy wankers.
  3. It should be a max of 15% flat tax, for all companies and individuals.
  4. Well, I wonder how long it will be before IOTA is superseded by another??
  5. That would be one hell of a trip!
  6. I am in South America and purchased mine from AMAZON.
  7. Many thanks, I will do so!
  8. I want to throw 5k into the mix but i will wait for my wallet to arrive on Tuesday! Probably a bad bet but we will see.
  9. Are you in South Africa by any chance? i was trying to place the accent.
  10. Laughing my *** off! This fellow needs an agent! Hell, he may become famous due to Bitcoin!
  11. Hello Bagheera. Many thanks for the kind mail! Much appreciated. I will definitely take your suggestion the moment the wallet arrives. Kind regards, Mamba1
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