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  1. Just speculating of course, but here it is: I think we have passed the "peak of inflated expectation" if talking about distributed ledger tech as a whole. But most people tend to generalize too much, in all areas of thinking. That is, they chunk stuff together and ignores nuances and differences to such a degree that they end up with a wrong representation of reality in their minds (it is what populist politicians depend on). Now most people don't see the difference between bitcoin and other cryptos. They are all in the same chunk they believe has a future or not. And this belief is shaped by the last months price charts. This is why I think we still could be in the early adopter phase when talking about XRP specifically, even though this might not be the case for bitcoin (assumes of course that you agree that Ripple and XRP truly is different from bitcoin, and unlike bitcoin offers solutions to real world tasks (as opposed to being only some libertarian wet dream)).
  2. No you shouldn't have. It should be possible on forums like this to discuss concerns without having to end every sentence with ", but I love XRP of course". I am still holding my XRP (am I doing myself what I told you not to do??), but have kind of given up on discussion forums. There is hardly any real analysis and discussion (this is NOT unique for XRP). I think maybe there are many who honestly think forums like this should be channels for talking up the value of their investments. If XRP was the sure thing we would be at the moon now. We are not. The risk vs reward ratio is why i hold XRP, but it could go both ways. The discussions should reflect this, but it is not.
  3. Actually that is a great money making service, if you think again ;
  4. If you invested a year ago, you have 100X your investment now. Congratulations!
  5. The answer is in your response. It can be worth whatever people believe it is worth. And I am not convinced there is not a limit to what people can believe it is worth. I am convinced there is a theoretical limit. Of course, a discussion of the "theoretical limit" don't have any practical applications. But if we were to try to find this limit we would look at GDP per capita and stuff like that. Sounds ridiculous I know, but a discussion of the theoretical limit is that. And it is a discussion where you could use the same arguments for literally anything, spoons, plastic flowers, door knobs etc.
  6. I am still not convinced by that argument. But in any case, you could use that argument for anything, tomatoes for example.
  7. That idea is not nonsense. The number of potential buyers will decrease when the price increase. And at a certain price point it will be some exponential function describing the decrease with further price increases. Also, the volume matters. No lambo for you if someone has a huge bid for 0.0001 XRP.
  8. I like these kinds of threads. I don't think forums like these should exists for the purpose of pushing the price up by being a cheerleading squad. "FUD" is the most abused term in crypto currency news and discussions. Personally I think a better competitor, or adaption to the new possibilities technology has created by the old school bankers, is the worst that could happen. I don't think regulations is a threat, on the contrary I think regulations would be good for Ripple, as they do want to exist in the real world where governments and rules exist. Regulations could strengthen Ripple's position relatively to other coins, and weaken the position of those confused crypto coin enthusiasts who thinks we are in the middle of some libertarian revolution (which we are not, luckily).
  9. Personally I don't think 28% is that much. I agree that it is unfair that Amazon, Google and others can get away with paying almost nothing. But the solution is to make them pay more, not to that everyone else also evades taxes. I'm sitting on my a... making money from the increase in XRP's value, why should I pay any less taxes than someone working for their money? I think you should pay your taxes.
  10. I've been hodling through this dip. Haven't even been thinking of selling. Do I regret not being a trader? Sure, or maybe not sure. It is easy in retrospect to say that it was an easy choice to sell and rebuy on the dip. But I made a choice not to trade the ups and downs. Because it is too difficult to predict. At least until my bot is finished :-) What makes me sleep well is that I follow the rule I learned from poker: don't invest what you can't afford to lose! If every crypto currency is worthless tomorrow, my life goes on. Unlike many others, I would guess, I don't think crypto currencies is the sure thing. It is high risk, high reward. I'm in it for the high reward. When I have a life changing amount I will sell, until then I'll just ride every ups and downs.
  11. Great news. They even have 3 offices in my home town here in Norway. Big player. Keep adding them, and the rest will/must follow.
  12. I hope they will come up with solutions for such use cases. Don't see any reason why Ripple isn't the better option here compared to other cryptos. Of course, I hope for it only because it would increase XRP's value. I myself would not put myself in a position where it was so easy to spend them! I welcome a debit card, but won't apply myself! (I am very selfish...)
  13. tomkri

    Howdi all

    Looks great. You should add table view for coins also, like 1 coin on each line in a table. Where do you get your data? And those hearts (likes?), where does they come from? Dummy values for now? Or real?
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