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  1. Having banks issue stablecoins and putting all their transactions on a single public ledger is definitely not the vision of Ripple. That was Ripple's vision four years ago.
  2. Jed is a mouse compared to David, intellectually. And he has a long track record of being outright dishonest. I don't believe banks will jump onboard of XLM, and they certainly would not adopt a solution with vendor lock-in, when they can choose an ILP based solution that can support any digital asset. I do not rule out the possibility that IBM has managed to claim some or all of Jed's 5 billion XRP in exchange for helping to position his coin to banks. Otherwise, what's in it for IBM? Which would explain he stopped selling. That would be a clever chess move by IBM.
  3. Breaking news: Although it is trivial to create fake followers on twitter with just a few dollars and a couple of mouseclicks, Geoff Golberg, "researcher from New York", has indentified that only XRP investor have the low ethics and funds to do this! New York is a very big city, so it must be true!
  4. No it's not. But to those that think it is: burning 50bn XRP is a trivial way to solve it.
  5. Why? What do you think happens with the price of XRP if half the coins were burned, the security issue and distribution "problem" being solved? My guess is that it would shoot straight to a new ATH. Ripple's 10bn stash would become more valuable than their current 60bn is now.
  6. Fortunately we have you, spending at least an hour of your time every day trying to kill positivity here with the same talking points over and over again. Thank you so much for that! You must have a miserable lonely life, but I really appreciate your sacrifice!
  7. Plan B is to burn their escrowed XRP and keep a minority stake like 5 or 10%.
  8. Of course it isn’t anymore a security than Bitcoin is a security or the US dollar is one. Plus, who cares. This discussion is as relevant as whether a website is a newspaper or not. The only reason this has been debated for a year is because Bitcoin whales like the Winklevoss twins were hoping that the US goverment would shoot their biggest competitor in the kneecaps, and hand crypto on a silver platter to China. That’s not going to happen. The US is not going to kill their next Google.
  9. Faster confirmations, higher tps, lower overlap in UNL required. So, future stuff. Ledger works fine with current limits.
  10. At least he did not repeat this piece of non-info 50 times, like he does in his youtube shows, between yelling "oh my god Robert Le thank you so much". So I consider this post quite a timesaver.
  11. Retail payments need a milliion transactions per second. And they need privacy.
  12. I have carefully examined the entire (including deleted) tweet history and twitter behavior of mrs Coppola and my conclusion is that she is criminally dishonest and corrupt. Sees discrediting Ripple as her paid job, and determined to deliver. Only question is why. My guess is that she has collected a big paycheck. Next question is from who.
  13. It's a good logo. I hate the X. Love the triskelion. X symbolizes stop, danger, warning. Bad choice. But XRP is decentralized and has no owner, so we can change it back to triskellion at any time.
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