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  1. You said you made a fortune selling xrp for a higher price than what you bought it it for. That makes you a hypocrite. You have other peoples hard earned money in your pockets. If it is true you made a fortune, probably not.
  2. If Gatehub isn't ensured its their bad luck. They are responsible for the loss nevertheless, because they were to blame for leaking the keys. Any coatcheck that has a sign "we are not responsible for you loss" is lying. They are. And so is Gatehub, it can be proven it was their fault, not the fault of their users. They took custody of keys and blew it. They need to pay up or go bankrupt.
  3. yes, yes, yes. get together, get a lawyer and sue. why haven't you done so already?????????
  4. You are changing your argument. You are a troll.
  5. Can you point to one investment where this is not the case? Or you just want to troll?
  6. A look at the BTC charts tells a different story.
  7. Of course victims should join forces and take legal action. You still did not do this???
  8. meanwhile those ads will be delivered! a long page full of them.
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