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  1. Yes it is indeed immune. The worst that can happen is that forward progress will just halt temporarily. That's not a crash, that's how any critical payment system should work.
  2. He is a Bitcoin moron seeing his defeat is coming, and covering his ass. "But I actually think Ripple's tech is interesting, and the asset could prove successful under a certain set of (admittedly unlikely) scenarios." Absolute clueless and dishonest ****. He'd better delete all his tweets from the past two years, and hope people don't remember his name.
  3. Actually I'm going to drink champagne bought with the XRP that I bought for half a cent. A lot of people were saying the same things as you back then. XRP has never been in a better position than today. The plan is working. Price is a distraction. I'm not going to explain to you why, it is all available if you are willing to see it.
  4. Wrong conclusion. I'm not going to waste my precious time on the last of the year arguing with someone who thinks potential is meaningless, and only numbers are relevant.
  5. Then we can stop debating at this point. I think it means everything.
  6. Based on what I see happening, within Ripple, and outside Ripple. I don't think you really understand the value proposition of decentralized digital assets, and what problem they solve. I believe the point of no return has already been crossed.
  7. The train is still moving in the right direction. Real world usage *will* happen in 2020. Do the most stupid thing in your life and sell your bags if you haven't done so yet.
  8. I cant imagine myself logging into the chatforums of one of the 2000 coins I dont own to give people negative investment advice. What motivates you?
  9. This one for sure: "I'm long on Bitcoin". Brad only talks rehearsed soundbites. I wish he invited David instead, he speaks his direct thoughts, coming from a brilliant mind.
  10. I think the author is confusing the Swift DLT PoC early last year with "testing Ripple". Here are the results. "DLT not yet ready" was the conclusion (and repeated in that article).
  11. ask yourself why people ever sell things when inflation means they can get more for it tomorrow.
  12. Yes all the shady exchanges in the world will together form a trusted network, with very a simple consensus algorithm about reaching quick global consensus about the order in which up to 1500 transactions per second were received. The trust that is global, is the trust that all validators agree with the outcome of the order of transactions in a single 3 second window. and that order is a trivial issue that nobody cares about, because you cannot spend money that you do not have anyway.
  13. with decentralized digital assets, trust is global, and the system is permissionless. two very important conditions for an entirely new class of autonomous applications that run on the internet, and are also accessible by the 1.7 billion adults that do not have access to a bank account.
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